Friday, March 5, 2010

Klosjes Saturday! And what a week it's been for these Little Spools!!

From Holland with Love... KLOSJES!

(pronounce 'Kloss' ( like Boss) that is a big Spool, and then add Shu (like 'sure' without the 'r') and add an 's' ...and you have many many Klosjes haunting your dreams and making your fingers crazy with the itch to stitch!

I would like to thank our Dutch Sisters for sharing their passion and incredible talents with us, and for being so very welcoming and supportive in this Spool-adventure, especially:
Ingrid, Joke, Peti, Balsemien, Daantje, Jeanette, Hennie, Guusje, Marieke, Fleur, Katrien , Ria and Debby, who are just a few of a much larger "Klosjes-club" in The Nederlands.
Hartstikke Bedankt!

And a very warm welcome to Janet, Sue-Anne, Ann, Julia, Shirley, Ranette, Nat, Pamina, Robyn, Christine, Karendianne, Cathi, Karen and Heike who have caught the bug this week. It is such a pleasure and honour to share this project with you!
And these are just the ones who wrote me, so I am sure there are many more out there! Sharon and Sally I know you're next... :)

As for me, I am in the midst of a crazy Klosjes-crush! (ik ben helemaal Stapel-verliefd!)
I made another 35 this week, and I just can't get enough! 500, here I come!

...and to think that I started to blog a month ago today. Thank you for such a warm embrace and support!

... my Klosjes are calling me!


  1. So cute! And thanks for the pronunciation! As I read the beginning, I thought, "I wish I knew how klosjes was pronounced" and then, there is was! The love/addiction is spreading rapidly.


  2. Hi there you klosjes addict hihi!!! Tks for the birthday wishes!! Love the colors of your little ones!!Enjoy your klosjes virus and pls take your time to write back hihi! Liefs, Daniëlle XXXD

  3. Adorable just like your blog!

  4. Is that what I think it is in the back round ?
    Everytime I go back to the pictures I keep seeing something else familier!
    Love you Valentinanananana
    (p.s Remember, Klosjes are a Saturday project ; )

  5. Your spools are coming along nicely. Love the colors you are choosing. This will be a very pretty scrappy quilt when finished.

  6. What a fabulous thread cabinet in the background of that photo and all those little blocks done already. Sounds to me like 500 will soon be made. What great fun it is to join in. I have been busy looking through my fabrics and cutting. It is going to be really hard to keep to just a Saturday, may have to break that rule. hee hee.
    Love Shirley.

  7. Wooh! Valentina, jij gaat echt lekker!
    En wat leuk dat 't klosjesvirus over de hele wereld gaat. Ben bij alle dames wezen kijken, 't zag er erg leuk uit!

  8. I love spool blocks. Yours are so sweet. With your beautiful work it's no wonder your blog is already so popular. I love the thread/spool cabinet in the background.

  9. Hooray! It is Saturday morning here and I can sew Klosjes! Yours are looking adorable and I love that cabinet in the background of your photo. Thanks for the pronunciation - I was really having trouble with it! Congratulations on one month. I'm so glad you are blogging so I got to "meet" you!

  10. They look fantastic Valentina...your well on your way to 500..
    I prepared a lot to take with me when I'm out on sewing days with friends..
    This is so much fun, and thank you for the inspiration!
    Julia ♥

  11. I also love your thread cabinet....very bright and colorful. But your spools are amazing....just beautiful! Oh and thank you for telling how to pronounce Klosjes :o)

  12. I love your spools and your thread cabinet. Thank you for the inspiration. I'm having so much fun with klosjes.

  13. Oh dear, I've made 4 today after making another 4 I didn't like...
    I love making these dear little fellows!!

  14. Oooh, how I MISS that wonderful sewing room, with all those treasures inside !
    LOVE, LOVE your klosjes, sweet friend ;>)
    Psst, Psssst.... 73 is a bit too much, PLEASE slow down so that I can catch up ! HeeHee...

  15. I've also joined in the fun! The draft of the pattern I have still has to be worked with so my center isn't pieced yet. I'll have some difference but ultimately, they'll still be cute! I needed a little bit of tiny fun!

    Warmly and with much appreciation for the inspiration. *karendianne. (karen) who welcomes you and finds it a true pleasure to meet you!

  16. It is like a virus spreading all over. I haven't caught the "bug" yet but am enjoying reading and seeing the klosjes all over Blogland.
    I like the cabinet of thread I see in the photo.

  17. OH,wat zij je klosjes mooi.En ja de klosjes draaien al een hele tijd mee hoor.Mijn klosjestop is al een tijdje klaarnheb alleen nog geen tijd gevonden om hem te quilten.Veel plezier verder met de klosjes.

  18. Beautiful! I've just commented at Janet's (quiltsalot) that I'm going to Klosjes vicariously through your blogs. wow your thread cabinet is beautiful, I'd love to see more pics of your studio.

  19. Wat een mooie klosjes!! Wat ga je snel!!

  20. Thanks Valentina,

    I have understand your message and happy quilting for yours bobbins !!. Nice Colours ;
    My english is "bad" , sorry ! See you soon . Friendship.


  21. That project looks like fun. Maybe I'll join you. I'll let you know.

  22. What a beautifull klosjes. And you go so fast. Heve a nice week.
    Greeting form Guusje.

  23. Your little blocks are just gorgeous!! And that thread cabinet is stunning!

  24. These are just wonderful.. and I am soooo
    Have to see what I will do.. goo dluck...

  25. Wow! You have made a lot of little spools! You are well on your way to 500!! I love how you store your spools of thread and floss in the beautiful cabinet!!! :0)

  26. Hi Valentina, As I sit here with my busted knee I think Oh!!Oh!! here I go too. I have the virus as well. I have always wanted to do a spool quilt. Great work. Cheers Sharron

  27. I have caught the bug too! And, am prepped and ready to go.

  28. I came across your blog while I was visiting Ann's blog (
    What lovely klosjes!! And so great to see the klosjes-bug conquer the quilters-blog-world!!
    I'm making klosjes now for about a year..... and the spirit wa a bit out of it.....
    But when I see you all so enthousiastic with all those klosjes....... I'll think it got me too..... ;0)))
    Have a great week!

  29. Hi Valentina, Your klosjes are so great (and só much already...). It's also fun to see how the klosjes-virus is spreading round the world. I love it!

  30. Love your klosjes! I have made some also! They are addicting!

  31. love your klosjes and your thread cabinet, oh, wonderful. i would be very pleased to make a little penny for you. i am in a ruah as i must go to work but will get back to you for details.

  32. I've caught the bug too and many thanks for the pronunciation tip!

  33. Loving the scappyness of your klosjes Valentina, this is going to be another stunning quilt & look forward to following it's progress

  34. Thanks for the pronunciation - I have been the klosje addiction now too!


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