Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh June...

Where have you gone? :)

 There were parties, end of school celebrations, little stars strutting their stuff on stage, and plenty of  last minute quilt making.

The boys' teachers really deserve a thousand stitches each, and I was so glad my cramming payed off...
I got 2 A+ for my finals, and the boys were so proud when they presented the quilts to their teachers: Pointing out fabrics and explaining colour-selection... Oh, I was so proud of them!

Also in the midst of the chaos those creative juices did not disappoint. This little IKEA LED lamp was transformed into the perfect quilter's companion, with pincushion base and everything! I am still surprised how it all came together and can't wait to make one for myself.

I started my Contemporary Jane. And the Camelot blocks have been set into their backgrounds. :) Can't wait to see them come together...

It is great to recount some of the stitching that was done in June, despite the whirlwind around here.
I am off the to beach for a few days to mark the official start to our summer holidays and for much needed rest and unplugging. And hope to be back soon, so I can finally do some web-surfing of my own and catch-up with you, dear friends.
Enjoy your week, whatever and wherever you are, and let there be stitching!


  1. Dear sweet Valentina you should be proud of your boys grades and work well done for you ,they are really advanced in color and design I wonder who they learn from,the lamp is awsome that is very creative and will come in handy in those long winter nights of stiching,have a nice time at the beach with your boys and take a dipp for me ,there is a little packet in the mail for you I hope it arrives soon!,take care xoxo theodora

  2. Valentina, your lamp transformation is perfect .. what a great idea to add a pin cushion. Just might have to make one for mine too :) I've seen another "donut" pin cushion idea and wonder if I could adapt that ... hahaha, in my spare time! Would rather work on Jane!

  3. You did a great job!! And what an artistic little light.... ;)))..... !!
    Enjoy the beach; and take your time to rest!!
    Love, and a huge hug, Ria.

  4. Have lots of fun at the beach!
    I love the little quilt with the red squares.
    Your label is very cute! :)
    Congratulations on you A+s!
    I look forward to seeing some more of your Contemporary Jane blocks.

  5. Yes, I wonder the same thing! Where is the time gone to? Love all the quilts you've made and especially the lamp/quiltwork station. Great idea. Enjoy the time at the beach with the family.

  6. Loved all your news. Lovely to see the hxies creeping in :-D

  7. Your quilts are amazing! What wonderful gifts for your sons' teachers. Enjoy the beach!!

  8. Enjoy your time at the beach and have fun.

  9. June sure is a busy month! You made a couple of lovely quilts for the teachers - what amazing gifts. I look forward to seeing your other projects!

  10. felices vacaciones. que descanses

  11. I can't believe June is gone!!! sheesh! I waited and waited for june to get here... LOL!

    HUgs V!

  12. Zoom, zoom, zoom. There went June!
    Lucky teachers to receive your creations, and how sweet that the boys explained the colors and fabrics. I'm sure that has made the gifts all the more special for the teachers.
    The Ikea lamp creation is wonderful! Creativity juices overfloooowwwwing!
    Enjoy your rest and unplugging time.

  13. Hello! You have a been busy.

  14. Ik begin me al bijna ongerust te maken, maar je was dus gewoon erg druk, de afgelopen maand. En ontzettend veel gedaan! Mooi hoor. Geniet van de tijd aan het strand en rust maar lekker uit!

  15. Hi Valentina, Looks like you have had a busy month. Congratulations on the A pluses and have a great time at the beach.

  16. Wow, I'm amazed how much you achieved in such a busy month. Your quilts for the teachers will be much appreciated - love the labels on them :-) The little lamp is such a great idea - clever you!! Hope you enjoy your summer beak.

  17. "Oh, June!" indeed, my sweet! ;>)
    And yet you did it again with such lovely accomplishments (those teachers, aren't they lucky!). ENJOY your rest at the beach with the kids, relax... but come back soon, I miss you ;>)

  18. I'm sure the boys enjoyed the beach. Hope you enjoyed it as well.
    A+'s are well deserved.

  19. Oh, Valentina, you have been so busy! What a sweet Mommy you are...your little ones are so very lucky! Such a great idea with the IKEA lamps!!! I'm going to have to try this!!! All the best to you! Hugs Mary Ann

  20. Oh my, you are so productive and your blog posts are so interesting! Thank you for sharing and big hugs and wishes for a happy summer filled with stitches!

  21. PS Dear Valentina! Would you mind if I "borrow" your fantastic Ikea-lamp-pincushion idea??!! With a little "twist", of course!!! I absolutely adore this!!!
    Have fun at the beach!!! Hugs!


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