Saturday, February 6, 2010

Klosjes Zaterdag! Spools Saturday!

Thank You all so much your encouragement and patience!
What a lovely Bloggity Birth Day I had yesterday...
I have lots of fun pictures and ideas to share with all of you, eventually!


So what are 'Klosjes'? It is the Dutch word for Little Spools. According to An Moonen, a Dutch Textile Historian who has written a lovely book about Traditional Dutch Quilts, Klosjes or Spool quilts are one of the oldest Dutch designs, and in all honesty who could resist?

In Holland there are many Quilters who dedicate Saturdays to making little spools. Thanks to the kind invitation and encouragement of Ingrid I have joined up together with my friend Nadine.

So today is Klosjes-day! Hiep Hiep Hoera!

My Goal is 500 Klosjes and I have made 15! They will be 2.25 inches finished size and they are such a pleasure to hand-stitch.
So it will be awhile...


Due to the overwhelming response to my Klosjes I am adding my measurements here:
As far as I know there is no 'official' pattern. And some Dutch ladies even make them in different sizes. I tweaked my measurements because I saw a lot of them looking too much like bow-ties, until I ended up with a 2 1/4" spool.
My centre square is cut at 1 1/2 inches and the trapezoids are around 1 inch and 1/8th 'from top to bottom'. So these measurements include a 1/4 inch seam-allowance.
But I need to warn you... these are terribly addicting!
I bet you can't just make one in one sitting...


  1. I just love your spools. That's going to be a lots of spools!!! Congratulations on your new blog!

  2. Such a lovely project, isn't it my friend ? ;>) Moreover, making it all together is so much encouraging !
    "Zaterdarg - Klosjes dag" Yeppppppeeeee !

  3. Valentina, your spools look great .....
    lovely fabrics.
    How nice meeting you here, while my latest Bear has the name Valentino Valentine.

    Welcome to this very nice club.
    I am also a member and all the spools I made so far you can find at the left side of my blog (just click on the word; Patchwork/Quilting and you will see them all with their stories)

  4. Welkom bij de klosjesclub Valentina!
    Je hebt prachtige klosjes gemaakt; op naar de 500...
    Trouwens: spreek je Nederlands of moet ik in het Engels reageren? (Ben een beetje op het Nederlandse commentaar van supergoof afgegaan).

    groetjes, Joke

  5. Very nice the spools.I copleted my quilt already.

  6. Ha Valentina, It is so lovely to meet you at the "klosjesclub"! You will have great fun to make these little spools! I make the spoolsquilt for my daughter. She will be 18 years old in september. Have a nice week, and next saturday I will be back again at your blog! many greatings, Peti

  7. Hallo Valentina, welkom bij de club, je klosjes zien er super leuk uit. Op naar de driehanderd je hebt een mooi begin.
    Fijne zondag Hennie.

  8. Welkom bij de klosclu het is er erg gezellig. Ik ben bijna klaar met mijn klostop. Wat heb je mooie klosjes gemaakt, je gebruikt ook erg mooie stoffen.

  9. I have always loved that spool pattern and thought maybe someday I would make it?? Can't wait to see how you do..
    Love the colors too

  10. I have just visited Nadine's blog and saw her spools. I didn't realise they were so small! They look wonderful and can't wait to see them all together in a quilt.

  11. These look like something I would be really interested in making. I do have some questions though... How do you cut them out? Scissors or Rotary cutter? I see your corners are pre-trimmed - how do you do that? Do you mark your stitching lines on your pieces? I have not done much hand piecing of this type so I have a bit to learn. Any help you can give me would really be appreicated!

  12. Hi Valentina, I just joined in with Karen's One Flower Wednesday and she pointed me in your direction for the Klosjes - may I join in please?

  13. Hi there! Just found your starting on the Klosjes! Need to use up some scraps!!!
    Your blog is lovely, by the way!
    Greetings from Denmark!

  14. hello Valentina. I already followed your Blog. The spool are very nice Merry Christmas and a happy 2011 Carine-Bruges


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