Saturday, March 26, 2011


After being at odds with my Klosjes last week, this week we kissed and made up. I kept being lured away by all the new projects dancing around in my head and haunting my dreams since the inspiration binge in Holland. :)

Our love is back and stronger than ever, and we were inseparable again this week. 

The result is that I finished my second corner and am well on my way to finish the third.

This week we enjoyed a lot of fresh air as a family-yesterday was a national holiday- and had fun finding the first spring blooms in the fields. And we even managed to convince our kite the go up (long enough to get a picture!) despite the little whispers of breeze.

My heart jumped at finding a wild grape-hyacinth and spotting the first of the wild poppies among the tall grass.


The wild Thyme bushes filled with new growth

I had to take a break from machine quilting my quilt for Japan as I felt strain on my shoulder and wrist earlier this week. I am not happy with how it is turning out, but keep telling myself that comfort has very little to do with aesthetics. So I decided to put my walking-foot on my machine and finish quilting it in straight lines. You'll let me know what you think.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and that it includes some happy stitching. For us, our 4 year olds' social calendar is booked solid until tuesday with kids' birthday parties "Cyprus-style". Wish me luck-- I plan to break protocol and sneak in some stitching!!!

And it seems my new allergy meds are doing their job!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quilts needed for Japan

Please, friends: if you haven't already, visit Janet. She has information on how we as quilters can help the relief effort in Japan.
I will be putting my Klosjes aside for a little bit and start making one. They need our quilts; new or used.
while searching for fabrics I came across this lonely top
and just knew her time had come to shine and bring comfort.
Now it is basted and I will start machine quilting it this afternoon.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Jinny Beyer workshop in Sebaldeburen, The Netherlands

I am back!
Okay I was back sunday night but it took a little longer for all of me to come back down to earth.

It was fantastic, it was exhausting, it was overwhelming, it was everything and more I had hoped for...
Imagine my delight when I got seated next to Inge, a fellow quilter who was  returning home to Holland after spending a few weeks vacationing in Cyprus. She was giggling when she introduced herself saying: I knew you were a Quilter the moment I saw your bag. Huh? But when you took out your Hexies... LOL
Inge, it was so wonderful meeting you, and I know we'll see each other again. And I can't wait for you to start blogging!!!

I even got to make some hexies in the train!

Spending time with my Sis & my nieces was so much fun...
What is it about girls!
I loved the signs of spring everywhere, but that didn't stop me from feeling soooo cold!
Star-struck... Jinny Beyer really is a Master-teacher and Master Quilter.
I felt so honoured to be in her class.
the presentations and the classes were so incredibly professional.
 As a teacher I learned just as much about teaching, as I did as a student.

we were kept busy-busy-busy
Right, Ria?
And by Saturday afternoon I was begging for mercy!!!
the classes were extremely hands-on,
and I will share with you what I got from them when my head stops spinning...

I actually cried when I saw Day Lillies.
This quilt has to be one of my all time favourites.
and yes, I was allowed to touch it!

Still star-struck, but at least we were able to joke about it!
One of my dreams going to the workshop was to see Jinny stitch.
... and I got my wish!

Thank You, Jinny, It was really an amazing time.

Thanks Tineke, you're the one who got me here!
And thanks to Trijntje for doing such an amazing job organizing it all.

My roommate Danielle
Can't wait to do this again!!!

And an unexpected delight: On the way back to the airport, I got to spend 5 minutes in Ria's sewing room, and meet her Josephine...
I had to take this picture for my Wilhelmientje!

My little trip to Holland was wonderful, and really felt too short. I would have loved to spend more time and meet more blog-friends. But the time was so limited and I never expected to be so overwhelmed and exhausted by the workshop. I have to say though, that being in a room with 30 plus other quilters, learning and sharing in that experience, was almost too much for little me to handle. I really kept pinching myself... :)
I hope to share more of the workshops themselves with you, with as I start assimilating them and applying them to my work.
Ok, back to Klosjes. I have to say it has been difficult to get my nose back to the grindstone...
Hoping to have another corner stitched together in the next few days!
Please visit Stephanie and support her in her effort to raise money for the relief effort for Japan. Every little helps. Thanks, Stephanie, I hope we surpass your expectation!

Monday, March 7, 2011


I am stumped. No words.
..but happy!

This is not just any ordinary Klosje, this little one is my 700th!
...and coming to the realization that this week was my last week making Klosjes was a bit overwhelming!
I made 83 and that means 713, :) happy happy dance!

...but for now, I will need to take a little break, because tomorrow morning bright and early, Mama is going on a little trip to Holland. super happy!

Jinny Beyer is coming to give a workshop and I just could not pass this opportunity to see my nieces and meet someone who I admire so much. I consider Jinny Beyer's book Quiltmaking by Hand  the one who taught me and led me to fall in love with hand-stitching. HAAAPPY!

almond blossoms

You know this first part of the year has been a bit challenging for me, and I have to admit that I am really looking forward to a few days to "fill the well". I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures and share these workshops days with all of you.
My littlest one is back to his happy bouncy self and my friend Elena is over the moon by your support and encouragement! Thank you!!!

So are you ready to come away with me for a little break?

I leave you with a few images of Spring in Cyprus, today the beginning of Great Lent, also known as Green Monday.
I will be thinking of you!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Introducing my friend Elena

Hello friends, Spring is definitely in the air here in the eastern Med!

Those of you that read my blog regularly, have heard me mention my friend Elena. And many of you might even remember the many pictures taken at her beautiful shop Giving Tree.

 I knew she'd be a forever friend when she first described me, to my face, as 'a sandwich short of a picnic'! :)

So, while I sit here this very springy saturday afternoon, keeping an eye on my littlest one who has had a fever since yesterday, and stitching the last of my klosjes, I am delighted in her sharing her quilt with you.

Hello everyone!
Valentina is a very special friend of mine, we spend many mornings together quilting and chatting (Valentina the former and I the latter, if i'm to be honest!). The other day she suggested that I make a 'guest appearance' on her blog. The reason being that I have finished my first hand quilted quilt.

 I must mention that this quilt has been a labour of love for many reasons. I started making it for another very dear friend when her fiance proposed to her, as a wedding gift to them. Most of its making up time was made at home with Valentina and the quilting part at my home or in between my children's activities. ( v: she has 5!!!)

I hope it brings a smile to your faces as much as it has to mine, humble as it is I feel a huge sense of achievement having made it. Thank you dearest friend for your patience and kindness.
Warmest wishes to you all

Elena, may this quilt be the first of many many more! :)
And my Klosjes update will be following tomorrow.
Have a lovely weekend, enjoying your loved ones and stitching,
Valentina and company.

My Patchwork Family Through Adoption

A Bit of Africa and China
Came knocking on our door
And in a home where there was longing
Now empty rooms no more

Like a Quilt of Many Colours
Our Family stitched together into One
God's Love and Grace for us Abundant
In the Miracle of our Sons

Written by Valentina