Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One Flower Wednesday-reporting

How wonderful to see all these beautiful hexi-gardens popping up everywhere!
It has certainly added to the delight of making my own hexi-flowers, knowing that I am being joined by so many friends for tea.

This week another two Spotty Dotty Blooms were made pretty effortlessly. Thanks again Karen for the wonderful idea and welcome Jeanette, Jeannet, Betsy, Sheila, Nadine, Terry, Carrie, Jilly, Satu, Simone, Narelle and Anne who have joined us this past week.
I am so looking forward to seeing your gardens grow!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Special Correspondence

Dear Eleanor,

Long time ago I had a book, and I lent it out. And I never saw it again.
I don't know if it was your book. But I have a strong suspicion it might have been.
Before lending it out, I had the presence of mind to quickly photocopy the one quilt that had inspired me to buy the book in the first place.
After a few years and as a celebration of the arrival of our adopted sons I embarked to make and hand-quilt this quilt for my bed. It is my most beloved quilt, and it has now spent several winters on our King-size bed.
I just photographed it a few weeks ago as it was time to wash it and put it away until next Fall.
I would like to show it to my blogging friends, but before I do I wanted to show it to you, if in fact this is your quilt.
Thank you for the inspiration and thank you for having your email available so I could contact you.
With warm regards,

Dear Valentina,

So lovely to receive your e-mail, and pictures of your quilt.
Yes, it is one that was in the WI book, one I must have made in about 1980(!) a long time ago.
So much has happened since then, and no doubt similarly for you.
Quilts are like stepping stones in our lives, linking us back to times passed.

Now I am no longer making quilts but my daughter is, and they are beautiful,
she lives in Somerset in the west of England.
It is nice to know that my quilt was part of a new journey for you.
Thank you very much for contacting me.
Best Wishes

ps you might like to see what I am doing now,

I cannot express fully what receiving this email meant to me.
You know how we often mention that thread that unites us as Quilters through time and space?
Thank you, Eleonor, words cannot fully express the thrill and the honour to have you enjoy my version of your quilt.

This is a very special quilt for me. It is the first time I completely figured out the pattern from just studying a picture. And it is the first time that I hand-quilted free hand.

I knew this quilt needed a vine in the border, but I wasn't finding the right one. When I finally settled on one, I couldn't mark it because my chalk pencils would not show on the print of the green border fabric. So, after getting over my frustration I just started quilting, and I love how each flower looks different and exactly where I wanted to it to be.
I have been a lot more 'irreverent' in my quilting since, and enjoying myself so much more.
Trusting my own likes and dislikes and making my quilts my way.

As you can see, I wanted the chose to do a simple quilt in the ditch to show off Eleonor's geometric brilliance of her design.

I hope you like it, too.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

One Flower Wednesday-reporting

Enjoying the little things, like how every stitch counts, how my little lobelia's are happily growing even if I haven't been able to come out to the balcony to see them. How every comment you leave makes me feel more determined to get better.

It has been another slow week, but I did manage to go and teach my classes and help a friend set up her new sewing room. I can't wait to show you pictures!

So here are my two babies: I was needing to make one extra as I was busy with other hexies last week... :)
Thank you Karen, for getting us inspired so we can share our wednesdays making hexi-flowers together. Welcome Sandra and Danielle who have joined Ann, Jan and Cathi and I as we
slowly watch our gardens grow...

This picture for our banner was taken on a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon
as I was walking through this glorious garden

trying to take pictures of my Potluck hexies.

When all of a sudden
I was surrounded by butterflies who wanted to come and say hi.

May you have special unexpected visits as well...
Have a lovely rest of your week!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hexagons, Minis and Klosjes

This week has had its ups and downs. Sorry I haven't been around much. I am really doing quite a bit of "Fake it till you make it" just to get through.
It turned out I had a viral infection of the thyroid... That explains the lower immune-system and why I have only been managing to do things very slooooowly...

so I stayed home from work this week and played a bit in my sewing room and messed around my Blog. Which was LOTS of fun!!! hey, when Life hands you lemons...


On Wednesday I distracted myself with a different set of hexies and I had a lot of fun, arranging and re-arranging. I think my niece will love it. I am still not sure how it will all come together, but I am just enjoying the process at this point.

I also worked on my minis and got carried away...

more like 'swept off my feet', actually!

I couldn't help myself and actually made some extra mini log-cabin blocks and made a little quilt. It was so satisfying to see this little one take shape, be quilted and bound. I couldn't use my quilting-hoop on it, but managed to keep my stitches even and it was fun. I cut my binding at 1 1/4 and I was really happy with the results.
I think this will be the first of many!

17 new Blue Klosjes joined the fold. I have to say that I have loved working with these blues... it put me in a very Delft Blue state of mind!

Congratulations to my hexi-sister Celine who has joined us making Klosjes! Celine, I just knew you'd love them! :) Would you go say hi?
And for those of you who haven't yet been around to visit Gisele's Klosjes, please, do not miss out!

Have a lovely weekend,
Sending you my Love,


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drop everything you are doing and Go, NOW!

Kelly Jackson is having a dream of a give-away...
taking a deep breath

Thanks Sandy for being so generous and letting us know about it.
I am so excited I can't even type this.

But hurry as we only have a few days left...

She's giving away Silk,

Osnaburg, Rulers, templates, the cutest pins you've ever seen...
(heart beating fast...)

And this:

WOW, and Good Luck, Dear Friends!


Monday, April 12, 2010

And the winner is...

And the Winner of the Shared Inspiration Giveaway is...

Drumroll, Please....
YEAY!!!!!! It's Anita, my fellow GHQA Hexi-sister!

THANK YOU for your support and encouraging comments.
And I already started thinking up other fun giveaways for you!!!!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Klosjes and Shared Inspiration.

Hello my Lovelies!

Sorry I haven't been around much, but I have been playing nurse, patient, nurse and ok, I will be so happy to drop off the kids at school come Monday morning! Ok, I said it! :)
We had a lovely Easter break and I am trying to focus on all the positive, beautiful things we did together... :)
But I am sure you don't want to hear that, so let's get to BUSINESS
I have 2 weeks worth of Klosjes to report:

32 Blue plus 1 Red!

Nadine was so sweet to slip the red one into my birthday card, Thank you dear Friend! As you can see I raided my Blue scraps, and prepared loads of them. I can't wait to dive into my reds scraps next! :)
Sorry that the pix are so dark but the sun decided to take the day off... And those are not black, just lovely navy blue and midnight blue Klosjes...

And I want to show you something:

Isn't it CUTE?! I couldn't resist and joined Virginia in her new project... I always wanted to learn how to make mini's and I couldn't let this opportunity pass...

And since Inspiration has been the topic this week, I wanted to share two share 2 very different kinds, go here if you need a good cry and to be reminded that little things can make a big difference, and here for the swoon of all swoons! Don't forget your smelling salts!
Ok, GO, but come back, as I have a little something to tell you...


As a way of saying 'Thank You" and to show you what you all have come to mean to me, I have decided to share one of the V&A Liberty of London Archive Pack fabrics with you. I would be delighted to order one, in your name and have it sent directly to you, so we can share the Inspiration of the Exhibit even if we are not able to attend ourselves... :)
So what do you need to do? Not much... as all the comments you have ever left me will be part of the draw, including comments to this post.
Happy? I am!

I will draw a name Monday night Central European Time.

Hiep- Hiep- Hoera!
Now THAT's how I like to celebrate my birthday!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


What is Inspiration? What causes us to see new possibilities?

What inspires us to do what we do? To pick up our fabrics and transform them into something that wasn't there before?

What moves us to pour our attention into that one colour, shape or technique and get lost in the deliciousness of just being alone with it?

As fleeting as that moment is, or lasting longer than we expected ourselves capable of being held in that spell...

Or is it an active choice. Do we 'collect' inspiration by the things we choose to gather around ourselves, like fabrics and books? The things we choose to SEE. The things we choose to RETAIN.

Yes, we can be inspired in delicious unexpected ways... However, ( and I hope the Muses don't get offended...) I am starting to realize that being inspired has more to do with being 'Aware'.
And actively and systematically being inspired into action. Does this make sense?

These past few days I had such thoughts --- especially while stitching and enjoying the view. I was soothed by birdsong and refreshed by mountain breeze. And while hearing my kids enjoying their play in Grandmother's cottage garden I felt renewed and inspired. Wishing these fleeting moments would last, I also was 'disturbed' by the impatient need to come back home and get back to work... I wanted to get back into my sewing room and get busy...

My Beloved gave me this for my birthday. It was a miserable day. I had a fever and felt horrible. But I cannot express to you how this gift made me feel. It inspired me out of my present condition and transported me elsewhere, London, on a private tour of the V&A! :) And the reproduction fabric is like nothing I have ever seen. I haven't had a chance to read too much just yet, but I can tell there is loads of inspiration waiting for me! And I have to confess that it will not be long until you see these beauties transformed into Klosjes! :)

I decided to join Karen's ONE FLOWER WEDNESDAY
Another way of being inspired: by the encouragement of others!

There is no doubt that we are capable of inspiring one another, through our works and our blogs, however, more importantly, we also have the capacity to encourage each other into action. I am seeing pieces of YOU in my work now, and I have to say I like it!
Thank You!

My Patchwork Family Through Adoption

A Bit of Africa and China
Came knocking on our door
And in a home where there was longing
Now empty rooms no more

Like a Quilt of Many Colours
Our Family stitched together into One
God's Love and Grace for us Abundant
In the Miracle of our Sons

Written by Valentina