Saturday, December 18, 2010

Enjoying the days

Last night was the official opening of the first ever Patchwork Exhibit in Nicosia. The Mayor Ms Eleni Mavrou was so moved, we might yet make a quilter out of her! She kept commenting about  the colours, and wanting to know about each quilt and saying things like "next year" and 'bigger'...

It was all so last minute, as the hall had become available and we were invited to exhibit our quilts by the City.  We only had about 2 weeks to put it all together. But in the end, it was worth it. We are all so grateful for this honour and opportunity.

This is the first time I show one of my quilts to the public and I was excited and nervous. 
Tineke has been in town and would miss the opening as she was traveling back to Germany. As we arrived at the hall to give her a sneak-peak, I was blown away by seeing kids lining up to enter the exhibit. Tineke was a great support (helping me to stop from fainting...) and encouraged me to talk to them.

So much so, I have been invited to come to their school in the new year. ( me and my very broken greek!)

For the exhibit, I chose my quilt 'Aruba' which is a double sided Batik quilt. It is the only Batik quilt I have made so far. But I wanted to capture the colours of my tropical childhood home. :) 
The reverse side is the colours of the sunsets on Aruba. The front: well, sitting under the palm trees sipping cold drinks...
Something I hope to be doing in a little over a week, as we are planning to spend New Year's with my parents and Family.

In the meantime there is a lot more stitching to be done. I have been binding quilts and having fun with my hexies, enjoying how truly portable they are. More show and tell from exotic locations forthcoming! LOL

it has been a very wonderful december so far: the highlight for me was seeing my boys as the handsomest Joseph and the cutest shepherd boy I have ever seen! 
As you can gather, I have not been around my computer much, and I have missed visiting with you all. But I intend to remedy that sitting under a palm tree sipping Virgin Coladas! So bring along those swimsuits, girls!

Sending you the warmest wishes for a Blessed season. And yes, I finally got to use my winter coat and umbrella!


I will be getting permission to post the rest of the quilts in the Exhibit, and if you are in town, come say hi. The exhibit runs until Christmas eve.


  1. Oh Valentina, congratulations to everyone for the first ever quilt exhibition in the city. Be warn, it won't be the last. Your quilt is beautiful and peaceful to look at. Glad you are having New Year with your family. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all - Love Nat

  2. Wow, wat geweldig dat je mag exposeren! En er later nog een lezing over houden ook nog! Prachtige quilt! Geniet van je trip naar je familie, maar eerst nog een nagenieten van je toneelspelende jongens. Ik kan me helemaal voorstellen hoe ze eruit zagen! :-)

  3. what a happy event Valentina your quilt is excellent and the children are so lucky to see all the beautifull quilts, I am really impressed with your plans for Aruba how lucky can one get sipping a tropical drink in your swimwuit under palm trees while stiching away while we are in sweaters and coats ,I wish you and your family a wonderfull holiday season ,xoxo theodora

  4. Super!! what a great way to let people get in contact with quilting. I love the batik quilt, it's beautiful!
    And you are really a woman of the world. Now going to Aruba. Order a real pina colada for me please!! I miss them this year. (my aunt always makes them for me, when I'm visiting them in Houston)
    But have fun, laughter and a good family time!

  5. Oh Well Done to you. The exhibition looks fantastic. Keep doing what you are doing. You do it so well and between us we will convert the world population to Quilting. I shall look forward to the tropical photo's as we are in sub zero temperatures and knee deep in snow.
    Love Shirley.xx

  6. Gefeliciteerd met jullie eerste tentoonstelling daar! Spannend en een hele eer. Dat is trouwens een erg mooie quilt. Ik wens je een hele fijne vakantie met je jongens en een gelukkig nieuw jaar!

  7. ¡Felicitaciones! And how much fun. Your quilt is absolutely lovely, and I'm sure this is truly an exciting event. (I would love to do this in Quito!) Wishing you the very best this holiday season with your family.

  8. How exciting to see your quilt hanging!! And knowing there was a lot of excitment makes it even more special!! Merry Christmas!!

  9. I am so excited for you - how thrilling to see your quilt hanging - and it is gorgeous!!! Have a great trip to see your family.

  10. I love your Aruba quilt - very striking! And you are making me so jealous with your talk of beaches and cocktails - it has been snowing here in Scotland for weeks!

  11. Wat was het leuk om foto's van de quiltexpositie te ontvangen en wat lees ik is dit de eerste geweldig. Wat moetje trots zijn op je jongens dat ze Joseph en herder waren. Lijkt me erg leuk en geweldig om te zien. Alvast hele fijne kerstdagen en een goed en creatief 2011 toegewenst.

  12. Exhausting and Exhilarating the only way to comprehend an exhibition. WONDERFUL !!

    Now I know where you've been. As Nat said it won't be your last count on it.

    Have a wonderful Holiday

  13. It took a very organized group of ladies to be able to put together a quilt festival in just two weeks. Well done!
    Your batik quilt is lovely. The striking colors and dramatic design are impressive.
    Nothing boosts maternal pride more than seeing our children on stage, in a game, or at the microphone.
    Have a very special, relaxing holiday season, Valentina.

  14. Oh,dat moet spannend zijn, je quilt zomaar ineens op een quilt show. Gefeliciteerd, geniet er maar van. Enne... als je je quilts meeneemt luistert niemand meer naar je gebrekkige Grieks, dan zijn ze te veel onder de indruk!

  15. Congratulations on putting together such a nice exhibition of quilts! Love the two sides of your pretty batik quilt. Red and green - very powerful!
    Wish you a lovely Holiday Season Valentina!

  16. Beetje laat Valentin, maar wat een spannende gebeurtenis, je quilt op een tentoonstelling, leuk hoor!zal je toch nog Grieks moeten leren (lol)

    groetjes, Jeannet

  17. Your quilt is amazing Valentina. I can't believe you guys pulled that exhibit off in so little time! Wow!
    Have a sweet Christmas.

  18. Oh, Valentina, what fun! Congratulations on being able to exhibit your beautiful quilt. It looks fabulous.

    Hope you enjoy the rapidly approaching Christmas season -- then New Years will give us a chance to start a new year with a clean slate. I hope I "write" a lot of sewing on mine!

  19. Congratulations on organizing the first quilt exhibit in your city! Your quilt is gorgeous! How wonderful to be involved in introducing people to quilts and the art of quilt-making for the first time. I hope this is the first of many more.
    Happy Holidays!

  20. Hi Valentina, Happy New Year! I want to thank you for changing my life!!! Yes, you don't know me but it was through your blog that I met Kristine and have become one of her little Quilt Toppers! To say a really Big Thank You I want to award you with The Stylish Blogger Award, please take the button from my blog - and while you are there take a peek at my Give Away for the 31st January :0)
    I hope you participate and enjoy the Award!
    Best Wishes,
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK

  21. Happy New Year Valentina ! and Happy Quilting for 2011. Amitié Mamifleur


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