Tuesday, November 30, 2010

life's a beach...

While most of the Northern Hemisphere is enjoying wintery weather, we in Cyprus are having to wrap our heads around the fact that we are still walking around in short sleeves during the day and a light sweater at night. The funniest thing is how we are all insisting on wearing our winter fashions in 27 degree weather! It is not uncommon to see fashionistas wearing their boots and scarves in shorts. :)

So instead of sounding like a broken record, I decided to accept it: so we might as well hit the beach!
we took the kids to the coast for fresh fish meze

Psychologically, it is hard for Cypriots to dare go into the ocean at this time of year despite the unusually warm weather, but there were enough tourist 'polar bears' to compensate!

the four of us enjoying the ocean breezes on the boardwalk.
And yes, that is little Daisy on the right!

We had a lovely day as a family, and I came back really inspired to work on my little Clams.
I am having such fun, that I have decided to continue focusing on it for the next few days. I can see that the end is near and that I only need a few more rows to finish my Dolly Quilt.

The first tangerines of the season are here! They are so sweet, and the perfect snack while stitching. Want some?

I have enjoyed the Clamshell club so much (Thanks again Jossie, for letting us join you!), and have learned heaps from my fellow Clammers. It has been so fabulous to share the camaraderie forged by the trials and tribulations these little ones have put us through!  LOL

However, it is amazing to me how the last few rows of clams look so much nicer and neater than the first ones, and yet, those imperfections remind me that I started this little project in Holland with my little niece in June, worked on it in Provence in August, and had my little ones fiddling with them the other day... It amazes me every time, how many memories get stitched into our projects...
Dairies written in thread...

As November draws to an end, I wish you a wonderful and peaceful holidays season ahead!
Thinking of you all,


  1. What a lovely jaunt, thank you! Your clamshells look just wonderful, I don't see any early-effort awkwardness at all. I have memories stitched into my work too. Who knew I'd grow up to be so sentimental - must be the craft itself that brings it out! It helps that sweet folks are out there spreading the love - thanks again!

  2. Oh I am so envious. I am sat by the fire and have two sweaters on, it is freezing cold. We have no snow here but they are knee deep in it in some parts of the UK. I would so love to be in the warm sunshine. The clamshells look great and I shall look forward to seeing the finished article. Good to hear from you.
    Love Shirley.xx

  3. Your clamshells are beautiful. Some day I am going to give them a try. I sure would go swimming, if I was in Cyprus ;-)). We have had the most beautiful winterday - blue sky, sun, minus 4 degrees, and SNOW. It is white all over. But it has been very cold because of the strong wind coming in from the Baltic Sea (I live jist abput 5 minutes walk from the sea).
    I wish you and your family a joyfull december.
    Greetings from DK,

  4. I'm in the same get-up as Shirley, sweaters, a fire and a hot drink! No snow settled here in Somerset, just the odd sprinkle.

  5. Very pretty clamshell. Here in Tucson, AZ they all pull out the winter clothes the minute it reaches the 70'sF. This week we are really needing that winter wear for a few days.

  6. Ooh I love your clam shells so much! Have always wanted to try this design, must have a go soon. And seeing as we have about 10 inches of snow here in Scotland, you are just rubbing it in telling me about your lovely weather!

  7. hi val, i know it must be hard on you to still have high temperatures after the extreme hot summer/autumn. here it is really really very cold and a snow blanket is covering mainz and the rest of germany. there have been many accidents and casualties. the xmas market is like a fairy tale though...
    less then two weeks until I come to cyprus .. i look forward to it so much!
    give the boys a big hug,

  8. Your clams are absolutely lovely. Someday, I'm going to try one of those.

  9. I really love the effect of your choice of clamshell colours. Those brighter blues bring it to life! What a well traveled project! Lots of wonderful memories there.
    Mid to high 20s here too. Yes, too cold to go in the water, but to see the ocean at any time of the year is great.
    I love the photograph with Daisy!! :)

  10. Seafood meze yummmy

    Clamshells in keeping with lunch and the shadow picture is lovely.

    First day of December and the present making is starting in earnest.

    Enjoy the tangerines

  11. I never complain about the heat.. i love it! Nice pic's so thanks for sharing! The clamshells are multiplying and look wonderful!

  12. Even here in Florida it's going to be 38 F in the morning - BRRRR! Your clams are so wonderful. And I totally agree about the memories. Sometimes I think that may be my most favorite part of quilting. :)

  13. What a lovely post again Valentina. Reading your blog always makes me happy. I hope you will have some more nice and warm days to enjoy while we wrap ourselves up in quilts close to the fire. Your clamshells are beautiful and with all those happy memories sewn into the top the quilt will be cherished and loved.

  14. Beautiful clamshells! Wonderful memories.

  15. Beautiful work, fabulous photos. Clever wonderful Valentina.

  16. Oh your clamshell quilt is adorable!! Isn't it great when we can see some progress in our work....where we have grown. I like the way you look at it. To think of the 'growing' process instead of wanting to tear out our original 'first' work to make it look better. I too love the stories we stitch into our quilts...and the remembering of them.
    I always love reading your posts girlie!

  17. It's looking great :) I have never attempted them yet..lol.. Happy crafting, Jenny

  18. Very beautiful clamshells !
    Here we have -4° & 30cm of snow...

  19. Wat mooi!!!!!! de schelpen....
    Ik moet er ook eens verder mee ,ik heb veel andere dingen gedaan en zijn de schelpen op het zijspoor gekomen.

    groetjes yvonne

  20. Your Clamshells look really great - For some reson or other - I didnt realise you lived in Cyprus. Its hot here and our air-con is on :) Enjoy your beach :)

  21. Your clamshell quilt is gorgeous and how fun to have the wonderful memories of where youv'e worked on it.
    It looks like a great day at the water!!!

  22. the wheather is quite warm here to valentina,I have been so busy I haven't been blogging at all lately, alot of work at the store ,but I do sneak up early to quilt,I haven't sent you the packet yet I am so sorry ,but I will have time now that things have quited down at the store,I love your clamshells they are comming along and I also love that photo of your family's shadow that is so awsome I love your post.xoxo theodora

  23. Such a tiny shadow hihi!! Love your clamshells, gorgeous colours hmmmm! It is, well let's say, bit chilly here hihi minus 4 but with some wind feeling like minus 15 at least, brrrr. Great weather for staying indoors with a nice cup of champaign/truffels tea, lovely smelling candle, one of my projects on my lap, hmmmm enjoy!!!! XXXD

  24. It's such a great memorie that you showed me those little clamshells in my car in Groningen...... :)
    ... and we had such a lovely time....!
    How is your sis and family??
    Overhere it is really cold....! There is a cold polarwind blowing from the east and it feels like minus 15 degrees celcius..... Brrrr!!!
    Quite something else than your pictures.... ;))
    Enjoy your weather!
    Warm love from this cold country!! 8))

  25. The tangerines look very yummy and your clamshell Dolly Quilt looks fabulous! Diaries written in thread, so very true.

  26. nice post valentina:) your blog is so friendly and a girly girl kind of place. i love your creativity. miss talking with you. when do you leave for arugula??? we are busy here with the baby quilts still:) lots of plans for next year. lots of progress on many fronts. check out the new posts and blog notes.

  27. It's such a sweet quilt and it has those precious memories, how wonderful.

  28. Weel, you need boots and a scarf here in Holland. Its frrrrreezing cold!... I love how you write about writing a diary in threads. Perfect!!
    koude knuffels Saskia

  29. Those clam shells are beautiful. I am so jealous. I am into hexagons at the moment and have bought a clam shell template but not quite got around to making my first. It is very wet and hot in Brisbane at the moment. We are back to our rainy summers, the ones before we had 6 years of drought.

  30. Your clamshells are great! And tangerines, great, pass me some!
    We have a true snow storm going on here, it is exciting to look at as long as you don't need to go through it!

  31. I love your clamshells, Valentina, the little quilt has such a soft mellow appearance...delightful. Clamshells have been whispering to me of late! I'm sure they are just a nice as hexxies.

  32. Hey my lovely friend,
    We're stil walking around in winter clothes here in summer and the heater is still on in December in Australia!! :O

    Wishing you a special Christmas with your family.
    God Bless!!
    ..and hugs!!
    Robyn xx

  33. Hi, your 'baby' is coming home tomorrow morning. I have looked after her very nicely, she was a pleasure to have here. I have folded her and put on her cute bow and then she will be yours to enjoy...Lots of love, Irene

  34. You're doing great with your clamshells! Alas I didn't get any further with mine in November.
    'hearing' you speak of winter in Cyprus takes me back to my youth when I spent 3 years living there. It really can get cold in winter there, LOL... especially when the cold wind blows down from the mountain. However, it is definitely much colder here at the moment with the icy blast coming from Sebria!
    Have a wonderful Christmas! hugs Elly


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