Friday, March 2, 2012


I was going to tell you how I have been busy talking to builders, electricians, placing final orders for kitchen and bathrooms... You know, all that exciting and terrifying stuff; decisions that need to be made and that you hope you will not regret.
I was going to tell you how I have missed you, missed visiting your blogs and knowing what you have been up to.
I was going to tell you it snowed in Nicosia 2 days ago: thick fluffy cotton-balls dancing outside our windows. I was hoping to put into words the excitement we all felt: from grandparents all the way down to the 5 year olds...

I wanted to confess to you that I have fallen into temptation,  and have not been able to put down my crochet hook... (once again: Thanks Nadine!)

So in the past few weeks those 'in between/otherwise lost moments' have turned from this...

into this...

Now I am on a forced break waiting for some silvery grey to tie is all together...

and just in case you feel like getting hooked yourself, this is the fabulous Tutorial I have been following, Thanks Sols(tr)ikke !

I wanted to tell you how happy I have been to be back working on my little Farmer's Wife blocks---

Oh, how I have missed these little cuties... and how I have added 4 more to my growing stack...

I was left utterly speechless this morning...
Arriving home after yet another whirlwind morning running, errands to find this on my front step-

and everything stopped.

Thanks Tineke of Quilt & Zo for the lovely article.

I had no idea she would be a Cover girl!
oh my...


I hope to translate some of the article for my non dutch speaking friends, but give me a little time to settle down a bit, okay? I am still in a state of disbelief! :)

"Mama, did you win, that's why your quilt is in the front?"

Look! It's Mama! Hurray for Mama!


  1. So nice to see you post , I have missed your lovely work.Congratulations on being on the cover of the magazine !! Love all your crochet and your little farmers wife blocks.

  2. Congratulations Valentina! On the cover - yippee!! They could not have found a more beautiful quilt for their cover. Enjoy!! Hooked by a crochet hook :0) Those piles look lovely too.

  3. Hurray for mama! SO SWEET!!!!!!!!! Girl! Missed ya! I've been so busy... and behind on blogs... BIG HUGS!!!!

  4. Congratulations Valentina. How exciting. Missed reading your blog. Hugs,

  5. Oh, I'm so proud of you, your wodnerful creation is FAMOUS! Kudos to you, so well deserved. The crochet is lovely too, and isn't it addicting?

  6. YePPPPPPeeeeee ! I'm so proud of you, Vali!
    Heartful congratulations, my sweet, you deserve it so much ;>)
    Your crochet circle are such cuties, too (now I understand why yours are a little bigger than mine : we're not following the same tutorial! HeeHee... Will call you).
    BIG (((HUG))) and XOXOXOXOXOXO....

  7. Woohoo way to go Cover-girl!! Gorgeous and neat to see your boys enjoying the article :-) Your FW blocks are very sweet - and I LOVE your crochet blocks. It sounds like you have been very busy with builders and snow and so on.

  8. OMG! I can't wait to come and celebrate properly! She's so beautiful, a true cover girl! Missed you dear friend xxx

  9. Congrats on the cover...that is very fun for your boys I'm sure!

  10. You and your quilt absolutely deserve to be on the cover. Congratulations. And I see you haven't been lazy in your absence ;)!

  11. Congratulations!! Hip Hip Hooray! How wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Funny girl :D
    Lovely to hear from you!

    I too am crocheting... man you're fast!
    ..and your quilt on the cover!!
    Looks so wonderful and well deserved after such hard work and dedication... and it's simply gorgeous!!

  13. Congrats on your craft, and making the front cover :) Good luck with the house too :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  14. Hip Hip Hooray!!
    Hip Hip Hooray!!
    Hip Hip Hooray!!
    What a wonderful daaaay!!

    Post me a copy I want to see the pictures even if I don't read Dutch. Famous Friend. xoxo

  15. It looks amazing and I am so happy for you. A lovely post Val. I can imagine all your excitement at seeing snow and the crochet is so beautiful and such lovely colours. Hope the posst arrives soon as I can't wait to see it all assembled.xx

  16. Wat leuk dat je in de nieuwe Quilt en Zo staat met je quilt. Geweldig en hij is prachtig. Daar mag je zeker trots op zijn net als je kids. En wat heb je leuke en vrolijke blokken gehaakt.

  17. How wonderful and well deserved to have your quilt grace the cover of a magazine!!!And snow??? that must have been quite anevent in itself, right? My best to you in your building endeavor!! ox

  18. Congratulations Valentina on being a cover girl!! How exciting!!
    Love your crochet and your little blocks!!

  19. Hi Valentina,
    I've longtimes admired your Camelot quilt (and it is on my wishlist to make "one day" :-)
    Great to see it featured in the Quilt & Zo. Unfortunatelly I'll have to wait some more since we're almost two issues behind in Belgium (compared with Holland).
    Your crochet also looks great to me. I'm curious to see it crocheted together!
    Kind greetings,

  20. Big congratulations to the cover girl. You and your family must be so proud and rightly so. Your crochet looks so colourful and appealing.

  21. Oh, I'm so sorry .... I did not realize that it really was your quilt that was on the front of the magazine. You are so clever, have admired the pictures I took of your quilt .. Great work! we had a pleasant and enjoyable day together .... Eugenie

  22. GIRL! I mean covergirl, WHAT - you DID it! Congratulations!!!! So proud of you! Kisses from the tropics:)

  23. Wow...being the cover girl....the rest of us can only dream :0) congratulations.

    Happy Sewing

  24. Hurray for mama is right!! Congratulations Valentina! How wonderful! I hope you have left the magazine out somewhere that you see it each day and enjoy the delight of seeing it on the cover again and again!

  25. Congratulations on being published...and being on the cover!!! Wow!!!
    Love your crochet! Beautiful colours. Its too long since I did any crochet.
    You must have quite a collection of Farmer's Wife blocks now.
    I hope the home building is going along smoothly.

  26. Ik heb vandaag die Quilt en zo voorkant nog staan bewonderen, zo mooi!
    Zie dat ik niet de enige ben die hoooked is...

  27. I've missed you!~I've been busy here also. But, you've been in my thoughts a lot. So nice to come visit you and catch up. Ohhhh.... I love your crochet project and the colours are like candy, just so HAPPY!~ I am so happy for your quilt being in the magazine, AND ON THE COVER?!?!?!!? You deserve it! Let me know how I can purchase a copy from here please! :) So happy about your house. All is well here, just not on the computer much. Love ya!~

  28. Lovely to catch up with you again my friend! Seems the crochet bug is hitting..... I'm finally working on getting my crochet hexi flower rug finished for this winter! Congrats on your quilt & magazine!!! How is the walking going??? Take care my friend. Big Hugs, Sharm

  29. I am so happy for you I LOVE this quilt and it is so well deserved to be the cover quilt....congrats Cover Girl!!!!
    I just hope they eventually sell the magazine here in the USA I would love to have a copy and yes even make your quilt!

  30. Congratulations! A wonderful honour for a beautiful quilt. Glad you found the time for a little blogging. Your crochet is very nice, too.
    Debbie R.

  31. Congratulations on your quilt being published. Also on the housebuilding - how very exciting it must be for your family. It is nice to see your crochet as well ... one of my loves. I hadn't dropped in on your blog for sometime now, so it is nice so see that you are doing well. Happy New Year ... albeit slightly late ... your quilting sister in Tasmania! Jane

  32. Quilt & Zo? Cover quilt? Wouh perfect! Congratulations!


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