Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Your misty valley,
your hills, bare or clothed
with magnificent trees,
your meadow,
the wonder of Provence..."
Honore de Balzac, "Letters of Two Brides"

My dear friends, I have been in a swoon anticipating our first ever trip to Provence and finally the suitcase is packed and My Love and I are ready to go celebrate our Sweet Sixteen Anniversary.
The boys are in the mountains with their grandparents being spoiled to an inch of their lives.
They did makes sure we memorized the wash-list of toys we need to remember to bring them
(Are there toys in France, Mama?)

I am so excited that we will be meeting up with Nadine and her lovely husband and are looking to some unforgettable days together. As you can imagine, if Nadine and I are together this automatically means there will be loads of foolishness, laughter and stitching going on. My hexies and Klosjes are already packed.

I promise to take loads of pictures and will be updating Nadine with all the things you have been up to since she's been away from blogland.
Take care, happy stitching and I will be back in a week!

Je t'embrasse, Gros Bissous!


  1. Have loads of fun!! God bless!!
    Big hugs, Ria.

  2. Veel plezier in de Provence, Valentina. Het weer zal er zeker beter zijn dan in Nederland. Brr, het lijkt wel herfst.

  3. Happy Anniversary! How nice that you get to go away with your hubby. Bon voyage et a bientôt!

  4. Oh lucky lucky you - have a wonderful time

  5. Congratulations to you and your beloved. Have a wonderful time celebrating, you will miss your boys but they'll be having a good time I'm sure. I'll look forward to your photos.

  6. Have a great time on your honeymoon - holiday. Congratulations on your 16 years.
    Love Shirley.x

  7. Heel veel plezier, geniet van elkaar en van de omgeving!

  8. Have a wonderful time! Provence?? I'm trying really hard to not be jealous!
    It made my week finding your blog...and meeting you in blog land!

  9. Bon voyage and happy anniversary

  10. Happy anniversary and have a wonderful time!

  11. Heel, heel veel plezier en knuffel voor Nadine!! XXXD

  12. O, how romantic ....going to the provence for your 16th anniversary ...sigh!

    Have fun and enjoy France mon chéri, c'est le paradis sur terre...or at least the Provence is, in my opinion.

    Bon voyage, HUGS Tineke

  13. Van harte gefeliciteerd en heel veel plezier in de Provence, lekker genieten, lachen en nog veel meer.

  14. Congratulations on 16 years and have a wonder ful time away together. Say hello to Nadine from me.

  15. I just want to comment and say how happy and friendly your photo is, your smile is lovely! I hope you and your husband have a truly wonderful time, that the boys are not too spoilt, and that you have lots of hexies done when you get back home!
    Enjoy every minute of it :0)
    Val xx Oxfordshire UK

  16. 'k Wens je een fijne tijd toe in de Provence! Geniet er van!

  17. Happy anniversary Valentina, have a great time in France!

    Bon voyage! Have fun and enjoy the time together!

  19. Have a wonderful time in Provence, V!
    I passed through on a train once...the countryside was all purple with blooming lavender! I was in awe!
    Happy Anniversary and say hello to Nadine from me!
    All the best!

  20. Happy Anniversary to you BOTH

  21. Happy memory making! Looking forward to lots of photos...for those of us still at home wiping oatmeal off little faces! :-)

  22. Joyeux Anniversaire Valentina and Savvas. We love you.
    Ginger and Nelson

  23. Happy Anniversary!! Have a wonderful trip!

  24. Have a fantastic time Valentina. You deserve it - and congrats on your 16 years!


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