Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When it's this hot...

not much get's done.

We are looking forward to another heatwave coming in this weekend.
And, well...

August in Nicosia is like this...
life going on at a much slower pace...

Most Citizens of Nicosia leave the city to go to the coast, mountains or abroad.
There are is a big advantage for those of us left behind: less cars on the road, but then you just don't feel like getting out. Unless you have bored kids who NEEEEED to get out.
So we have been going on 'adventures' to the air-conditioned mall, supermarkets and the odd outdoors outing
very early in the morning...
Not much get's done.

Ofcourse we also VEG-- lying still like broccoli -- in front of the TV, working our way through our extensive kiddie dvd collection... (this is when I manage to sneak in a stitch or two...)
Until it's nap time, snack time or nighty-night time...

I know.

... but only for another week.


Looking forward to sharing with you what I have been working on-- tomorrow!



  1. So long as you are all having a lovely time :) Enjoy it!! Happy crafting, Jenny

  2. Oh dear Valentina, I wish I could send you some of our cold weather and rain! I remembered when we visited Greece during August how hot it gets. We weren't used to having siesta, but after a few hot days we all took it like ducks to water! Remember I'm thinking of you and think you are doing well to live through it for many years - Hugs Nat

  3. Oh you poor things, I don't even want to go out when it's like that, I feel like the sun is biting me. I hope it cools down after the heat.

  4. I too am veggeing out but because I fell down the stairs and I am a bit bruised and battered and feeling sorry for myself. Could do with some warmth instead of dull rain. Hope you manage some sewing, it is still more than I have managed.
    Love Shirley.

  5. Enjoy the holidays and your lovely family. If I had a time machine I would love to go back for a day and spend it cuddled up with my son on the sofa watching "Thomas the tank engine", those days seem to have flown by. XX

  6. Is that your parrot? He is beautiful! We have very hot summers here too although probably not as hot as you, so I know what you mean about getting out early and getting back before it gets too hot. It zaps all your energy and I think an afternoon "Siesta" is a wonderful way to beat the afternoon heat.

  7. Oh, how I feel for you Valentina. The heat will be over before you know it, and I think it's great to just enjoy your long summer days with your children as you are doing. YEs, I'd love to go back and watch a movie also with mine. Life passes so quickly with little ones. I know they are just as happy as can be with your morning adventures! Do you make juice pops? Mine use to love these w/various frozen juices. What a lovely bird!~and gorgeous town you live in. I've missed coming to visit you...

  8. Your home sounds like everyones home in the summer heat~the wonderful thing about children is that they tolerate it a bit better than we do! We have a hot day here and will go to the movies and then over to the bakery and home to air conditioning for the night!
    ♥ Eileen

  9. I think the heat will be leaving you because it is expected back again here in Holland end next week!! The PIF is going great he!! Still so many lovely people around hihi!! Thinking of you!! XXXD

  10. Hi Valentina !! the same here ,a large percentage of the population have gone to there summer home ,island,mountains, or abroad , in the center of marousi many stores have closed for the summer seems sometimes I'm the only one left , we also watch alot of movies in the summer also .

  11. the bird is so colorful ~ is it yours?
    have looked around a bit and enjoyed seeing your various projects coming along. you have such a happy way with color.

    the heat sounds oppresive but your solutions seem very smart and spending time with the kids is always good as they do grow up so fast. my daughter is turning 25 this month and i still can't figure out how that happened so quickly . . .

    take care.

  12. Oh dear another heatwave. Ik zou je graag wat van onze koelte sturen Valentina. Hier is het de laatste weken goed uit te houden. Geniet maar van alles wat mogelijk is in de hitte. Lekker stilzitten en een paar steekjes doen. En een ijsje doet af en toe wonderen ;-)

  13. o jee weer een hittegolf, daar wordt je ook niet blij van. Houd je maar lekker rustig dat is het beste met dit weer.

  14. We're having yet another heat/humidity wave too. There's something about taking life at a slower pace during the heat that is rather luxurious -- even if it does mean things don't get done. I'll take the heat any time -- the winter will be here all too soon!

  15. I am so looking forward to summer's end. It doesn't seem to matter if you have air conditioning or not, the heat and humidity seems to affect you anyway. It sure does zap all your energy.

  16. Oh boy, did this post speak to me! We've been hot this summer too. We discovered the shopping carts with kid cars in front...will push the cart around stores and let the kids pretend to drive...while they call out "toot, toot" to any other shoppers in the aisles! One of these days we may actually purchase something at the store! ;-)


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