Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Clamshell Club Report August

The Clams made it to Provence and it was such a delight to be able to infuse those memories into the stitches (and considering I started it with my little niece in Holland, it makes this a little treasure already!) I didn't do much, but I am so happy with how it is progressing.
I have been having such fun with this little project. With each row it seems to be getting easier.

I am liking the colours more and more each time another clam joins the gang.
I have found sewing from right to left much easier, and Ria, Look who made it to Provence:
 Piep,  the mouse thumb-pincushion!

 I had 'foil-pressed' my clams before leaving and am happy to say that they kept their fold until I had the chance to work on them. This is great news for me, as now I know this can become another take-along project.

Here are a few more pictures from the open-air market in Arles. Arles is a fortified city on the river Rhone which had considerable importance in the Roman Empire. Vincent van Gogh lived and worked in Arles. (if you are interested you can read more here.)

the colourful enameled handmade platters and bowls

lovely Old Lace

Sorry, but I was experiencing a lot of difficulty since this morning posting. My internet has been down and Blogger has been doing funny things.
I decided to post at least this much, now that I have a small window of opportunity.
Please, don't forget to sign up for my little Souvenir giveaway in the previous post if you haven't done so already. And I hope I get a chance to visit my fellow Clammer-girls today, if not as soon as possible.
Thinking of you!

I spoke to Nadine this morning, she sends her love. They are leaving early in the morning driving back to Belgium tomorrow.
She misses all of you and can't wait to catch up.
Have a safe trip, dear friends!


  1. Love the photos of the pottery. Makes me feel like collecting!

    What will you be doing with your clamshells?

  2. Your clamshells look lovely Valentina! This quilt will have a few special memories for you when you look at in years to come.

    That market must have been wonderful to visit. Such wonderful colours to inspire.

  3. Love those clamshells, Valentina! I had never seen that pattern before - see, you learn something new every day! And thanks for all your kind comments on my blog - nice that someone is visiting! Take care! And your niece looks adorable - what fun you must have had!

  4. This is a fascinating post. How gorgeous is that old lace. I am loving your blog, I'm so glad I found it

  5. Again a beautiful post, clamshells, pictures, I love all !

  6. Your clamshells are gorgeous -- love that photo at the top, what a gorgeous setting for them!
    That box of old lace took my breath away. Just beautiful! One can almost imagine what stories are behind each piece.

  7. Your clamshells are terrific! Your photography is too, as always; your trip looks like it was filled with beauty and wonder. Thank you so much for sharing the sights with us!

  8. I love your clam shells, such a pretty design! The photos of the market are too nice, makes me wish I were there, browsing and meandering...

    Sending you love, hope all is well in your part of the world!

    Julia x x x

  9. Love the clamshells and the pictures! I'd love to visit that market in Arles - with a very fat wallet! :)

  10. Great to see you back again. Lovely display of your shells. You are making great progress and they look wonderful. The pictures of the markets are so colourful. I really enjoyed this post!

  11. Lovely to visit you again, and to catch up on your projects. I have missed you :)

  12. Nice clamshells! and I'm in love with the lace!
    Great to read your posts again.

  13. Wat een mooie schelpen heb je ook gemaakt en mooie vakantiefoto's laat je zien. Prachtig dat oude kant.

  14. Your holiday looks just wonderful Valentina, your photos are fabulous - making me want to be there! Your clamshells are lovely, I like the colours that you're using very much indeed.

  15. What lovely soft and subtle colour in your clamshells. The French have such beautiful colourful markets, loads of inspiration there for you. Did you buy any of that lace? Have missed you.

  16. Your clamshells are fantastic. I love the way you have displayed them on that wonderful stone slab. It makes them look so natural.
    The clay items look great! i love going to local markets.

  17. Je hebt misschien niet veel clamshells gemaakt, maar ze zijn wel ergggggg moooooi!

  18. Now this is one 'hand' project I haven't seen. Your clam shells look great. I love your first picture and how you have placed them. A treat for the eye!
    Lovin' your travel pictures too!
    (Did you get the email I sent you yesterday?) I wrote it twice...lost it the first time, and hope it made it to you the second time. I hear you on 'computer' frustrations!

  19. Your clamshells are wonderful! I love the way you have photographed them.

  20. Your tiny clamshells are so adorable!
    I LOVE them!
    Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures from the open market too!

  21. Looking lovely!! Funny, before I even read your words, I said to myself, Valentina is working right to left. :)

  22. Thank you for the beautiful photos from Provence to share. I have been to France but not Provence, it has to be my next trip! Lovely clams all there with you. I love your colour so far - glad to have you back Valentina - Hugs Nat

  23. Oh V!! Gorgeous Clamshells happening...simply gorgeous and the Pottery and ceramics are amazing!
    ..and tha lace... I'm loving your pics!
    Hugs to you and hello to dear Nadine too xx

  24. Wow!! I just love seeing Piep in the picture!! He looked up to me with a big smile and says he loves YOU!! ;0))
    And that beautiful pottery!Lovely colours!
    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!
    Hope that Blogger is doing normal by now.......!
    Big hug to you, xxxxxx!!! ;0))

  25. De bruine paddestoelen zien er prachtig uit. Heel mooi. Ik heb ook al dat het steeds makkelijker gaat. Het begin was een stuk lastiger dan nu. Gelukkig wel.

  26. Prachtige foto's en wat zijn je clamshells klein (of is die pot zo groot?)

  27. Your clams are looking lovely V & I like your colour combination, this will make a very special little quilt with all those wonderful memories! Loving all the photos of Provence too.
    Have a great weekend!

  28. So glad you are having some progress on your clamshells. I love all the 'how-to' and tips everyone in the club are sharing! Yes, they do get easier the more you do!!


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