Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tropical Hexies

You should have seen me and my hexies in Aruba, a bit ridiculous, they went everywhere with me! I actually think they had a really great holiday! LOL
Seriously, it was really humid and in the evenings it felt like I had to fight to survive the mosquitos. Anyhoo, you get the gist: not a lot got done. But One Flower did,

and actually, when I count all the hexies that got prepped, and the diamonds that got finished from last year, it is not a shabby turnout!

Now, the funniest thing happened: we were driving along and what do I see?

Honestly, I had to drag my hubby the very next day to take a picture: this happened last wednesday and I thought: PERFECT! ONE FLOWER WEDNESDAY! No one will believe THIS! (unfortunately the internet connection was so slow and my laptop battery leaving so much to be desired... Good thing Wednesdays have a tendency of coming along once a week!)

now, really, sometimes too much is just toooo much, even for me!

I can't wait to see everyone's new blooms and gardens, I certainly have missed you all!


  1. Great Hexi and photographed so beautifully!

    Greetings Marion

  2. Ha, lustig deine Blumen vom letzten Mittwoch :o)
    Und die aktuelle Urlaubsblume von heute ist auch sehr schön.

    Viele Grüße!

    PS: Ich musste jetzt erstmal "Aruba" googlen und bin bin nun neidisch ;o)

  3. Fess up, that's your house isn't it? LOL

  4. You cannot be serious!!
    I love them and think you should seriously think about adding them to Mosfiloti ;)

    Hugs xx

  5. Your bloom is so lovely and bright...and what a wonderful find - who would have it believed - well done!

  6. Absolutely fabulous!!!!!!! What a find!

  7. I bet a quilter lived there. Loving your diamonds and such a gentle coloured flower.
    Love Shirley.x

  8. Die ziet er inderdaad behoorlijk tropisch uit. En geweldig, hè, zoals je overal hexjes ziet, als je eenmaal aan de hexabloemen bent begonnen. Mooi, je diamanten!

  9. A really tropical flower to remember a great holiday! And do the owners of that house wouldn't want to give/sell you a flower?

  10. unbelievable ... or are you a good photoshopper? just kidding!
    i love you new flower and well, what can I say... the whole thing is turning out to be a gorgeous quilt!

  11. That sight would have made me stop and take a picture too. How fabulous.

  12. Your diamonds look so lovely in the sunshine. I'm tempted to play with diamonds perhaps.
    Hexies really are everywhere! :o)

  13. Well, you were pretty productive. The hexagons on the house are great! I didn't even finish one flower the week :( but I'm working on some to show next wednesday. Welcome back!

  14. Would love to know how the hexagon flowers came to be on the house, very cool. Your tropical flower is lovely and so are your diamonds.

  15. Isn't that too funny?! I'm so glad you went back and took photos!!

  16. Wow! What an exciting find. And your hexie are beautiful as well.

  17. Question Was it a pattern seen in tarazo or was the owner a quilter?
    Either way great photo . Your tropical addition is light and sunny.
    Nice diamonds a girls pbest friend

  18. Are you going to sew all those hexagons into diamonds?
    You certainly are a great photographer. I enjoyed your pictures. Guess I'll have to come back.

  19. A Beautiful flower for your garden...Love your post..always a pleasure to read...The hexies at that house,,,How great a find was that? ..well done ! Kate x

  20. Great flowers. I hope you had a great trip. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

  21. Toch weer een hexblommeke en het totaalplaatje van je diamanten ziet er prachtig uit!
    Leuk toch dat huis versierd met hexblommekes!

  22. Great flowers. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us.

    :) Carolyn

  23. this just made me smile!!!!!
    thanks for sharing the picture with us...
    so funny I would have done the same thing, made him go back so I could get pictures!!!
    Keep at it you have accomplished a lot!

  24. I've missed you - so glad you had a great time my friend :).

  25. Hi Valentina
    It's ok, when I write in german?;)
    Das Blümchen war genau zur richtigen Zeit, am richtigen Ort;)
    Wir haben hier -7 Grad und bei Euch muss es traumhaft sein!
    Gaaaanz schöne Ferien und ganz liebe Grüsse, Rita

  26. It's amazing what we see when we are out and about and 'tuned' in! Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

  27. Dear Valentina, how good to hear you all are home safe!Love those great hexie-flowers!
    We had a bit difficult time overhere. I will tell you about it....
    Love and enjoy your family!
    Hugs, xxxxxx

  28. How did I miss commenting on this before? Cute story, and the photos are the proof. I think my hubbie would have agreed to go back too. Mine is more involved in what I do than he would probably like to admit.


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