Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I have been battling the worst flu I can remember. It started with the boys and Hubby, and then I succumbed. Don't know how much jet-lag played into it.  Don't know where January has gone.
I am worried for the people of Egypt, I pray for the Queenlanders. I carry my friend and her imminent adoption in my heart.
I stitch and read and try to get better.

This scrap quilt was made with so much love for a little girl in Aruba, that has had to survive more ugliness than I can even comprehend. In her young life the climb ahead is still so hard and almost disheartening.
She couldn't believe someone would have made something specifically for her: she kept asking me: you did this for me? did you work on it everyday, for a long time? For me? ...
and she was fascinated by the tiniest scraps... You don't throw out even those small ones?...

and then my 8 year old niece said:
"God uses everything, even the smallest things, and the pieces no one thinks of as important, to make something beautiful..."


  1. Hi Valentina, hope you are feeling much better very soon.
    Your quilt is gorgeous and your niece is very wise ... what she said is so beautiful and so true.

  2. You are such a good person, Valentina. A truly beautiful quilt too.

  3. Be well. A very special quilt for a little girl in need of happiness. Your niece is very insightful.

  4. oh my Lord, that is so beautiful! I love what your niece said, and its sooo true. Hope you are feeling better. Lots of love from Irene xxx

  5. Children view life and accept unconditionally.
    Your heart is good and your work reflects a wonderful spirit.

    Get well soon

  6. I hope you are better Valentina. I'm having what you had too. That quilt is special and happy. I love what you niece said. It was so true we use little bit of fabric to make gorgeous quilts. Look after yourself. Love from Nat ♥♥♥

  7. Valentina I sure hope you are feeling better real soon , I was deeply touched by the story of the young girl and the quilt you made for her is beautiful and the bright colors will put some sunshine into her dear life ,you are special . Take care .
    hugs SHeila

  8. Your niece is very wise in spite of her young age! Love the quilt you made for that little girl in Aruba. I'm sure the love you've showed her will go a long way towards her healing. I do hope you'll feel better soon. Please take good care of yourself.

  9. What a delightful post, full of love.

  10. Can only just write this through the tears. Your young niece is a special person as are you. Food for thought there and maybe now I know what to do with all those little pieces that I cannot throw away. Glad you are feeling better. Sending you a big hug.
    Love Shirley.x

  11. Ah, out of the mouth of babes.
    Get better soon!

  12. Hmmm... wonder if that is the same flu we got down here in December. Jamie and I were coughing and sniffling for almost a month. Sure hope you are feeling better and continue to improve... miss your posts!

    And love that bright, cheery quilt. I am sure this little girl will feel your arms around her every time she cuddles beneath it.

  13. Please get better soon Valentina! Your quilt looks like "LOVE"~ it is amazing!!
    ♥ Eileen

  14. I'm so sorry you've been sick. I know you are a blessing to all who know you, and I pray you are back to 100% soon. What a happy, pretty house, behind the happy, pretty quilt. I've missed you! Michele

  15. Heel veel beterschap, ziek het maar goed uit. En wat een prachtige quilt heb je voor een prachtig meisje gemaakt die zo dankbaar is geweldig om te lezen. Dan is hij zeker goed terecht gekomen. Wat een wijsheid heeft die zoon van jullie. Fantastisch. En ook ik hoop vanuit hier maar dat het allemaal redelijk meevalt in Queensland, voor zover dat kan dan en het in Egypte gauw wat beter gaat.
    Groetjes en een big hug.

  16. Hope you are feeling better soon Valentina.

    Beautiful quilt and a special post.

    Carolyn :)

  17. beautiful!!! beautiful words...
    I hope your feeling better soon! thinking of you

  18. How wonderful that you made that quilt for that little girl! She obviously feels the love!

  19. Beautiful quilt and thoughts today. Bless your heart and take care of yourself!

  20. I hope that you feel better soon. This was a lovely, insightful post. The quilt is beautiful and your niece is right!

  21. Oh Valentina ... that made my eyes leak a little!
    I hope you feel better soon ... and yes, even the little scraps are worth so much more than we can imagine. Hugs and thank you for sharing.
    Jane x

  22. What a wise young niece you have V :-)
    A special girl xx

    The quilt is lovely and it will be a reminder to the young Aruban girl for years that somebody cares :-)

    I'm so sorry that you and yours are unwell.
    Do take care my friend.
    with love Robyn xx

  23. Hope you feel better soon. A lovely post about the young girl and the quilt :) Maybe another flying holiday is in order to make sure if it is or isn't jetlag that you are suffering Happy crafting, Jenny

  24. Hi Val, hope you are feeling well again, sorry that I didn't get in contact earlier.
    The quilt you made for this very special girl is just gorgeous and I am sure the joy and love you put into it will be felt for a long long time to come.
    Take care,

  25. So great to read about your quilt for the little girl and I really believe that God spoke threw the words of your little niece....... He is so caring....!
    I hope and pray you will feel better soon, dear friend. Take care and take time to get your health back!
    Love and a big hug, Ria. :)) xxxxxxxxxx

  26. I hope you feel better soon I know what you mean my son got the flu and then everybody else like dominos, That is the most beautifull quilt I love all the diff. shapes and blocks that you used it is amaizing to look at ,I too pray for the people of Egypt,it is sure sweet of you to make the quilt for the little girl and your nieces comment is also so sweet.xoxo theodora

  27. You are not alone in your world wide concerns - we all are concerned about these things too. Thank you for your sweet heart and willingness to make this beautiful quilt for that little girl. May blessings pour down on your life... hope you feel better soon.

  28. Wishing you all the best and hope you get better soon. Your post brought tears in my eyes.


  29. hope you feel much better soon.I loved the story about the little girl and the quilt is beautiful


  30. You have a wonderful way with words and I think your niece must have inherited it from you - what a beautiful comment she made.

    I hope you are feeling better very soon Valentina - take care xxx

  31. Heel veel beterschap: ik dacht ook al: wat is het rustig bij jou. Prachtige quilt voor dat Arubaanse meisje. Ik kan me voorstellen dat ze die prachtig vindt! Veel plezier nog met naaien en hopelijk ben je snel weer de oude.

  32. Please feel better! I'm sending prayers nd hugs your way!
    What a bright, cheerful, fun quilt! You are so generous. Lovely thought and gesture. To be treasured forever,,, what fun to sit and talk over it years from now of the young lady's progress in her life since you gave it to her. You have a huge heart. Xo


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