Monday, March 7, 2011


I am stumped. No words.
..but happy!

This is not just any ordinary Klosje, this little one is my 700th!
...and coming to the realization that this week was my last week making Klosjes was a bit overwhelming!
I made 83 and that means 713, :) happy happy dance!

...but for now, I will need to take a little break, because tomorrow morning bright and early, Mama is going on a little trip to Holland. super happy!

Jinny Beyer is coming to give a workshop and I just could not pass this opportunity to see my nieces and meet someone who I admire so much. I consider Jinny Beyer's book Quiltmaking by Hand  the one who taught me and led me to fall in love with hand-stitching. HAAAPPY!

almond blossoms

You know this first part of the year has been a bit challenging for me, and I have to admit that I am really looking forward to a few days to "fill the well". I am looking forward to taking lots of pictures and share these workshops days with all of you.
My littlest one is back to his happy bouncy self and my friend Elena is over the moon by your support and encouragement! Thank you!!!

So are you ready to come away with me for a little break?

I leave you with a few images of Spring in Cyprus, today the beginning of Great Lent, also known as Green Monday.
I will be thinking of you!


  1. congratulations! 713! that's really an achievement.
    Have a happy trip!

  2. 700?!? You aure are tenacious! Congratulations! Your photos of the surrounding nature in your beautiful part of our world, are just breathtaking! Thwnk you for sharing them with us and i am so happy to hear you are taking a break! What an incredible opportunity., enjoy every minute... Xo

  3. YUHU! you ARE incredible Val ... congratualtions on finishing you last klosje...I know how weird it feels. Now on to the wonderful part of finishing the quilt and soon we can have our own little show-and -tell :) . we will celebrate with something sparkling, and it will not be soda water :))
    Did you get the hand-out i sent you today? I hope it was still on time.

    Have a safe yourney and see you on Friday.
    hugs Tineke

  4. Have an absolutely wonderful time and I will look forward to the pictures but I sure wish I was going with you ;-) Congratulations on making so...... many klosjes , that is wonderful . hugs Sheila

  5. Congratulations and a tiny little schniff on the klosjes; you've done such beautiful work on them and they've been your companions for quite some time now. I hope your fill-up is joyful, you are due for a delightful change! Thank you for sharing a lovely bit of spring with us.

  6. Have a wonderful trip Valentina, I'm gonna miss you. Enjoy every minute, can't wait to hear all about it. xxx

  7. Van zo'n voorjaar daar droom je toch van, groetjes Bep

  8. ENJOY to the most, sweetie ! I'll be with you in thoughts and just can't wait getting your "report" ;>)
    Say hello to Holland for me AND to Mrs Jinny Beyer, AND to our common friends ...
    Heartfully, with smiles and a BIG (((HUG)))

  9. Congratulations! Over 700 and counting! Bravo!!!
    How lovely the blooming almond tree is. That's what I miss mostly here in the tropics; to see the seasons change and especially to see spring arrive. Have a wonderful trip to Holland and enjoy your niece and also the workshop. Can't wait to see what you've learned. Love Vreni x

  10. love your photo's and of course we can't forget how special the 700th klosje is!

  11. Have a great time catching up with your sister and those lovely little girls and enjoy the workshop. I shall look forward to hearing all about it in due course. Well done on reaching your target. What a great achievement and well done for persevering.
    Love Shirley.x

  12. Gefeliciteerd met je 700ste klosje en hij is klaar. Geweldig goed van je je hebt hard gewerkt hoor en natuurlijk heel veel plezier in ons landje bij alles wat je gaat doen de workshops bezoekjes enz.

  13. lovely photos, just how I imagine Cyprus to look. I know the feeling when you come to the end of a project which has become part of your day to day life. I was rather lost when I finished my hexi-quilt and immediately started another LOL

  14. 700! wow. That's amazing. Fantastic. Enjoy your thrilling time with Jinny B.

  15. You will have a lovely time!! Have fun and congrats on so many klosje's!

  16. Congratulations on such a big milestone. I hope you enjoy your break, thank you for the beautiful photos.

  17. Congratulations! When your quilt will be finish you can say: I did it!

  18. Well done making all those little klosjes! You really do have amazing patience! Have a trip to Holland as a reward - you deserve it!

  19. Such a lovely trip you will have -- seeing your nieces and taking a class with Jenny Beyer. Add beautiful springtime and finishing your 700th klosje, and life is on a roll for you. Soak it the contentment--enjoy it all!

  20. Gefeliciteerd met het maken van je laatste klosje. Een beetje weemoedig moet je er wel van zijn geworden. Hopelijk heb je het erg naar je zin in Nederland, waar vandaag de lente echt begonnen lijkt te zijn. Geniet ervan!

  21. Wow - you did it! 700 klosjes is quite an accomplishment! A trip to Holland sounds very fine - ENJOY! I love your pictures of Cypres - just beautiful. :0)

  22. That is alot of klojes Valentina and they are so many it would take forever to count ,but you have been working very hard on them ,now you can assemble them ,I can't wait to see it completed.xoxo theodora

    I sent you an e-mail Valentina


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