Saturday, March 5, 2011

Introducing my friend Elena

Hello friends, Spring is definitely in the air here in the eastern Med!

Those of you that read my blog regularly, have heard me mention my friend Elena. And many of you might even remember the many pictures taken at her beautiful shop Giving Tree.

 I knew she'd be a forever friend when she first described me, to my face, as 'a sandwich short of a picnic'! :)

So, while I sit here this very springy saturday afternoon, keeping an eye on my littlest one who has had a fever since yesterday, and stitching the last of my klosjes, I am delighted in her sharing her quilt with you.

Hello everyone!
Valentina is a very special friend of mine, we spend many mornings together quilting and chatting (Valentina the former and I the latter, if i'm to be honest!). The other day she suggested that I make a 'guest appearance' on her blog. The reason being that I have finished my first hand quilted quilt.

 I must mention that this quilt has been a labour of love for many reasons. I started making it for another very dear friend when her fiance proposed to her, as a wedding gift to them. Most of its making up time was made at home with Valentina and the quilting part at my home or in between my children's activities. ( v: she has 5!!!)

I hope it brings a smile to your faces as much as it has to mine, humble as it is I feel a huge sense of achievement having made it. Thank you dearest friend for your patience and kindness.
Warmest wishes to you all

Elena, may this quilt be the first of many many more! :)
And my Klosjes update will be following tomorrow.
Have a lovely weekend, enjoying your loved ones and stitching,
Valentina and company.


  1. What a lovely log cabin quilt! And to think it is her first quilt! Wow!
    She sounds like a very special friend.

  2. A very beautiful quilt and sounds like a beautiful friendship as well!

  3. Aaaaah, dear Elena ! THAT quilt is sooo special and appealing ! Like I told you it is just the kind of quilt you wish to cuddle under ;>) I absolutely LOVE the colours (especially those warm pinks and reds). Heartful congratulations, my friend ! NOW, next step is a quilt for YOURSELFand ehm.... a blog maybe ??? HeeHee...
    I'm glad having you in my circle of friends.

    XOXOXOXOXOXOXO to VALI of course !

  4. Valentina your friend made a very pretty quilt,you know the log cabin is my favorite pattern and I made some log cabin block a couple of weeks ago with blues and whites with a red center I blues and reds they go so well together,I see your klojes are growing,Elenas shop looks very interesting and I see a trunk with hexes flowers it looks so pretty ,I am sure Elana will make more quilts with you as a friend ,she is lucky to you as a fiend,xoxo theodora

  5. Congratulations Elena!! We all remember our first quilt and to finish is a huge accomplishment. I know the recipient will be thrilled. Great job. And lucky you to know V personally - I know she is a very special person and friend.

  6. de quilt van Elana is prachtig
    en Valentina bedankt voor je bouquet zonneschijn, het heeft direkt geholpen!
    groetjes Berbel

  7. Dear elena...i can't believe my eyes...I remember you choosing the fabs for this quilt not too long ago, and now you have turned these fabs into a beautiful logcabin quilt...I am so proud of you! You are so lucky to have Val around... Really well done!! I hope your kids are ok again and of course I hope to see you end of march in class...

    Hi Val... thank you for introducing elena here ... great!

  8. beautifull quilt Elena! I used the same pattern for my first one and I still like the pattern very much. You are making lots of klosjes Valentina, I was thinking today maybe I should make more too to make a more usable size.... I will think about it.

  9. Elena and Valentina Yahoo (loud wistle the kind with your fingers in your mouth) The greatest sign of appreciation in every day Australian life.
    The quilt is lovely and all the more so because of the friendship in the making and in the giving.
    Enjoy huds to both of you.

  10. Wat een mooie log cabin is dat. Prachtig. En dank je voor de zonnestralen ze zijn hier aangekomen want buiten schijnt de zon hier nu ook.

  11. What a glorious quilt! Funny that you should show the cyclamen, I found 2 mystery tubers and after a big Blog debate, we think they are cyclamen :-D

  12. Great Quilt Elena made! So if Elena has the quilt bug, she perhaps will soon have the blog bug??
    You can infect her Valentina...LOL
    I love, love the tile floor in the photo, and the flowers in the suitcase too

  13. Congrats Elena!!! Your quilt is soooo beautiful, all in my favourite colours. Val, your klosjes is coming on so quick!!! I have only made 290 now, but I enjoy it so much. Lovies Z

  14. Congratulations Elena. Your quilt looks lovely. As for the quilting bug, no doubt Valentina has warned you there is no :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  15. Elena should be so proud of her first quilt , it is gorgeous and so well done ! She is lucky to have you there to help her and encourage her . hugs Sheila


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