Saturday, March 26, 2011


After being at odds with my Klosjes last week, this week we kissed and made up. I kept being lured away by all the new projects dancing around in my head and haunting my dreams since the inspiration binge in Holland. :)

Our love is back and stronger than ever, and we were inseparable again this week. 

The result is that I finished my second corner and am well on my way to finish the third.

This week we enjoyed a lot of fresh air as a family-yesterday was a national holiday- and had fun finding the first spring blooms in the fields. And we even managed to convince our kite the go up (long enough to get a picture!) despite the little whispers of breeze.

My heart jumped at finding a wild grape-hyacinth and spotting the first of the wild poppies among the tall grass.


The wild Thyme bushes filled with new growth

I had to take a break from machine quilting my quilt for Japan as I felt strain on my shoulder and wrist earlier this week. I am not happy with how it is turning out, but keep telling myself that comfort has very little to do with aesthetics. So I decided to put my walking-foot on my machine and finish quilting it in straight lines. You'll let me know what you think.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and that it includes some happy stitching. For us, our 4 year olds' social calendar is booked solid until tuesday with kids' birthday parties "Cyprus-style". Wish me luck-- I plan to break protocol and sneak in some stitching!!!

And it seems my new allergy meds are doing their job!


  1. Wat heb je mooie foto´s gemaakt. En wat een prachtige blauwe hemel!
    Groetjes en fijn weekend Berbel

  2. Always lovely looking at what you have on show on your blog, I love your photo's, I feel like I am there. Keep going with the quilting, I am positive you are just being hard on yourself.

  3. Your spools are beautifull. It becomes a great quilt already. Nice pictures you let us see. And I am also busy with making lots of new plans such as the Antieke from Guute.

  4. Breaking the rules occasionally is good for you and why should the kids have all the fun. Enjoy the sewing however you grab it. Lovely photo's. I love your klosjes too and can't wait to see it finished so crack that whip and get going. Glad you are feeling a bit better.
    Love Shirley.x

  5. Prachtige foto's!! Wat een mooie klosjes...

  6. Oh gosh how lovely to see the signs of spring and what fun to fly a kite. I'm so glad your klosjes are back in favour, mine are languishing due to those distractions. You're right about your Japanese quilt, it will bring warmth and pleasure I'm sure.

  7. Looks great and sounds wonderful family spring and stitching. Yahoo
    Glad the allergy meds are working with so many flowers.

  8. Lured away by other inspiring projects? No. Not you?! hee.

  9. Lovely photos Valentina. My heart did a little pitty pat at seeing the wild it!

    Your Klosjes quilt is looking so lovely!

    Oh and good luck with the birthday parties...sounds like fun to me :)

  10. valentina, i am pleased that your love affair is 'patched' up with your klosjes !

  11. Heel veel succes de komende dagen. En natuurlijk met de klosjes. Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe de lap wordt. Prachtige foto's en geniet ervan!

  12. The klosjes are beautiful , that is such a lovely quilt .I loved all the pictures of the flowers , wow you are so far ahead in spring than we are , lovely !

  13. Such a blue sky! Your quilt is looking wonderful, I am eager to see it as it progresses. Dont wory your lovely head about your quilt for Japan, whoever receives it will know it was made with love and that's all that matters.

  14. What fabulous photos - and what fun to see the kite in flight. I love how your klosjes quilt is looking - it won't be long until you can call it finished and THEN start up a new project!!

  15. Beautiful quilt coming along! Love all the pretty flowers but the kite pic is my favorite. Awesome!

  16. I was glad to read that you kissed and made up with your klosjes. The quilt is going together so quickly. The numbers you've mentioned make my fingers ache, thinking about all that stitching--but the final project will be outstanding!
    As always, your photos take my breath away, Valentina. I can feel the warmth of the sun and the gentle breezes and hear the quiet rustling of the flowers as they bend and sway. Just lovely! I look forward to tossing a kite into the sky here one of these days. We haven't had quite the weather yet to say that spring has arrived. Soon -- hopefully soon.

  17. I know your Klosjes project is going to be amazing! How satisfying to see it come together. Along with the beauty of Spring also comes the allergy issues. Glad you have something to help you.

  18. Your wildflowers are so pretty!! I spent 2 hours outside today building the most enormous snowfort with my kids. (not so spring-like here yet)
    I love your klosjes - they are so gorgeous sewn together. I can't wait to see your finished top. You're getting close now. :0)

  19. Hallo Valentina
    The Klosjes Quilt will be Great!! You have reason! Sewing with hands are so calming, and the toughts going, I lov'it;))!
    The sping ist come too by us, and I love the warm weather! Your flowers looks soo beautiful!
    I wish you a good time and lovley regards, Rita

  20. Oh what beautiful photographs!!!! Incredible! Your quilt is simply beautiful! I can feel your happiness through catching up on your blog tonite. I dont know how you manage to do all that you do. You are amazing! Keep on keepin on! :)


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