Thursday, May 26, 2011

Teddy is sick, Mama...

...and he needs a quilt.
What to say to such a request. Afterall that's what Mama does.
..and teddy he deserves a quilt. what quilt can you make for someone who brings such comfort and companionship! Teddy takes the night-watch so mama can sleep. And mama needs her sleep. Besides who else understands what the last 5 years have been... he started looking like this, and after being taken all over the place,

which does have some perks...

 ...he now looks like this... 

I can relate.
Okay, this means Bunny needs a quilt too. We can't have that!
So I Gotta get to work, people!

So this morning, this has become my priority. Taking a distance from decisions that have been consuming me this week... what background for Camelot?!
I had chosen the first, but then allowed doubt to creep in, and so after weeks of indecision and almost too much inspiration, it came down to these three:

After much internal debate and resorting to seek advice from dear friends, I can argue the case for all three, but at the end it came down to this: I don't have enough of 2 or 3, and would always be left wondering how it would be with the grey. I was dreaming of the grey when I was making my blocks... I needed to follow my first instinct... however the dilemma did teach me a lot. Which actually has a lot to do with 'playing'. I had such fun playing on my little quilts, and realized I have been doing too much 'serious' quilting of late... Need more play, and being at the sewing machine again was such fun:
You think?

And look what I found as backing!

And Bunny-boy was so happy with his! He has been carting Bunny and Quilt all afternoon- Bunny finally got a bit of a break while boy was watching some Scooby-doo, :)

Being a nice day, I was also able to do a bit of a wash:

our lattice quilt

and snowball (really, one of our winter-quilts that likes to hang around longer than our flannel ones!)

I really enjoyed my stitching day today, as you can probably tell ---


Music provided by Sade: my fav's today; great use of colour in the video's if you are into that sort of thing, by the way... :)
By your side, King of Sorrow, and Babyfather--

Enjoy, what ever you need to do today... Maybe Teddy being sick was what we all needed! :)

Sending smiles your way, as always!


  1. I love it! My son has a doggy that goes everywhere with him that also looks like it's seen better days. Your mini-quilts are adorable and will be well loved I'm sure. :)

  2. So sad to hear that Teddy was sick but hey he got a quilt out of it! Hhmmm, do you think it will work for me too? ;) Loving the Camelot background, me thinks it was meant to be :) See you soon dearest friend xxx

  3. I love the Teddy and Bunny quilts!! It does look like you had some fun at the machine :0) I think the background you are using will look great - they really are amazing blocks! I enjoyed seeing your freshly washed quilts too - I love using my quilts almost as much as I like making them :0)

  4. OOh definately the grey!
    I love the little quilts for the toys. I did smile at Teddy and Bunny hanging on the line all dishevelled, yes I remember feeling like that when my son was small LOL
    Problems commenting at the moment, but it is me :-D

  5. Oh Val that did make me laugh to see the lovables all washed and on the line. My Sarah used to have a scraggy looking black cat soft toy(it still sits on her bed and she is 25)and one Friday it got left at school. She was so beside herself that we had to get the caretaker to open up the school to retrieve it. Only then did she stop crying. Teddy and Bunny are very lucky to have their own quilts. I love the background that you have chosen for your Camelot blocks. It looks a darker shade than the pic you sent me and it shows the colours off perfectly.

  6. Oh that is so dear! I have a couple of "softies" who really earn their keep on the night shift with my wee ones as well....maybe they are in need of a comfort quilt too! What a brilliant idea. Thank you.

  7. Adorable! My mom used to help me make things for my stuffed animals (animal friends, we called them) and it always meant so much to me. I love the teeny tiny quilts!

  8. I'm so glad bunny-boy and teddy now have their quilts. All of your work is amazing and wonderful.

  9. hahaha... so sweet! Yes, we also had to have little quilt for all kinds of furry creatures in our house. What a lovely time that was .... sigh...! And I love your Camelot blocks and would have gone with the grey fabric too. Looks stunning.

  10. I can relate to what Mamas do. Last night Cadel scooting aceoss the kitchen a pair of bedsocks handed down from sis asked if I coule sew him a pair of red ones. (never mind they were knitted) It's just what Gramas do.

    The little ones are cute and easily satisified.
    Camelot is stunning.

  11. happy teddies and bunnies now.I remember my daughters teddy had to go for surgery a few years ago.The surgeon (A.K.A Mum)cut teds tummy open and re-stuffed him, he was very flat.I told my daughter it was due to all the love and cuddles she gave him.
    He still has pride of place on her bed and she is nearly 18!

  12. Lovely little quilts for Teddy and Bunny!!! The boys are so great!!! And your are such a great Mama!!!!!!!!!!!!
    And I really love your Camelot block AND BACKGROUND!!! I think it's a great choice! I'm so curious how the quilt will look!
    Have fun!!! And a big hug from me!! ;))

  13. Thank you for a lovely post to warm the heart of everyone :) Happy crafting, Jenny :)

  14. Your post bought a smile to my heart - don't we learn so much from our little people (although mine aren't so little now, I can relate!!). Your photos are gorgeous. {My aunty made my son a teddy when he was born--when he got nearly worn out she made a replacement bear but that one never got loved the same as the original - semi unrelated story but thanks for the memories!!)

  15. that you did that for the little ones. Such cute mini quilts! My little ones are grown now but I'm thinking the Raggedy Ann on my bed could use her own little quilt. It'll give me the opportunity to come up with something fun. Thanks for sharing. You have certainly been busy!!

  16. Wat een mooie foto's laat je weer zien en wat verdrietig dat Teddy ziek is ik hoop maar dat hij snel weer op knapt, dat moet zeker lukken met zo'n mooie quilt. De quilt voor Bunny is ook al zo'n lieverd. De eerste vind ik ook de mooiste keuze, prachtig zelfs.

  17. Camelot is looking great!!!!~ your little quilts are so precious and I know the boys love them. This is a WONDERFUL post!!! XO

  18. Now isn't that a real treat for Teddy & Bunny ! Lucky kids, having a dear mamma quilter ! I'm sure Teddy's already feeling much better ;>)
    Ach, your Camelot is just another treasure quilt, sweetie, you really are making the BEST out of this pattern...

  19. Soo glad everyone had comforting moments - creating and receiving such lovely gifts:) I sincerely think you will be happy with your choice of backing for your gorgeous blocks:) Hugs

  20. I've been following the Camelot progress by you and by Shirley. Such a challenge you're undertaking, but such lovely blocks you're creating. The blocks all have such vitality and beauty. A finished Camelot quilt will be an heirloom.
    Every little bunny and bear and animal friend needs its own quilt. That's an easy fix, isn't it? Mommy's little quilts can comfort sick friends and ease sad little children.


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