Saturday, May 21, 2011

a week in May...

...that included cupcakes and Birthday cake: Our eldest turned 5!

 ...severe dust storms that had me catching up on my indoor gardening: what else is there to do when you are not allowed out?! :)

It was slow, due to the flaring up of my spring allergies, but who cares, really?

Two more Camelots, with a very special patch received from a fellow island-girl...
Sandra, it's the beach scene in pinks and yellows, and the patch is bottom centre towards the right! :)
Thank you soooo much, dear friend!
Also great to know is that Liz and a friend set up a Flickr group for Camelot. This will be a great place to discuss fabric selection and be inspired ( and encouraged as some of the block will take you to the limits of your sanity... breathe in- breathe out... I'm ok--- besides I only have 2 more to go... and I will resist the urge to start a new one until this one is done... Breathe...)

 And today, the skies were clear again and we headed off to a family wedding...

It was beautiful, the boys were handsome and Mama was happy in her new summer dress...

What else would a girl want? ...perhaps some more time to squeeze in as many visits to the Bloggers' Quilt Festival as I can? There is just so much inspiration, and I still have quite a few to cover: 631 entries this Spring!

Hoping you are all having a great weekend, 



  1. Your Camelot blocks are gorgeous!! The piecing looks perfection. How fun to include a special piece of fabric from a friend :0) I do hope your allergies go away soon! The Wedding pictures are beautiful.

  2. Happy birthday to your eldest. That's an important age for a little guy-- one hand's worth of fingers to hold up!
    Beautiful blocks, and your wedding photos look like you've recorded something out of a wonderful movie! I love how we share our lives with each other. It enriches our minds to see what our fellow quilters see and do.

  3. Morning very cool the island patch. Clever girl to blend it in so well. Like a secret held in your hands. No wonder we all quilt.

    Happy B'day to all and hope the wedding was great. The photo was so exotic.

    Have a good week.

  4. oh what a lovely week it has been by the photos, hope your allergies don't slow you too much! are you thinking about doing another 'camelot' quilt top? i too am tempted !!!

  5. Say Happy Birthday to your baby from me. I bet he feels really grown up being five!

    Your indoor gardening is lovely and your Camelots are looking great too.

    Love love love those flower girls at the wedding!

  6. I'm still fascinated with your Camelot blocks...gorgeous :) Given your hay fever, I hope you have made your indoor garden allergy Happy crafting, Jenny :)

  7. Wat een mooie bruid en bruidsmeisjes en natuurlijk gefeliciteerd met jullie zoon wat wordt hij al groot. Je camelot blokken en tuinblokken zijn erg mooi geworden.

  8. It's pretty exciting over at your place. The wedding looks wonderful and the day perfect for it. You've made some beautiful Camelot blocks and very cute looking applique.

  9. so you kept your word, well done - I love your applique :-)) looking forward to seeing it finished.

    happy birthday to your eldest, and get better soon!


  10. In England all brides cross their fingers for a sunny day. If you get a sunny day for your wedding you are very lucky, it is just the luck of the draw, even in the summer.
    It looks like the happy couple had an idyllic day, the bridesmaids are just adorable!
    Happy Birthday from England number 1 son, I am jealous of your cake XX

  11. What a beautiful wedding!!!! and such a sweet surprise to find your use of my little scraps... :) so precious! I love these blocks!
    Well, you sure have had a busy month!~I think so many of us have. Do you know that my sinuses are also giving me fits?!!? Here, we have the Okefenokee swamp fires burning from WEEKS ago, still smoldering and a haze. Yes, I surely do know what you are going through and I do not have little ones to tend to. Bless your heart...
    Keep on "being you!" Have missed ya!~but will try to come round more often. XO

  12. I am adoring the applique blocks. It loks like a fun project.
    Camelot is so pretty too!
    What a lovely day and a beautiful setting for a wedding.

  13. hey there pretty girl,
    where . . . have . . . you . . . been????? i miss you!! your boys will be grown before you know it. my little megan (youngest) is 5. such a sweet and innocent age -- so fun. catch me up with your life, job, etc. hi to your mother-in-law and hubby:)


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