Friday, May 6, 2011

Charmed by Camelot

Yes, I am. And I am really enjoying each and every block... 

We had a lovely stay in the mountains after Easter, and while the boys played, biked, ran, and had fun splashing, uhhm, sorry, washing the car, I had some time to piece, which has become my favourite Camelot block to date.

 We also made it to the sea-side and it was so much fun seeing the boys being boys, hurling endless pebbles into the ocean, while mom and dad were able to catch their breath from all this unbridled energy 4 year old boys are oh-so notorious for... ex*haus*ting... (*they*were*driving*me* krayzee!!!) Love them. oh yes, I do! :)

 This block had some challenging curves, but thanks to my now intimate relationship with my seam-ripper, it all came together beautifully at the end. Phew!

Thanks to my favourite british friend, I was able to enjoy the Royal Wedding in style. Of course there was tea! And cucumber sandwiches- and Victoria sponge cake with strawberries and cream...

And I was delighted to finish this block while waiting for the wedding to start... a fun way to mark the day. And what did you think of my little flag? Will become my commemorative pincushion!  ok, but did you see that dress! and he looked so handsome, and please can I have some more Victoria sponge? :) Thanks Elena! Unforgettable.

 This week was so nice to have the boys back at school in the mornings. Catching my breath and trying to get back to some kind of routine. Ok- I could have done without the burning/itchy eyes from allergies... but what to do... Stitch! :)
It has been much worst in years past, so I am counting my blessings this year. okay- I stabbed myself once to many... LOL but how could I resist, when there are such blocks...

 This one even has a bit of Den Haan & Wagenmaker Dutch Chintz among all this Liberty of London. Love them...

 I have been enjoying a bit of Jane, Jane Austen, Persuasion this time- while I prepare myself to start Dear Jane... :) I found a great Audio version, which is a lovely companion as I cut and prepared the final Camelot blocks. But I can't resist to stop working at times, and reading along... :) Something so soothing to be read to, isn't it?

And V, your little block is in the mail! Hope you like it--Thanks for thinking of me!

xx V.


  1. All of your Camelot blocks are absolutely gorgeous!! Sounds like you had a wonderful time on your vacation.

  2. Sounds like a lovely time! those boys and young ones do run us ragged don't they? but it's all good!! gorgeous blocks! awh! I love the house block!!! thanks sweets!

  3. What fun memories for each of your beautiful blocks!!

  4. All of your blocks are simply amazing , not so sure I would tackle all those curves but they are sure pretty!

  5. Oh my word Val, such loviness you have created. I am playing catch up and I am on block 6 but loving every second of this challenging quilt. Wonderful show and tell. I have bought that very spotty fabric to use as curtains inside the wardrobes in my new sewing room. Glad you all had a good time and hope the sore eyes soon stop itching. Know that feeling.
    Love Shirley.x

  6. They really are divine. The top one reminded me of a round tent put up by the Medieval jousting display which came to our town!

  7. Such GORGEOUS blocks, my sweet ! You really, really have a talent for putting colors together AND for taking beautiful pictures !
    Keep going, Vali, you're on a roll !
    Hmmmmm.... maybe some day, I'll try my hand (again) on these, just have to find the right colors combo... or maybe I'll come back to you in Cyprus for a personnal workshop ;>)

    THAT wedding (and THAT dress!) ---> ooooh, how I wish I could have been with you and Elena, savouring that English tea, with small finger risen up... and a special HAT, of course !
    (I want such flag pincushion, pleazzzzzzzze!)


  8. What a gorgeous post, love it! Love the blocks! Loved attending the Royal Wedding with you! Love you.
    P.S Wish you were here Nadine x

  9. Wow Valentina - you have so many beautiful blocks done already!! I really enjoyed your pictures - especially the seaside one :0)

  10. well done to you valentina, your camelot blocks are looking wonderful, so good to see your interpretation of these wonderful circles! i am happy that you have enjoyed doing them in so many different places!

  11. Very nice, your photos are always so alive and colourful.
    Glad you enjoyed the royal wedding.

  12. I too like the block with the green and white striped border but the one with the Dutch Chintz. Sigh LOL

    The Wedding has all the quilters I know enthraled. The textile artist in us .

    Hug the boys

  13. The blocks look lovely...would you believe it's the first time I have seen this design.. thank you :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  14. What beautiful blocks Valentina - I love all your colours :)

  15. Your Camelot blocks look fantastic. I love the way, you play with the fabrics and build it memories. Each block is a dream, dear Valentina.
    I hope, you had a wonderful day today.

  16. I love it, never made such a block.... I am just a beginner!


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