Friday, October 7, 2011


 having a nasty stomach bug visit my whole family this week
a little sneak peak...
Some things got done.

This morning we are all at home, eating crackers and watching cartoons.

Earlier this week I finished machine quilting the Dahlia and started the binding. I really liked overall the effect and might just need to make one for myself. I think I have another 'practice' Dahlia hiding some place... :)

I still have one side to go.
It has been very slow and sweet progress, as sometimes,
I have had to stitch with someone crawled up on my lap
 and watching or 'helping' with the stitches... 
Tuesday morning I had a break from my nursing duties and used my time to start turning this pile of 36 patch blocks

 into 5 strips of 8 blocks each. These are the ones I enjoyed working on last August. Still 4 strips to go, but so far, I really like how it's looking. I am so looking forward to hand-quilting it, this winter :)

The bug caught up with me by wednesday, and this morning I also have to contend with a runny rose... sneeze!
However, last night I was well enough to be able to put the finishing touches on these two: Farmer's Wife block 29 and 27.

Hoping you are doing better! Boy, for being sick, these kids sure are hungry!!!
See you soon,


  1. That nasty bug got me a couple of months ago too... Hope the flu doesn't get you too! In spite of not feeling well, you have done quite a lot! Love all your projects and can't wait to see the front of the Dahlia quilt! The other one, is it a 'postage stamp' quilt? Lovely! Speedy recovery to you! And a wonderful weekend! Take care!

  2. Darn, I was fighting off a cold last week. Thankfully it didn't come on too badly. I hope yours won't either.
    You've gotten quite a lot done despite everyone being sick. Love your 36 patch blocks!!

  3. i hope you feel better soon. being sick SUCKS! i have still managed not to pick anything up... yet! good to see your 36 patch is coming along. i hope to finish a top for my mom and then get mine done!

  4. Oh poor you, hope you feel back to your old self soon.
    I love all the pics today and I especially love the bindning on that first quilt!

  5. Hope your family is feeling well soon.
    Welke quilt is dat op de eerste foto? Vind de afwerkbies zo leuk. Hoe ga je de 36 patchquilt doorquilten? Wat een vragen hé. Je FWQ blokjes zijn weer te gek.


  6. Hope you will be feeling much better soon , your quilt is looking great .hugs Sheila

  7. Oh V.. I just love you!
    You're so amazing, when in the thick of it all you do what you must and quilting!
    teach me to use my time as wisely.
    Gorgeous quilts by the way :-)

    Sending you cyber chicken soup... wish it was real xox Love to you all!

    New blog:
    Rob xx

  8. Valentina ik vind je blokjesquilt helemaal het einde,lekker simpel en gezellig.Ik wil er zelf ook eens een gaan maken van mijn restjes, groetjes Bep

  9. You have quite a stack of 36-patch blocks. Aren't they fun? It's looking good.
    Your Farmer's Wife blocks are so interesting. You pick unique fabrics to make them, and they're more than just simple blocks when they're done.
    Hopefully the flu bug is done with you and your family. One session a year is plenty.

  10. I hope you're all recovered in your house, it's a challenge when everyone goes down at the same time. Despite all that, you've managed to get a lot done. The 36 patch is looking fabulous.

  11. I hope everyone is feeling much better now.

    Love your 36 patch blocks and your Farmer's wife blocks.

  12. Oh how did I miss this? How did I miss you? Goodness. Everything looks wonderful and I do hope this note finds you feeling wonderful. I love your 36 patch blocks. I've seen them around but yours just feel snuggly!!!


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