Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello All!
Friday came and went, and I haven't really stopped long enough since to post my Farmer's Wife progress for week 9. It was a lovely and busy weekend and we spend most of it outside. Me, dreaming up new gardens and gathering seeds, and the boys getting lots of fresh air chasing red dragonflies. I can totally imagine a rocky hillside covered in Creeping Thyme... :)

It was so hard to take a picture, but I managed to 'hang it' from my wardrobe!
But if you press on the picture you can get a much better close-up.
Turned out nice, huh?

This morning I put the last stitches in my gigantic 36-patch quilt top. And I can honestly say that I am itching to start hand-quilting it. However, it will have to wait its turn, because my Klosjes-quilt is finally getting quilted in these cooler evenings. 

Farmer's Wife Blocks 28 and 30

Farmer's Wife Blocks 32 and 31
Farmer's Wife Blocks 33 and 34

Farmer's Wife Blocks 35 and 36
I am still enjoying stitching these little blocks. They are so portable! And if I take a bit to mark and cut out the pieces, then I can take them along with me and stitch when ever an opportunity presents itself.

I hope you all have such unexpected moments of stitching bliss in the coming week,


  1. Your blocks are gorgeous! And that is one amazing quilt. Love the colors.

  2. Oh my gosh; I love that quilt. Although it makes me slightly dizzy thinking of how many seams you had to sew ;). It must be very heavy with all that seam allowance! Your farmer's wife blocks are fantastic too. Enjoy Autumn.
    PS: I will get a picture of that orange sofa ;)

  3. Wow your 36 patch is looking fabulous!! I love all your FW blocks too - having trouble deciding on my favourite. Your nautical colour scheme is really effective.

  4. I have really enjoyed seeing your farmers wife blocks coming along.
    We are on choas again here, with the latest round in our refurb, but I am still sewing! Hand quilting the pink snowball lap quilt for Mum.
    I can just smell your creeping thyme!

  5. Goed werk dame! En met al die mooie FWQ-blokjes ben je me nu een kilometer voorbij! Ik mag niet met snijmessen en andere scherpe dingen spelen momenteel dus de boel ligt hier stil helaas.

    Ben benieuwd welke blokjes je vrijdag post.

  6. Unexpected moments of stitching bliss... I really like that! Your blocks are so lovely! I look forward to seeing your quilting progress on your klosjes!!

  7. That 36 patch quilt is amazing! Your quilt blocks are really pretty. I can't wait to see them in a quilt.

  8. I did 'press' on the photo and that really is lovely,a lot of piecing in that. Nice FW blocks, looks like I will have to watch this space with all the nice things you are making.

  9. Oh sooo.... many farmers wife blocks complete. I love them all. BUT my will power is still intact.
    The 16sq quilt is beautiful.
    Glad you all spent time out doors sounds like life is progressing according to plan.

  10. Your 36-patch quilt is wonderful! Like what you are doing with the farmers wife blocks. I was thinking of doing mine with some blue and red reproduction fabrics. I bought the book but haven't taken the plunge. Are you hand piecing?
    Lovely blog.

  11. Your projects are so beautiful, the 36 patch turned out to be a stunner. I love the fabrics you've chosen for the CW blocks. Enjoy your hand quilting!

  12. What a beautiful quilt. I love all the little squares. Is it a postage stamp quilt?? It looks really nice. Lovely blog. Cheers-- Sandie

  13. Woooo hoooo!! What beauties you have produced these days:) I can formerly feel your itch to quilt the squares! It's gorgeous!! The FW quilt will be so lovely! I'm out of exclamation marks,,,,;) Hugs

  14. Wow! So many new blocks! I bet your pile is getting tall!!
    The 36 patch quilt is gorgeous!! Nice work!

  15. Great progress! (I always have trouble finding spots to hang and photograph the large projects too!) Nice work. Oh and picturing your boys chasing red dragonflies made me smile!

  16. Wat een mooie blokken heb je gemaakt en wat een mooie stoffen heb je ervoor gebruikt.

  17. Your 36 patch is amazing. Are you going to hand quilt?? The FWQA blocks are really pretty too. Hope all is well with you and your family. And I love your new profile picture - you sweet thing :)!

  18. Hi Valentina, Your 36 patch quilt is gorgeous and I am in love with your Farmer's Wife's blocks, I can't wait to see that all joined together.

    I have a beautiful vision of your boys running around chasing those dragonflies - boys will be boys!

  19. The 36-patches quilt is great! Well done, just love it.

  20. Your quilttop is a beauty, really. How are you going to quilt it.
    The blocks form the FWQAL are lovely indeed. You are going good.



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