Friday, October 21, 2011

sixty-four teeny pieces

and 4 days later... I hope you agree it was worth it  :)

The basket, on the other hand, only took yesterday afternoon- but oh, how I like it!
So, yes, my little pile of hand-stitched Farmer's Wife blocks is growing and I am so loving the colours.

36 blocks, that makes it a third of the grand total!

I finally managed a picture of my Basics quilt. I hope to have in the mail for New York City on monday

It really has an autumn feel to it, and the machine-quilting wasn't too bad with the walking foot. I liked it so much I would like to make one for myself. (and I believe I still have a Dahlia lying around somewhere... You'd be surprised what I have lying around! LOL)

I really like the texture and colour of this aubergine.
This week had some quilter's therapy. Yep. I needed a pep-talk and a kick in the pants and some blog-friends gave me just that. Kathinca said to me: what applique phobia?! And Danielle told me: just do it! and Tineke said 'get cracking' and Terry said 'Don't be precious about it...' and Shirley reminded me how every little helps, Una told me she loved me and Nadine showered me in XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX's
Thanks Friends, and it goes without saying: thanks to all of you that always leave me the loveliest, most encouraging comments-

So out came the 1 1/2" half-square triangles for Camelot
And today I took the time to get over my... well, what ever was stopping me for enjoying this!

Life is too short!

sending you my love,


  1. I'm so glad you posted a photo of the back of the block -- it's amazing. The block really turned out well, and I definitely agree it was worth the effort. I love the prints and the placement.

  2. I love your Farmer's wife blocks. I have no idea how you handpiece all those itsy-bitsy pieces together. I love the fabrics you are using. Blog friends are awesome! Your applique/embroidery is darling!

  3. Sixty four!! I think it was worth it, so pretty, but then I didn't have to make it! Did you hand piece that block?

  4. It was worth it I agree. Like your basics quilt. Knap dat appliqueren doet, dat ligt mij echt niet.
    I like your half-square triangles, but was it that Camelot?


  5. You go girl. Every stitch you make takes you a step nearer to your goal. Hmm, should listen to my own advice occasionally. All looking so good.

  6. I might skip that block. lol.
    Will you be able to press it?

  7. wow jij hebt veel werk verzet! Mooi werk ook nog!

  8. Delicious - all of it - as always I LOVE your quilty goodness Valentina!

  9. Ohh you have lots of wonderful projects happening!!!
    Well done on stitching those 64 pieces together so beautifully!!

    I love your Camelot fabrics!

  10. Where would we be without our friends? Glad you enjoyed 'it' finally! Love your '64 piece' block.. and the other quicker one too! What a beautiful quilt you are donating - someone will be thrilled with it, I'm sure.

  11. the block is amazing for that many pieces!!!!
    oh my I love the quilt your sending to Basics, so nice of you to do that.
    I love the little quilt your working on in the last picture those little flowers are so precious.
    what will this be???

  12. Even when you're not as productive with your stitching time as you would hope, I can always count on impressive blocks and projects to end up on the other end of your needle and thread.
    Love that 64-piece block. My copy of the Farmer's Wife is patiently waiting for me on a book shelf. I hope to tackle it one of these days, after I get back to my Dear Jane and after a few more UFOs find their way to a finished stack.
    All your friends who sent encouragement have a way with words, don't they? I got a good laugh out of the wide variety of pushes and verbal shoves you got. Glad to see you back and stitchin', hopefully with joy.

  13. Dear Valentina
    How are you?? I see your pictures and theres are sooo great!! The mandala-quilt are a dream!!
    I wish you all the best, hugs, Rita

  14. Hey Sunshine! BEAUTIFUL FINISH!! I look forward tot he day I hand it over to it's new owner! Looking like it will be the beginning of December... Still working out the date for the next distribution day. You are so sweet and so kind to a share your quilt! Thank you so much!

  15. I'm looking at the seams in the first block and they look scary to press. I just love, love the colours you're using for the Farmers blocks. How very wonderful to have a finish for the Dahlia quilt, well done on that one.
    I'm loving the applique piece, gorgeous!!

  16. Hello sweet Valentina those are such small pieces I wish I had the time to do something so intricute as that and the dahlia quilt is so beautiful ,did you use a pattern?? I have never done something like that,and not leave out the applique it is beautifully done,how do you manage all these with raising a family, wish you many pleasant hours of stiching


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