Saturday, April 10, 2010

Klosjes and Shared Inspiration.

Hello my Lovelies!

Sorry I haven't been around much, but I have been playing nurse, patient, nurse and ok, I will be so happy to drop off the kids at school come Monday morning! Ok, I said it! :)
We had a lovely Easter break and I am trying to focus on all the positive, beautiful things we did together... :)
But I am sure you don't want to hear that, so let's get to BUSINESS
I have 2 weeks worth of Klosjes to report:

32 Blue plus 1 Red!

Nadine was so sweet to slip the red one into my birthday card, Thank you dear Friend! As you can see I raided my Blue scraps, and prepared loads of them. I can't wait to dive into my reds scraps next! :)
Sorry that the pix are so dark but the sun decided to take the day off... And those are not black, just lovely navy blue and midnight blue Klosjes...

And I want to show you something:

Isn't it CUTE?! I couldn't resist and joined Virginia in her new project... I always wanted to learn how to make mini's and I couldn't let this opportunity pass...

And since Inspiration has been the topic this week, I wanted to share two share 2 very different kinds, go here if you need a good cry and to be reminded that little things can make a big difference, and here for the swoon of all swoons! Don't forget your smelling salts!
Ok, GO, but come back, as I have a little something to tell you...


As a way of saying 'Thank You" and to show you what you all have come to mean to me, I have decided to share one of the V&A Liberty of London Archive Pack fabrics with you. I would be delighted to order one, in your name and have it sent directly to you, so we can share the Inspiration of the Exhibit even if we are not able to attend ourselves... :)
So what do you need to do? Not much... as all the comments you have ever left me will be part of the draw, including comments to this post.
Happy? I am!

I will draw a name Monday night Central European Time.

Hiep- Hiep- Hoera!
Now THAT's how I like to celebrate my birthday!!!


  1. Wat leuk al die klosjes ,en dan dat ene rode.
    En wat een leuk blokje.

  2. I love the little blocks you are working on. I am tempted to start working on some spool blocks too.

  3. Oh My Goodness! Those Klosjes are Too cute! I have been resisting the urge to join in the Klosjes movement, but after veiwing yours, I think my reslove has melted. I am off ot the sewing room to gather possible Klosjes fabrics!Thanks for sharing your photos and tipping me over the edge.
    Kathy H

  4. YooHoo Valentina,You were a busy girl while on "vacation"! Thanks for the fantastic link to the Japanese book.........incredible, mind boggling work. I never win drawings, but I look forward to being in yours, anyway. Love, Michele

  5. Valentina, what can I say here......Both of the blogs you shared were touching! The hearts for Jack are all beautiful, as was Tabatha!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
    Your Klosjes look wonderful! The mini block turned out so nice. I love minis! Have fun making them. xo

  6. Dear Valentina, I love your blocks! They remind me of the DEAR JANE quilt blocks. Are you familiar with this? I will be seeing it in mid May, as I'm visiting my daughter who lives near there! I can't wait! Now, off to read your links.... :)

  7. Beautiful set of blue klosjes. I love your mini, thanks for sharing the links.
    Today is the first day of 2weeks Easter Break for me in France, all my childrens at home...

  8. I love that Mini, it is so sweet. I am trying to resist making klosjes....

  9. I have been thinking about joining in on Virginia's minis and after seeing yours I think I will! Blue is my favorite color so I love your latest batch of spools. I enjoyed some of your previous posts about your boys. I raised three boys and they were so much fun! Keep enjoying those precious times, they will be grown all to soon.

  10. I can relate to the peace of dropping kids off at school! I love my kids but I'm happy they love school too. Your mini block looks just perfect - those are small squares! What a marvelous idea for a giveaway!

  11. Those minis are awesome...don't know that I could ever sew any blocks that small that would be square! LOL. They'd be so wonderful to decorate my bare sewing room though.

  12. Je klosjes zien er weer erg mooi uit ! ! !
    Fijn weekend Hennie.

  13. Hello Valentina,
    How sad that someone so young and so beautiful has such a short life, it makes your heart ache, but then I clicked on the other link and my heart soared at the beautiful japanese work. What is more I listened to the very gorgeous voice of Michael Buble whilst looking at the pictures. Thank you so much for a wonderful blog.
    Glad you're back.
    Love Shirley.x

  14. My Children are all grown,,,but I can remember that feeling!
    I love that Mini, it is so sweet.. so tiny!
    your Klosjes are coming along beautifully Valentina..What an amazing quilt is that Story Book quilt...thank you for sharing..
    Hugs Julia ♥

  15. Valentina, your spools are so cute, I love the red klosje Nadine sent you for your birthday! So is it your birthday? If so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a kind and caring lady who always manages to write the most inspiring posts. Hope you are feeling a little better now. Have a lovely weekend, now I am off to look at your links!

  16. Oh I keep saying this!!
    You're such a sweetie!!!!

    hope you had the bestest birthday my friend and hope you're feeling better now...are you??


  17. I have been following your blog only a short time. I love it. Because of you and the other lovely ladies I have started my klosjes. I only have one, but it is a start. You are inspiring. Thank you. Have a great weekend.

  18. Hello my dear Valentina! Well I have been to visit both blogs and both have left me speechless.

    I always try to find something good out of something bad and what I have taken away from Jack's story is how wonderful and kind people like yourself are. It really restores my faith in humanity.

    And the 2nd blog - OMG what wonderful needlework, it took my breath away!

    I am so pleased you are back in blogland and I love all your blue Klosjes with the special little red one from Nadine in the middle!

    Have a wonderful weekend and also a wonderfully quiet day on Monday when your babies return to school!!!!

  19. Wat een lief miniblokje!
    Je klosjes zijn ook erg leuk en veel! Die ene rode van Nadine is lekker opvallend tussen al de blauwe. Je hebt hard gewerkt hoor!
    Fijne zondag nog!


  20. Happy Birthday, Valentina!! Love your pictures and your music as well!!
    Have a good weekend! And enjoy your loved ones and you quilting!

  21. You made a lot of klosjes this weeks and al so beautifull and the red one is very sweet. The little block is also very sweet.
    And also happy birthday.

  22. I hope you and your family are feeling better! Your Klosjes are coming along beautifully! So fun to see just the one red. So cute! Thank-you for sharing Virginia's website. These mini blocks are so cute!!! As well as the other sites you linked to your blog. They really are so full of inspiration!! Ooh La La!
    Happy Happy Birthday to you!

  23. I love all the blue klosjes and the special red one in the middle. Hope you had a lovely birthday. I also love the mini. It makes me think of my Dear Jane blocks.

    I was just randomly selecting fabric from my stash and the other day I though to myself, how will I remember which ones I have already used. Your idea of cutting out all blue ones, then moving on to another colour is a good one.

  24. Happy Belated Birthday! That mini is sure mini .... and great klosjes!

  25. Valentina
    Hi I'm Terry and I have been lurking on the fringe of klosjes via Ria's blog. A sudden unexpected trip from Australia to Reno NV found me withiut a tiny project. I have joined the MOVEMENT.
    Thankyou for being inspiring when I needed it.
    blue-tiful spools.

  26. Pick me, pick me, pick me!

  27. pick me, pick me, pick me!

  28. love the red spool!
    ok, don't you LOVE that book, I am so happy to have bought the book and yes everyone here goes back to school and work today too...I am ready to spend the day in my sewing room.
    What an amazing giveaway, thanks :)

  29. Hi Valentina, I can see some of my friends are here already? Hope it's not too late to wish you a Happy Birthday. I love your blue klosjes with the red on top. Love the music too - Hugs Nat

  30. Ik ben dol op blauw, en alleen al daarom vind ik je klosjes fantastisch. En dat miniblokje: geweldig! Ben bang dat ik deze week helemaal geen klosjes maak... En ik ben te laat met mijn commentaar, zie ik wel. Kom je trouwens van Curaçao?


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