Wednesday, April 7, 2010


What is Inspiration? What causes us to see new possibilities?

What inspires us to do what we do? To pick up our fabrics and transform them into something that wasn't there before?

What moves us to pour our attention into that one colour, shape or technique and get lost in the deliciousness of just being alone with it?

As fleeting as that moment is, or lasting longer than we expected ourselves capable of being held in that spell...

Or is it an active choice. Do we 'collect' inspiration by the things we choose to gather around ourselves, like fabrics and books? The things we choose to SEE. The things we choose to RETAIN.

Yes, we can be inspired in delicious unexpected ways... However, ( and I hope the Muses don't get offended...) I am starting to realize that being inspired has more to do with being 'Aware'.
And actively and systematically being inspired into action. Does this make sense?

These past few days I had such thoughts --- especially while stitching and enjoying the view. I was soothed by birdsong and refreshed by mountain breeze. And while hearing my kids enjoying their play in Grandmother's cottage garden I felt renewed and inspired. Wishing these fleeting moments would last, I also was 'disturbed' by the impatient need to come back home and get back to work... I wanted to get back into my sewing room and get busy...

My Beloved gave me this for my birthday. It was a miserable day. I had a fever and felt horrible. But I cannot express to you how this gift made me feel. It inspired me out of my present condition and transported me elsewhere, London, on a private tour of the V&A! :) And the reproduction fabric is like nothing I have ever seen. I haven't had a chance to read too much just yet, but I can tell there is loads of inspiration waiting for me! And I have to confess that it will not be long until you see these beauties transformed into Klosjes! :)

I decided to join Karen's ONE FLOWER WEDNESDAY
Another way of being inspired: by the encouragement of others!

There is no doubt that we are capable of inspiring one another, through our works and our blogs, however, more importantly, we also have the capacity to encourage each other into action. I am seeing pieces of YOU in my work now, and I have to say I like it!
Thank You!


  1. One Flower Wednesday, what a good idea. I will go and make some hexies RIGHT NOW! :D

  2. Like the idea of one flower wednesday. That is achievable. Inspiration is all around us if we care to look. How can you be stuck for a colourway when all you have to do is see what nature has put together. Very thought provoking Valentina. Wishing you fun when you return to your sewing at home.
    Love Shirley.x

  3. Such a lovely and interesting post, Vali ! THANKS for that.... May I say you really INSPIRED me, right now ? ;>)
    And your birthday gifts are just gorgeous, how did your hubby get inspired for such a good choice ? LUCKY YOU ! Enjoy, my dear friend, you deserve it so much.


  4. Hello my lovely
    I enjoyed this post, inspiration comes from all sorts of unusual and also ordinary sources doesn't it, kind of reminds me of being swept up into a rainbow whirlwind where all you can think of and see is what you want to be creating...and impatience is something born from inspiration too as I am discovering recently as other things keep me from my passion!

    Sending love
    Julia x x x

  5. Valentina, what a beautifully written post, so much thought, care and purpose. Inspiration is my way of moving forward and I am also discovering so much more about myself through creating. Wishing you happiness always...Ann xxx

  6. Inspiration is all around us if we just learn to look. How true your words are. Happy belated birthday, your Dh did very well. I think I need a 20 day week.

  7. Such a beautiful post Valentina. You are able to put into words what I feel in my heart.

    That is the BEST birthday present. I have seen the book and I must order myself one. Have a look for the Bumblebee quilt, not sure what page it is on but it is on but it has bumblebees appliqued all around the border. I want to make it one day. Did the fabrics come also from the V & A?

  8. What a lovely post for thought!
    Happy Birthday..
    My inspiration sometimes comes in the middle of the night, when I can't sleep..I lay awake designing quilts..
    Hugs Julia ♥

  9. A beautiful and inspiring post Valentina. I LOVE your hexagon flowers. So pretty! As I stitch my next flower, I will be thinking of you!

  10. Very inspiring thoughts. Makes me want to get up and create. You do have magic hands with sewing. Beautiful work! Thanks so much for sharing.

  11. OOO ik zag net dat je ook Nederlands spreekt! Wat leuk :)

  12. Wat een prachtige bloemen!!
    De hexjes zijn zo verslavend om te maken...

  13. I can certainly relate to the impatient need you talk about when my crafty mojo gets going its VEry I see insipration everywhere its putting it into practice that I have difficulty with. Beautifully written by the way.

  14. Love your thoughts and your pictures!! ;))
    Hope you are feeling better now and enjoying your projects!
    Thanks for this beautiful post!!

  15. Happy Belated birthday! Oh my goodness I can't wait to see what you're making. And a sweet tiny dresden. So many books and little time.

  16. I love your blog! Thanks for stopping bye.

    Greetings from Debby,
    the Netherlands

  17. Inspiration really is a wonderful thing!!! It comes from all around us throughout our day!
    I hope you are feeling better now.
    Your hexagon flowers are very pretty, just right for Spring! :0)

  18. Valentina, your thoughts about inspiration rang so true with me. It really is all around us, we only need to be sensitive to the incredible beauty around us. And then for some of us, we feel compelled to transform that thru fabric into something tangible. Thanks for reminding me of that today.

  19. A very inspiring post. Sorry we couldn't join you at Grandmothers cottage garden! xx

  20. What a beautiful post, Valentina. Happy Birthday and thank you for the lovely photographs (hexagons too cute!!!) along with the flowing words filled with very moving, thoughtful words. This is a post to mark, save, return to and contemplate again and again. Your photos really align with your thoughts pulling this together in such a warm, comforting way. I love your Blog dearest! Truly. *karendianne.

  21. Beautiful post! And very inspirational :)

  22. Valentina - you are an absolute inspiration...I just love all the things you do...I will continue to visit.

  23. I love your much to think about. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to be still enough to see it. I saw your beautiful heart for Jack over at Daisy Cottage and thought I would stop by. I will definitely be back.

  24. Dear Valentina,

    Thank you very much for your visit :) Your heart for Jack looks beautiful. It is such a blessing that we all can share our hearts with Jack. Thank you for you kind words :) I'm sure I'll visit your blog now daily, it is wonderfull, you're making such lovely things. Big hugs from Poland, xoxo Anna

  25. Dear Valentina,
    Hi, it's Danielle, your heart for Jack picture buddy! Thanks for your comment. I will surely come back here for a visit with some tea. I love your work and your words.

  26. Valentina,
    Thank you for finding me! I love your heart you made for Jack and I can't wait to read more of your blog :) I am now a follower of yours!

  27. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, via the Hearts for Jack project. I had so much fun making a heart for Jack. They were all so beautiful. I will have to go back and look to see which heart you made. I also love to quilt. In fact, I took a class from a European quilter a year ago that you might know... Jacqueline de Jonge. She is known for her gorgeous paper-pieced quilts. I will look forward to following your blog. Love & blessings from NC!

  28. I think we draw inspiration from all sorts of things, consciously and unconsciously. I've joined in on Karen's one flower Wednesdays too! Your flowers are absolutely gorgeous -- love that blue fabric!!

  29. Hoi Valentina, wat een heerlijk logje!
    Ik zit hier te genieten met m'n kopje koffie naast me.
    Die eerste foto is ook beeldschoon,...
    Waar krijg ik m'n inspiratie van,... ik weet het eigenlijk niet,... ineens vind ik iets geweldig mooi en dan wil ik 't graag maken,... ook als dat midden in de nacht is,...
    Fijn weekend!

  30. Valentina, you are a treasure! I'm so blessed that you found me and now I've come to find your blog! Your writings hit home with me and make me feel validated that my thinking and feelings are correct. So much around me inspires me also. I can not simply stick to a pattern, even though there are many beautiful ones, I have to make it my own and never know what it's going to look like until I decide it is complete.
    You are from an island also!??! Aruba?!?! I've been twice! lovely place and lovely people...
    Thank you.
    Thank you for taking the time to create a place for us to all come and visit you and be inspired by you. I look forward to reading more of your writings today over a cup of tea and seeing all of your lovely photos. You are so lucky to have little ones around you! I now have my first grandchild.
    God Bless you. You are so amazing! HUGS.

  31. What great pictures! I love that first one :0) Your husband is very sweet - what a perfect birthday gift! I am sorry you were feeling so miserable on your birthday.

  32. Now you distract
    I want to come and sit and drink tea and sew and be taught by you!!!!!!!!!


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