Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Drop everything you are doing and Go, NOW!

Kelly Jackson is having a dream of a give-away...
taking a deep breath

Thanks Sandy for being so generous and letting us know about it.
I am so excited I can't even type this.

But hurry as we only have a few days left...

She's giving away Silk,

Osnaburg, Rulers, templates, the cutest pins you've ever seen...
(heart beating fast...)

And this:

WOW, and Good Luck, Dear Friends!



  1. Hi Valentina....your very welcome we need to share these wonderful giveaway's best of luck to you too...

  2. There are some fabulous giveaways there!! Good luck -- hope you win the item you want! :-)

  3. Valentina, Thanks for letting me know about the giveaway! I really hope you win :)
    Your spools are just so cute. I want to begin the spools after the wedding in June.
    Thank you for your sweet email.

  4. Wat een leuke give-away! Hopelijk win je de mooie zijden stoffen, zou leuk zijn toch?

  5. Valentina Hi I' ve surfed over from Ria's at Treasure quilts. Your blog is a delight everytime I visit.
    I have caught the bug, fever, or just been inspired to start making klosjes. Mine are currently a space to retreat to while in the U.S. on family business. Escape needed.
    Keep bloging or I'll miss you


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