Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hexagons, Minis and Klosjes

This week has had its ups and downs. Sorry I haven't been around much. I am really doing quite a bit of "Fake it till you make it" just to get through.
It turned out I had a viral infection of the thyroid... That explains the lower immune-system and why I have only been managing to do things very slooooowly...

so I stayed home from work this week and played a bit in my sewing room and messed around my Blog. Which was LOTS of fun!!! hey, when Life hands you lemons...


On Wednesday I distracted myself with a different set of hexies and I had a lot of fun, arranging and re-arranging. I think my niece will love it. I am still not sure how it will all come together, but I am just enjoying the process at this point.

I also worked on my minis and got carried away...

more like 'swept off my feet', actually!

I couldn't help myself and actually made some extra mini log-cabin blocks and made a little quilt. It was so satisfying to see this little one take shape, be quilted and bound. I couldn't use my quilting-hoop on it, but managed to keep my stitches even and it was fun. I cut my binding at 1 1/4 and I was really happy with the results.
I think this will be the first of many!

17 new Blue Klosjes joined the fold. I have to say that I have loved working with these blues... it put me in a very Delft Blue state of mind!

Congratulations to my hexi-sister Celine who has joined us making Klosjes! Celine, I just knew you'd love them! :) Would you go say hi?
And for those of you who haven't yet been around to visit Gisele's Klosjes, please, do not miss out!

Have a lovely weekend,
Sending you my Love,



  1. Gosh Valentina, if this is you on slow speed I can't wait to see what you do when you are at 100%. Seriously, I hope you will soon be feeling properly well again. Those little mini blocks are lovely and your klosjes are looking great and your niece is going to love her hexies quilt.
    Thinking of you.

  2. ps, forgot to mention those lovely turtles and that little one is looking so adoringly up at his mummy. Also, how good to at last put a nice smiling face to your blog.
    Love Shirley.x

  3. Love your turtles, hexagons, little blocks (!!) and klosjes!!! You did a great job on all of them!
    Hope you will feel better real soon!!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Hiya gorgeousy!!!
    Oooh I love all of your wonderful progress...everything looks so fantastic, but....
    I need to touch... and well... mmm, maybe we need to work on making blogland tactile... now there's a challenge for somebody!!!

    Love love love it all.
    Do take care my friend and I'm sorry you've been less than well.
    Hugs for you from me..
    Get well soon xx
    Robyn xx

  5. Wow, very busy even ill ! Love, love, love your minis .Beautiful Hexies too.

  6. Sorry, for my bad english, but I realy love your turtels, they are so adorable.
    The mini's are realy that small, maby I begin to.
    The mix of your hexagon's are stunning.

  7. Well my darling friend, if this is slow I don't know what you call fast! ;) Absolutely LOVE everything.

  8. Wat leuk je klosjes,maar ook die hexagonnen vind ik heel mooi.
    En wat een leuke schildpadjes.
    Hopelijk voel je je nu al wat beter.

  9. Hoi Valentina, wat is het toch weer gezellig hier, bij jou aan je handwerktafel, en wat laat je weer voor moois zien, ik zit eigenlijk overal van te genieten,...

    Je blog ziet er super uit! En zoals de 2 schildpadden naar mekaar kijken,... zo lief,...
    Fijne dag en héél véél beterschap!

  10. Such a lovely post again, sweetie ! ;>)
    Aaaah, where do I begin ?...
    I love your big hexe's, AND your mini's, AND that gorgeous mini Log Cabin, AND your klosjes of course ! You always make such beautiful pictures...
    Ooooops, almost forgot to say I'm in love with your turtles mom & baby - (by the way their sisters are doing so fine here, as well ;>)

  11. Geweldig wat jij presteert als je je niet helemaal goed voelt. Veel beterschap, in ieder geval. Prachtig die miniquilts, net als je klosjes. Blauw, hè? ;-) En wat zeg je dat mooi: onderweg naar Hongarije. We hopen het. Nu nog in deze markt een koper voor ons huis vinden. Geniet lekker verder: ik doe dat ook! :-)

  12. So sorry you've not been feeling the best.. hope your virus goes quickly and you feel 100% soon... and wow you have been super productive ... love the turtles and the hexi's... all of your beautiful work..
    Hugs Dawn x x x

  13. Wow, what a lovely post! Blue is very up lifting. I love your blue klosjes, I just love how everyone make them in color theme. Will go and visit your friends after this - Have a nice weekend Valentina.

  14. Oh I'm sorry you've been feeling bad, but at least you've been productive in your sewing! :o)

    Everything looks wonderful and you make me want to sew a couple of mini's....I love them. Good job on the Klosjes as well.

  15. All is looking beautiful.. The turtles are precious.. Love the log cabins and spools are awesome..

  16. Hello Valentina - your blog is such a pleasure to visit - thank you for posting such adorable pics.

    I've started a blog, too - but only a few posts so far... love to have you visit, though.

  17. Inspiring. All lovely and I too am looking forward to a pedal to the metal week.
    I have enjoyed my journey with you learning a bit about the West Indies and that you also live far from your home. The world is smaller every day.
    Thankyou for a lovely post.

  18. You've been VERY busy! Beautiful Lily also!
    Your mini is so spectacular~I love everything about it! pretty! Gosh, I love blue, and don't seeem to do enough of it. You have turtles where you live also!!!!! :) You inspire me so. Thank you

  19. I am just blown away by your hexies! What diversity! You are so clever!

  20. Well, a viral infection in your thyroid. That's definitely no good! Glad to know they've got that figured out and can handle it. I absolutely love your hexies. How much fun they look to be. Your blue klosjes are delightful. I really love them. I like the idea of doing one color during the week. I haven't tried that yet. And thank you for the intro to a new hexi-sister Celine who has joined us making Klosjes! and an update to visit Gisele's Klosjes. I may have missed out to tell you the truth. I'll be visiting both. By the way, I love the turtles at the top. So cute. And the mini's. Oh your are incredibly talented!!! A visit to your place always puts a smile on my face and some good old fashioned inspiration on my mind. Warmly and with much, much love & friendship, *karendianne.

  21. Valentina, I hope you are feeling much better!
    Oh, how I love the turtles! They are absolutely adorable.
    Your klosjes are lovely -- there's something about blue and white that always seems just right. Hexagons are endlessly fascinating, it seems. One can have so many different looks with such a simple shape!
    As to your minis -- well, they're fabulous!
    If this is you on slow speed, I can't imagine what you can accomplish when operating at 100% speed!

  22. Hope you will feel better soon my dear friend. Your turtles are adorable, so cute. I am very impressed with your minis, they look so perfect. Thanks for your welcome to the klosjes community (I have only managed to sew one today)
    Until later, have a great Sunday

  23. I'm pleased they have discovered the viral infection so that they can get rid of it now. I'm sorry you have been feeling so unwell.

    You have had a very busy week at home! I love your turtles - they are so cute! Your large hexagons are wonderful and I can't wait to see that all finished. Your niece will treasure it.

    Your "mini" is amazing and I love your blue Klosjes, they are so soft and pretty. I also love your final photo, your flowers and garden look so nice! You need to stay home more often so we can be treated to such wonderful inspiration.

    Your blog looks great too!

  24. Love the cute..
    Hope your feeling better still managed to do quite a bit, Valentina..Julia ♥

  25. Oh my goodness you've managed to get a lot done while feeling half speed! Absolutely love your hexagon play.

  26. First time visitor - nice blog. Like this song too.....

  27. Hallo Valentina
    First, my english ist terrible;))The turtles are so cute and the Miniquilts and the hexies tooo! I'm love the hexies and I had began a Grandmothers Flowergarden...So I wish you all the Best!!
    Greeetings Rita

  28. Allemaal leuk wat ik hier zie, de mini's, de hexagonnen en de klosjes. Wat heb jij hard gewerkt! Complimenten hoor.
    Fijne zondag!


  29. Wonderful blog. Glad I found you courtesy of Karen's link. Karmen

  30. Dear Valentina, I hope you are feeling better soon. I love your hexagons, turtles, klosjes and especially your mini quilts, the log cabin is gorgeous. Take care dear friend, your 'new' blog is wonderful and the photo of you so cute.

  31. Hi Valentina
    Thanks for visit my Blog!!So, I linked you in my Bloglist! So I can look yours news!!
    See you!!
    Have a great Sunday!!Rita

  32. Wow Valentina, love the dynamics & colour of those hexagons, your niece will adore it, I'm sure. The mini quilt is just gorgeous as are all the mini blocks.....I'm very tempted!LOL as for the blue & white klosjes,they are fab & in my fav colour combination.
    Thanks for the button quilting tip, will have a practice at that. Wishing you a speedy recovery, hugs. G xox

  33. Sorry you aren't feeling well but love the work you did in your "free" time!
    Can hardly wait to see the gift I won in your give-away!

  34. What a beautifll Turtles. Your klosjes and other projects also are very nice. I hope you will feel beter real soon.

    Greetings Petra

  35. Hallo Valentina,
    Je blauwe klosjes zien er super uit, je hebt behoorlijk door kunnen klossen deze week.
    Wat een bijzondere hexjes maak je ik vind ze erg mooi.
    Beterschap hopelijk ben je snel weer opgeknapt.
    Fijne zondag Hennie.

  36. Beautifull mini! And I love the blue of your klosjes too. Hope you will feel better the coming week.

  37. Your work is gorgeous. I hope you are feeling better...thank you for visiting my blog. Blessings, Patty

  38. Hallo Valentina,
    je klosjes vind ik heel mooi en de schildpadjes zo grappig met van die lieve gezichtjes.
    Groetjes Berbel
    Ik ga je volgen.

  39. For someone working in the s l o w mode, you sure have a lot to show! Love, love that hexi quilt. I have a bin full of stripe fabric and I see a new hexi quilt in my future.

    Your mini is adorable and it must have been a bit of struggle to quilt.

  40. Those turtles are verrrrrrry cute and I love your miniatures.

  41. I hope you are feeling better... Miss you.
    I have posted your cute little Hexi Wed. flower garden photo. I love it! Please let me know if I did it correctly, OR NOT! and make sure I've not left out anyone.... :)
    thank you.

  42. those turtles are so adorable!

  43. Oh I love your little mini quilt and the little blocks....ah yes nothing better sometimes then working in small blocks.
    the turtles are adorable!


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