Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lazy days of Summer

a little inspiration...

a last minute encounter with a dear Blog Sister at the airport
as I was about to leave Holland...

a little reading...

a little ocean breeze...

Makes being back home so very special.
I feel like I can finally catch up with myself and process this past month. I have a profound sense of 'mission accomplished' and 'all is well'.
We really had a wonderful Family Vacation,
and it makes me so happy to see that the boys don't even remember me having been away.

Now a little stitching, a little ingenuity to keep the kids entertained, plenty shade and cool to survive the summer heat...

And I think we are well on our way to having an unforgettable summer 2010!

how about you, my friends?


  1. Welcome back! Looking forward to hearing more about your trip!

  2. Nice to see you back, happy and refreshed.
    Love Shirley.x

  3. Hi sis!! At which shop did you take that picture? Not in my neighbourhood I hope hihi! When I look at our faces I can still feel the joy and fun we had that few hours!! So special!!What's in your glass? Apple and mint? Lemon? ice? Pls tell me, it looks soooo refreshing! Glad to see you back in blogland! Big hug, Daniëlle XXXD

  4. Well, I feel all is right with the world now that I hear from YOU!:)~that you are so happy and have had a rest! great news. I heard a little about your meeting with Danielle!What a fabulous opportunity to sit face to face and hug each other! YEs, you have had LOTS to experience this month. Please continue to take it easy and just ENJOY my sister.. HUGS!!!! and more HUGS! XO

  5. P.S. I've ordered this lovely book, after viewing the video. Oh what a treasure! I can't wait to receive it!!!! THANK YOU! So happy to be a member of your book club! :)

  6. Welcome back V & good to hear you had a lovely relaxing family vacation! Look forward to hearing more.... G xox

  7. Oh it sounds like you had a wonderful time! Loved the Potato Peel Society Book...really great read.

  8. welcome home and just look at those colors, what a great picture!
    how nice that you were able to meet up with your blog friend.

  9. Welcome home Valentina!! Pleased you had a wonderful time!

  10. Welcome back dear Valentina! What a wonderful summer you have had! Ann ~ Australia xx

  11. That is the cutest picture of you!!! You look happy and rested - and I think that was taken before your vacation - right? Glad it was wonderful. Welcome Home!

  12. Welcome home! What a bunch of tantalizing pictures. :-) Can't decide which calls to me more the one with all the fabric or the ocean....

  13. Well I'm just happy you're back and have really enjoyed this post. Gosh, friend. Your creativity is divine.

  14. Welcome back!! Oh, the colour in that first picture -- gorgeous! Glad you've had a great time.

  15. Great to hear from you again,you sound rested and refreshed. Love the fabric pics..ofcourse! Welcome back :)

  16. Nice to see you again Valentina, you and Danielle look really like two sisters.....

    greetings, Jeannet

  17. Glad to see you recharged and rested. I wish it was summer here - I'm freezing!!!

  18. Miss you!!!
    How wonderful to see you and Danielle together :-)

    Hope you're having the most wonderful time.
    Loooove those colours!!!

  19. Glad to hear your holiday and homecoming were enjoyable. Happy crafting, Jenny

  20. Valentina, you are definitely my type of girl - I love a Mojito, too. We leave for a month of vacation to Bulgaria in two days and when a friend asked me what my plans for the month were, the first two things I thought of were having a massage and a mojito ! ;-)

  21. Yes, I think it's fair to say my summer will be one to remember ;)
    Thankyou for your lovely comment on my Blog, I was so touched that you could be so happy for me, Bless you!

  22. Hi Valentina, welcome back home! Good to hear you had a wonderful holiday and quality time with the family. Now we cannot wait to see your stitching ...I bet you finished your klosjesquilt already ;-)

    I hope we meet after our Finland holidays. I just heard that there is nothing much to do in Orivesie, so I guess I will be totally relaaaaaaxed :-) I am cutting klosjes like crazy LOL.

    Love the book you choose for your holidays...I have read the same one in Dutch and loved it!

    HUGS & see you soon,

  23. Welcome home, Valentina!
    What a beautiful picture with Danielle...
    Great, you had such a good time!

  24. Nice to see again Valentina. You sound so happy and relaxed. Wish you a great summer with your boys. Heerlijk uitrusten en alleen maar leuke dingen doen!

  25. re: A little inspiration -- confess, that is your stash, isn't it! I want to come and play!!

  26. How did I missed this post for 4 days ops! I can feel the thirst coming on with the lemonade and mints. Glad you had a well deserved vacation with family. Children are well adapted as long as they are loved. Thanks for sharing a wonderful color from your trip with us - xoxo Nat

  27. Such a lovely time you had. A healthy dose of relaxation gives us energy, doesn't it?
    How exciting to meet a blog friend, and those fabrics in the first photo made me skip a breath or two. Welcome back!

  28. I just read Amy's post featuring you & I Just gotta say - LOVE the picture of the hexagons!! what size do you like to use? I've been wanting to make a hexagon quilt, using only fabric left over from other projects & I've had a hard time deciding what size to make them.
    You're work is just lovely!

  29. Hi Valentina! Glad you're home again and together with your family! I know it's hard being in two places at once, but nice that you were able to help your sister & family out!
    Have a fantastic summer!
    Hugs to you!


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