Saturday, July 31, 2010

Clamshell Club Report July

Clamshell report! Hi everyone, this as far as I got. And I have to say that even though it hasn't been a very smooth learning curve, I am really enjoying myself. I followed Jossie's advice and used a strip of white to applique my first row.

My favourite part: choosing and cutting out shells... I am aiming at a little charm quilt, so no repeats.

My least favourite part: Basting the shells.
I knew from the beginning I did not want to use papers. But remembered Anna Maria Horner's Super Circle technique. And guess what! It works!

So I place my cardboard template and fabric shell in a piece of foil-paper. Gather the sides up, making sure my seam-allowance is even, iron and ta-dah! Nice crispy seam-lines! Be careful, the foil does get very hot! :)

... now I need to conquer the actual sewing of them... :)
But I know I will get great tips from you, my fellow Clammers, as I visit you later today!

The Clam Girls

Being Klosjes Saturday, I hope to work on some this afternoon. I hear them calling my name.
And I also want to finish my July BOM My Garden, By Lynette Anderson. ( I am facing a lot of fears this week... living dangerously outside my comfort zone: machine quilting, applique and my first stitchery... :) You guys make me brave! :)

Oh yes, and this is how I cut off the excess of the background strip behind my first set of clams. ( and my replacement thimble. So the question is now: do I need a replacement for the replacement?! hummm...)

I am on my way out for a drive with the family, but will be back soon and visit with all of you!
See you, and thanks for a wonderful week!

Happy Saturday!


  1. your clamshells look great, where did you get your paper templates from?
    I like the size of yours.

  2. Hi Valentina, you are doing well keeping up with those projects. As you said it's all a learning curve. I like the color of your clamshells so far and stitchery too, wow! Have fun and enjoy! Hugs Nat

  3. Je clamshells zullen ook mooi worden,nog niet zoveel aan elkaar maar toch al heel wat geknipt,en dat moet ook gebeuren hé,Succes.

  4. Valentina you are doing great. The shells look very good. And thank you for sharing the tip of the foil. I would never have thought of that. Do you think my paterno template will survive this method? I am going to try this carefully. Would be a great help.
    Your stitchery is lovely. You certainly are a brave girl to try it all ;-)
    Have a glorious week end!

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  6. Very lovely stitchery and I love your choice of fabrics for clamshells, beautiful start !

  7. Hey liking the look of your My garden BOM...good for you having a go at stitchery..I'm sure you will enjoy.

  8. Came back to see the Clam girls. They look so sweet. We would not get much done by posing like this ....LOL

  9. I think it's my first visit here, found your link on Jossie's blog!
    Lovely clamshells and nice stitchery too.
    Oooh, I hope Jossie doesn't use normal paterno template, with Mylar heat resistant material it will work!
    Have a nice weekend!

    Ooow, nu lees ik pas dat het in het Nederlands mocht ;-)

  10. Oh I just love your embroidery, it's so pretty. I was most intrigued by the foil method, how clever. I am looking forward to seeing how you joined the curved seams. I just made some wedding rings with papers (for my SIL's wedding present, table runner). It was my first time sewing slightly curved edges. But clamshells, that looks tricky! :D

  11. I love your clamshells Valentina! Thank you for sharing the tip about the foil. I had read about it somewhere but couldn't visualise it - now I can! So pleased you are working out of your comfort zone too. You are doing a wonderful job with it all. Have a lovely day with your family.

  12. The clamshells are looking great V & I know exactly what you mean about basting.....I hated that bit too!
    Loving that stitchery BOM & well done for trying & learning new things....if you don't have a go, you'll never know. That's my motto!

  13. It all looks lovely but your stitchery is really pretty. Such nice work!!

  14. Lots to learn with clamshells and it sure is fun! Cutting out the clamshells was my favourite part too! The foil method looks interesting and your stitchery is very sweet.

  15. Wow, I didn't think to use super-circles method, but it looks very good on your clamshells! I'm using heavy paper for my template - I'm with you, there's a LOT of prep on these and that's the least fun part! But it looks good very quickly once you get started assembly and that's satisfying.
    Some folks mark the 1/4 inch line on the *front* of their shells to align the rows; I'm using a straight edge along the top of the first row and measure down from there to place my next row. I'm new to applique but am finding I work better pinning several shells and then working them left-to-right along the row (if that makes sense to you).

  16. Wauwww!! Er zijn al veel voor geknipt.
    En zien er erg mooi uit en vooral de kleuren. groetjes yvonne

  17. Die 'my garden' ziet er fantastisch uit. Ik vond het zo leuk van Lynette Anderson dat ze bijpassende knopen maakt. En hoe is het gegaan met de klosjes? Leuke rit met de familie?

  18. Your clams are looking fabulous, little one. You are getting very adventurous, so Brava! Thanks for the foil tip, I had never heard of it, and I am filing it away in the steel vault (my brain)for future use. Michele

  19. V, you have been busy, I just got caught up with all your projects, wow! Everything is looking so good, but I love your stitchery, it's very pretty. Congrats on the interview, it was nice to learn a little more about you.

  20. Soothing pretty clamshells. Lovely stitchery!!!

  21. The little clam shells are soooo enticing!

  22. The clamshells are looking great Valentina..the foil tip is a great idea, I will try it next time..,

  23. I've seen the foil used for leaves in needle turn but not for stitching as in the shells. Maybe in the spring when I'm feeling braver.
    Your stitcherie is cute. Like all your dabblings.
    Enjoy your family and the sun.

  24. Love the embroidery. You are more brave than I....I have never attempted clamshells yet!! Enjoy the afternoon :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  25. Waar wordt je calmbshells mooi en wat een slimme tip om ze ze te strijken dan heb je dus een prachtige afdruk van de mal, die ga ik onthouden. Mooi blok van My Garden heb je weer gemaakt en je klosjes die komen later wel. Wat ben je ook met veel projecten tegelijk bezig. Ik hoop dat je een leuke middag met je familie hebt gehad.

  26. You shells look lovely, have you seen the grid, can't remember where, but looks so easy to use and keep things straight! Fears over already hihi! Love your garden stitchery block with those cute colours! Have a lovely day, XXXD

  27. Your clams are looking wonderful! You call it a learning curve. That's comforting because I found I learned a lot from doing these clamshells too! Must try your foil method. The little stitchery is cute.

  28. What a good idea to iron the clamshells around your template, I think i am going to use the method too!!
    Lovely stitchery and next time you gone make lots of klosjes!! Have a nice day, greetings

  29. What a great tip with the foil Valentina...but i don`t know what it is but i just cant do clamshells..the first few are allright and then they go al crooket and beautiful rounds so i will stick to hexagons and log cabin and a star now and clamshells for me...yours are looking very good though...and your stitchery...that looks stunning too...hope you had a good time with your family..have a great week too... greetings Francien.

  30. Hi Valentina! Your clamshells are lovely! This is a great quilt to do as a charm quilt! The foil method is most intriguing!

  31. I'm glad the foil method is working for the clam shell as well. Actually, I use it on a lot of shapes, as long as they are not too intricate.

  32. Nice stitchwork, I see you change also the colours. Me to.

  33. Your clamshells are looking great. I love the idea of a charm clamshell quilt.

  34. I'm not ready to try clamshells yet -- I'll watch you and learn. Your fabric selection is lovely. I'm filing that foil method away for future use.
    What a smart idea!

  35. Oh what a beautiful quilt this will be! The colors are of the sea~and I love the technique, new to me! Your stitcherie is beautiful! The Clam Girls make me smile. Oh, how happy they look and are so very pretty.

  36. Lovely clamshells! I hope one day to be brave enough to give them a try! Stitchery too, wahoo!
    Adore the clam girls...those scamps!


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