Saturday, July 24, 2010

Klosjes and a hexi-crush...

Five new Klosjes

I have very few Klosjes to report, but they are very special ones. I made them on the ship. We had a great time as a family, and no one jumped overboard. Oh--- and I had nightmares about that! But it was fantastic. It was no luxury cruise by any means... These 'local' cruises never are. But the smaller boats have their own charm in that you get to know more people and they are affordable. Ok, we had odd leaks in the cabin, but it added to the ADVENTURE!!!

(ok. honestly. I love my boys. and THEY had fun. I was secretly longing for my bed, my home, my food, my stitching!!!)

Please let me know if you are interested in some more 'touristy' pictures, ok? I can prepare a nice post for you, if you like.

Now I want to share some very special fabric with you:

These are amazing gifts I have gotten from some of you for my Klosjes quilt. I don't know what gave you the idea that I am in need of more fabric... I have a quite voluptuous stash. But I love the fact that this Klosjes quilt keeps asserting itself as a Friendship quilt: Sweet Tineke gave me some amazing Delft blue fabric. It is washed and ready to prep (the ones in the background). Bedankt, lieve meid!

On the right, you can see the lovely Dutch lapjes that Ria gave me ( and the ones we acquired during our escapade!) Oh Ria, I will never forget that perfect day! And on the left Michele's lovely charm squares, her contribution to Klosjes and my Hexi Charm Quilt. She had sent me the loveliest of care packages to Holland. Thank you so much, my friend! I will make you proud one day, Master Teacher!

It has taken me over a week to feel that I am finally home. ( and mourn the loss of my thimble... yup, I rather lose my thimble onboard or OVERboard than one of my kids! ...keeping things in perspective... :)

So, I have been crushing on hexies! As I told some of you: I had horrible hexi-withdrawal symptoms in Holland! Oh, I missed these babies...

a sea of nautical hexies... swoon...
these are slowly becoming lovely blooms every wednesday afternoon...

This week was a HOT one... Oh, I know many of us are having hot summers but... I am a wimp. I need AC!!! So imagine our delight this week to discover this lovely indoor kids-park. I was sooooo happy as I was able to make these hexi-flowers, while the boys just got out all that pinned up energy! Happy mama! ( but when it came time to report we had no connection to the internet... so sorry girls, I am late reporting!...did I tell you it is stifling hot?! ...the wires probably melted... :)

I still have so much more I wish I share with you, but it is getting harder and harder to ignore the chaos around me: These little acrobats need to be taken out!
But I will be back soon... ok?

Sending you my Love,




  1. Valentina... it have been a pleasure catching up on your blog reading about your wonderful time in Holland.. and the meeting with wonderful friends.. and to see all your wonderful hexagons and new klosjes.. soo pretty everyone of them... Have a lovely summer!!! And believe I am in no need of AC.. ;o))) Hugs!!

  2. Beautiful fabrics and stack of babies hexies !

  3. Hallo Valentina,

    ik heb je berichtjes gemist. Welkom terug in patchworkland. Natuurlijk wil ik foto's van op de boot zien.
    Gelukkig is het in Nederland weer iets minder warm en kun je weer wat handwerken.
    Fijn weekend,

  4. Hallo Valentina !
    Wow Wath schöne Stoffe ! Und viel geschnitten hexies ! Sooo groß ! Ihre Schiffstour müssen so schöne ;))
    Und Ihre Klosjes , wie viele haben Sie jetzt ?

    Also, haben eine schöne Woche , sehen Sie Rita ;))

    (Und sorry mein Englisch , bat ich glaube , wir verstehen uns ;))

  5. Leuke hollandse klosjes.
    En je hexablommetjes ook al zo mooi.

  6. Daar ben ik weer............helemaal vergeten te vertellen dat ik je nautical hexjes helemaal het einde vind!

  7. Your klosjes are adorable!! What a lovely fabrics your received from lovely friends!! Wowww how many hexies have your been cutting!! What a big stacks!! Lots of fun sewing and happy hours at the indoor kids-park! Hugs, Daniëlle

  8. What a delightful post. You pulled me right in from title to end. Happy you're home. Happy to read the trip was a good family adventure as these moments are definitely part of what binds us together. Glue. And my goodness but your fabrics are luscious and your stacks of hexies are calling, aren't they? Happy to hear from you. :) *karendianne.

  9. I would love to see some more photos from the other side of the world, it'll be interesting for me. I'm so happy you all had a wonderful adventure, kids don't need much to have fun. I think you'll end up with lovely friendship quilts with all the wonderful fabrics.

  10. I truly enjoyed your post as well and would be so happy to see more touristy pictures , I love virtual tours since at the moment they are all I can have .Your fabrics and your lovely klosjes and hexies are a delight to see .Have a great weekend with your boys.

  11. I'm a wimp too, complaining about the weather.. So wimp away;-)
    Good to read your blog again, with lots, and lots of 'goodies'. Nice to have you back!

  12. Hoi Valentina,
    Leuk weer van je te lezen! en we hebben afgsproken dat ik in het Hollands mag he.....wat laat je een mooie Hollndse stofjes zien, en ook die hexjes, gaat dat een remembering quilt from Holland worden ?

    groetjes, jeannet

  13. That Delft Blue fabric is lovely! My mom is going to Holland next month - I may have to prepare a shopping list for her :0) I'd love to see pictures from your trip!

  14. What yummy klosjes and hexies! Lovely, lovely.

    LOL! I can understand yearning for your sewing room while you're on vacation. :-) Spoken like a true quilter.

  15. HI Valentina
    I have wrote in english, I dont now, wy my coment are in german..I hope you have it understand...

    Have a nice Day, Rita

  16. Prachtige klosjes heb je gemaakt! Hoeveel heb je er nu? En die hexjes: fantastisch al die stapels gesneden hexagonen! Geniet ervan!

  17. The klosjes are definately becoming a friendship project with all the beautiful gifts.

    I know about being seperated from your sewing . Hope you find a new thimble to be a friend.

    Happy sewing Terry

  18. Valentina what a great stash of hexies!!! You continually blow me away - but at the same time you continue to teach me new ways of dealing with these hexie flowers! Making up piles of hexies & then working out colours for flowers seems so much simpler & a nicer process. As for photos - you know how I love to "visit" new places :) Love & Hugs from your Aussie friend

  19. I am so sorry you lost your thimble, once you find the right one, it is hard to use any other. Your fabrics are gorgeous and they are going to make beautiful Klosjes. Your cruise sounds like an interesting experience?? Have fun today with your babies and I hope you get to have some cooler weather.

  20. Good morning Valentina,
    Lovely post, thanks! I can imagine too good how it must have been for you on the boat, but you're right, as long as the kids have fun...
    How did you manage without a thimble? I once dropped my spectacles over board in Sneek and I jumped righ after them (no luck), but that might not be the thing to do on a cruise ;-)
    Is was so nice to see the Delft blues again and even nicer to see that they will be combined with other friendshipfabrics.
    Take care,

  21. I guess you can definitely say your cruise was!!! I too love hexies....but then I haven' tried klosjes yet :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  22. A truly friendship Klosjes with all the fabric from all over the world. The trip sounds wonderful. That is my kind of cruise. We have been to some in Greece and Turkey - would love to see more photos please? I'm glad the boys were good and you didn't have to worry about jumping over board...! Good to have you back - have been missing you - Hugs Nat

  23. How beautiful your new fabrics are!!! You must have some very special friends ;). And I agree with you wholeheartedly about dreaming of home and your own bed when away. I always get so homesick for my sewing room when on holidays. Cheers

  24. Wat ben je lekker verwend met de prachtige stoffen die je hebt gehad en wat een lieve en mooie klosjes zijn ervan gemaakt en je bloemen zijn ook al zo mooi. Fijn dat je zo'n leuke vakantie op de boor hebt gehad en nog ontzettend bedankt dat je de foto's van de baby hebt gemaild wat een prachtmeisje, ik had het ontvangen in mijn spammap waarom geen idee en heb deze pas nagekeken/geleegd en kwam ze toen tegen. Een hele fijn weekeinde.

  25. I'd love to see more vacation photos!!
    So sorry about the loss of your thimble.

  26. Wat leuk zo'n internationale klosjesquilt. De lapjes die je laat zien zijn ook al zo mooi. En zoveel hexies voorbereid ondanks de hitte. Is het bij jullie inmiddels ook wat afgekoeld? Anders stuur ik je een cool breeze vanaf Nederland ;-)

  27. Leuke klosjes
    en natuurlijk wil ik nog wel wat foto´s zien van de reis!
    Groetjes Berbel

  28. Welcome home! Sorry I'm late to comment, just discovered that my blogs come up alphabetically...and the twins never give me time to get to the letter "V"! That's my excuse...and I'm sticking to it! Big hugs...glad to have you back!

  29. Those are beautiful fabrics and the hexies too! Odd leaks in the cabin? Eeeek. Can you tell I'm a landlubber?!? It does sound like a great adventure though!

  30. I also have withdrawal if I'm away from my hexies for very long, so they're within reach most of the time.
    I love your stacks of fresh, crisp, lovely fabrics ready to become more hexies. You're a woman prepared!

  31. Such a CUTE post! I am so sorry about the loss of your thimble. I would mourn the loss of mine for sure! I would send you one, but the one I use is fitted. I wouldn't know what size. I found someone who sells sterling silver, fitted thimbles at the QUILTFEST show last year. For me, it solved all of my thimble problems! I'll show it soon. What great fun, this indoor playground!~for everyone! :) I'd love to see more photos of your trip. GORGEOUS fabrics!!!! and so extra sweet with connections to friends. XO


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