Thursday, October 14, 2010

going green

Hello everyone, this week the assignment for Robyn's Colourful Fridays is Green.

Some of you know that I have been struggling with my health. Well, the good news this week is that I started thyroid medication and have already started feeling so much better. So green this week has meant a lot of health and hope for me.

It has also meant Cleansing, as I am on a strict detox fast, so I am literally going GREEN this week!
and detoxing does bring out the grouchies!

I think I can... I think I can!

if not, just go over it!

but I also feel deliciously fresh
my ripple blanket
if I could only grow two plants in my dream-garden it would be Ferns and Ivy
how can one resist such a tin?

hand-quilting, one of the biggest joys in my life

Quilting greens


Mami and me
"Te quiero mucho, Mami"
I was always fascinated by my mother's green eyes.
As I child I used to love looking at the multicolour flecks in her eyes.
So when I asked her what colour her eyes were she would reply:

so you can imagine the thrill the day I found two flecks of green in my right eye!
Brown eyes, with a twist!

My little one has a fascination with nesting dolls

oh, how I love my green tea...

To infinity and beyond!

washing up is just so therapeutic

I also have tried to give back this week. I met 2 wonderful 2 quilters from Greece. Theodora is in Athens, and she introduced me to Kristine who is in Thessaloniki. Please, visit their blogs and get to know first hand what amazing women they are.

Kristine has a calling to make quilts for those that need them the most: orphans, destitutes, and victims of human trafficking. I was so moved by her work I was able to send a little quilt top with my Mother in law, who coincidently was traveling to Thessaloniki, Greece and met with Kristine.

Encouraged by Victoria's 15 minutes Play
this little top came together using scraps.

I have been working on attaching Klosjes this week and it is going really well. I hope to show you my progress on Saturday. I am still experiencing problems with my blog and hope this post uploads, after I have been struggling all day to get the pictures up. I really enjoyed all your emails since saturday, letting me know my comments form is not working. I hope it doesn't happen again in this post, if it gives you problems again, just blow me a kiss and 

she will bring it to me!



  1. Ooooh such GORGEOUS pictures ! THANKS for that, Vali ;>)
    A little request :
    -can we see THAT big quilt?
    I'm sure it's beautiful with that handquilting!
    Sooo glad you're feeling better. HURRAY

  2. Dear Valentina!
    I've been away from blogging for some time now, but it's been lovely to read your words again!
    So sorry to hear that you've had problems with your health...hope that the meds will continue to help.
    Hugs from Denmark!

  3. awww! so sweet! your little top is so fun and bright! Keep playing! Happy green Friday!

  4. Lovely post, little friend. Be well, because the world needs you. Michele

  5. I'm so glad they have figured out your thyroid is giving you problems and hope you are feeling better very soon!!

  6. Love all the cheeriness of the green things...but I thought I was going to see lots of green hexies!

  7. I can sense that you are feeling on the up. Lovely post Valentina. Lots of lovely greens to encourage and ispire us this week.
    Love Shirley.x

  8. so many green things. Wow you hand quilt. Hope you stay feeling well. Charmaine

  9. Ahh, comments enabled again, whew! I didn't know your issues were thyroid related, welcome to the club! You will feel so much better once your treatment is leveled; the thyroid rules so many different aspects of our health. Love your Green show, thank you for sharing with us as always. I liked your Marvin the Martian pic and comment the best - sometimes I feel like that too! Off to visit your bloggy Greek friends now ...

  10. Hiya gorgeous!!!
    Firstly wishing you better health!!
    Always love to hear what you have to say, but I must say...'washing up... nope... :-) ech!!!'

    I have green eyes with flecks ;)
    Love all your pics and thankyou for playing along in our colour game!!
    Green hugs,
    Robyn xx

  11. Oh WOW! Lotsa GrEeN! I'm green with envy... haha

  12. Hello Valentina,such a lovely post, I am sure your medication will work,it may take sometime at first. Have a Happy Green Day.

  13. What a lovely green post . I do hope you are feeling better soon .

  14. Vanentina, I am glad that the medication is helping! Your work, as always is beautiful!

  15. Green is apparently a calming colour! Just reading your post made me feel calm. I hope you feel 100 % soon and good on you for sticking to a detox diet for a whole week. Cheers Vreni

  16. What a gorgeous collection of greens. I especially like the nesting dolls.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  17. All such wonderful photos!! I hope you're feeling much better soon!

  18. Gorgeous green, gorgeous post.
    Keep well.

  19. Lovely post again, Valentina.
    I too have problems to upload photos with Blogger !

  20. I love your ivy leaves and lemons - greens in nature! And I can love the fun greens too.

    Sorry to hear your thyroid is giving you problems. It is amazing how much it can affect your body both physically and emotionally until you get it sorted out. My thoughts are with you.

  21. I love this cheerful and amusing post. You sound so much better Valentina. Great stories and pictures. Hope you'll soon feel well again!

    Seems that Blogger will let me leave a comment again .. wooohooo....

  22. After a detox I hope you feel like a new woman. Those darn thyroid problems are a hassle but I hope you get yours sorted soon. Love all the green around your place and I'm so happy to see you get in some handquilting, that's good therapy.

  23. What a lovely assortment of items! The squirel tin is probably my fav but also loved the little train and steam roller! Green is my favourite colour.

  24. well,glad to see your blog problem is resolved. itisso nice to read and admire all your pictures. lovely post Valentina. OH, so sad to read you have not been feeling well. i have also have problems with my thyroid gland and with the medication, you will feel much better, trust me ^_^
    you know what ? my daughter gave birth to a little boy october 9th, i am a granny now !!
    sending you many hugs,

  25. Greetings from a green eyed with flecks Scottie :) Love your post and photographs. I surely hope Mr. Grouchie finds his smile !!!!!

  26. Lovely green post. Amazing how many examples of a color you can find that represents your family and life.
    Enjoy the greens.

  27. Any post with Marvin the Martian and featuring green is tops in my mind. Like your mother, my eyes are green too.

    I'm SO glad your comments section is working again, and if your thyroid medicine is doing its job, you'll be peppy and energetic and feeling much better soon.

    I enjoy seeing the toys in your posts about color, evidence of the little ones in your house.

  28. Get well soon. Back to yourself soon lovely - I'm going green too. Healthy and green here we go. Love all your green home. Love and big hugs from Down Under - Nat

  29. What a lovely post. Hope all the green juices help. So nice to read your blog. Do you iron you klosjes? Show more.... I have completed 160. Long road ahead. Love from a very sunny Cape Town. xxxx Zelda

  30. Thank you for a lovely post! Green is such a fun and refreshing color...and your photos were all charming! Thank you for the two blogs to visit...wonderful cause! Sending lots of prayers/e-hugs for continued health improvements!

  31. I LOVE all the GREEN pictures you came up with!
    Sorry to hear you've had health issues. I'm glad your Dr found a medicine to help you! Sending you supportive WELL WISHES for continued good health!


  32. Valentina, Valentina, oh my Valentina what a delightful post. What an enjoyable post over tea this very early 4am morning. You take me away to another state of mind. Gosh you're such a wonderful blogger. Thank you for putting this together. I laughed at the grouchis and admired the hand quilting! YES I DID!!!!!!!!!!


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