Thursday, October 21, 2010

orange crush

Today for Robyn's Colourful Friday's we are looking at Orange. Of course I wanted to take pictures of oranges and pumpkins, but quite unexpectedly it turned into another introspective post. I am fascinated with how this exercise has really made me think of colour and how I relate to it.  In quilts, Orange is a colour that I love to pair off with reds. But also with pinks, and yellows of course. My favourite orange is Tangerine, no question about that. And can any colour claim to smell better than ORANGE?

I love Tangerine and Turquoise together


Ukrainian tablecloth

As a little girl, I stared at her in the china cabinet endlessly

Russian wooded spoon

One of the many giraffes that live at home with us

A mini quilt from left-over triangles

a special gift from a 'Turtle' friend
Cosy orange corner

the top of last week's tin

happy curtains

Couldn't resist adding these...

or these... :)

Flamboyant in my parents garden

Nemo is so loved around here...
" This is my Mama!"
and I nearly passed out from the excitement!

Little butterfly didn't know how she would travel the globe


 Best friends
 I still miss you, Amber!

I have been quite slow this week, pacing myself and getting a handle on the ups and downs of adjusting to the new meds. I have been carried away working on my Klosjes-quilt and have continued work on preparing more charm hexies during those 'in between' times.

Today I attempted to climb over some hurdles get to my sewing machine to work on a few baby-quilts.
It was tragic.
My sewing-room is officially declared a disaster zone. But I cannot ignore it any longer. It has gotten to the point that it is not a fun place to be. I know it needs to get worse before it gets better, so I have resolved to spend friday morning tackling the monster by taking everything out...
And no, you cannot expect 'before and after' pictures. Not while I still have a shred of self-respect!
ok, maybe an 'after' shot, but I do have to go to work tomorrow afternoon, so maybe not...
(Oh man, maybe I should just delete this last paragraph! Because now you guys will hold me accountable... oops! But isn't THAT what friends are for--- right? So I will be brave and let you know!)

Looking forward to seeing everyone's Oranges this week!



  1. I am sending good wishes on your efforts in your sewing room. Can you feel them all the way from Florida??? Just start, the rest will come.

  2. Wonderful orange display , enjoyed seeing the variety of items you chose . Good luck with yoru sewing room , I need to do the same thing ;-)

  3. You are very creative with your photograpy.
    Your sweet Amber, looks just like our dog Trixie, we miss her too!xxxx

  4. You have lots of orange as well. I miss my dog Charlie. As for the sewing room I am finishing off all projects by Christmas so I can start 2011 with a fresh beginning then the floor will be clean. Charmaine

  5. Don't we all need to do the sewing room? Any quilter with little boys needs to find order i chaos sometimes.
    Like all the oranges. IT's a color that glues things together.
    Like Nemo here too.
    Haveagoodweekend Huggs

  6. Another wonderful post from you my lovely friend :-)
    Always so interesting and colourful!!
    I love orange and like you find myself using it combined with the other colours you mentioned... and purple!

    So glad to have you playing along again V :-)
    Good luck with your sewing room...we all know what that's like and you do have to be brave to tackle it! Go for it...
    Happy colourful Friday xx

  7. Oh and turquioises and teals!! Yummo!! Quick give me some fabric now... I want to sew something orange and teal :p

  8. Great array of OrAnGe. Hope your clean up goes well and remember.. you can eat an OrAnGe during the work.. that'll help! lol

  9. Another very inventive post. I do love your blog.

  10. Lots of fun orange stuff around your place. Love that little turtle.

  11. Totally gorgeous collection of orange.

  12. All lovely in orange. Just want to let you know I have been here and thinking of you - enjoy your weekend - Hugs Nat

  13. I think I love the little girl and her duck the most because of the sentiment that goes with her. She's a part of your history, your memories, and so she is precious. I have a few pieces like that around my house - but none with any orange in them! Hope you find your sewing room again soon! :)

  14. Hi Valentina. I have enjoyed looking at your orange photos. I think the little drawing is an absolute treasure. And the flowers are beautiful.
    It is interesting seeing the different combinations of colours in quilts. I like the tangerine and turquoise you have put together. These posts do give us lots of ideas for colour combos. Thanks.

  15. lovely oranges...bright and happy!!

  16. Your displays of color continue to be a wonderful look into your home and life and loves (but not a look into your sewing room).
    Relax and do what you can on Friday. I understand about a mess taking the fun out of sewing and quilting. Same here. Good luck!

  17. I'm glad to hear that I am not the only one who lets my sewing room get into such a state. It makes you not even want to go in and sew. I did hear once how if a person just takes 10 minutes at the end of each sewing day to pick up, clean up, put makes all the difference. I've tried it and it has helped me.
    I do hope you are feeling better. I don't know what kind of meds that they put you on but if it is narcotics please, please be careful. They can take your whole life away. The doctors don't tell you this in the beginning. They ended up having me on what cancer patients who are dying in hospice were on. It took me 6 months to get off all of it, and it was the hardest thing I have ever done.
    Hugs to you Valentina!!

  18. ORANGE! my favorite color!!! Love the drawing by one of your sons! so precious!!!

  19. Fun orange photos. Now that reminder about the sewing room really hit home. I think my sewing room is is great need of some help. LOL Love Lois

  20. Hi Valentina! your orange turtle is my favourite, he's wonderful! good luck cleaning up your sewing room, mine needs cleaning desperately too! toni xxx

  21. Hi Valentina all of your images are so cute I love the tin I also collect them they are so special the images on some are so pretty,hope all is well with you xoxo, theodora

  22. Thanks for a wonderful post Val made me smile. You better tidy that room as I am coming over to inspect :)

    Was so good to see you again.
    En de volgende keer praten we Nederlands...beloofd!
    Hug Tineke

  23. That Babushka is ***SO*** gorgeous. All of your orange things are. WOWZA.
    I don't think there is a sewer on the planet whose sewing space hasn't been a diaster zone at one point or another. All part of the creativity me thinks... or maybe I just want to feel like I have lots of company?!?!
    Good luck with your organising mission.

  24. I love your amber and she brought a tear to my eye

  25. What a lovely happy post ! I do hope you are feeling a little better . Thankyou so much for your comment on my blog asking how my daughter is feeling , it was lovely and I really appreciate it .

  26. You are always so creative with your posts Valentina and I really look forward to them.

  27. Orange Friday,that is a little bit Dutch then too!.. Oranje boven!
    And when your done with your sewing room, do you do house calls?? I have a sewingroom and euhm.. how do I explain. LOL
    A special hug for you from me to remember Amber.

  28. Oh, how could I forget about Nemo?
    Your orange corner looks so lovely and cosy for the cooler weather.
    Do you know the name of that plant in your parent's garden...I have it here but don't know what it is?

  29. Hi your oranges! The drawing is my favorite....Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog...the green door is not mine and I love getting messages from the other side of the world.


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