Friday, October 1, 2010

seeing red

There isn't much that Robyn can't get me to do... :)
So just for laughs, here are some Reds for Colourful Fridays...

Have a wonderful start to the month of October, and may we all get some finishes before the end of the year!

ps other famous REDS that have made unto my blog in the past: the laundry, the quilt, the klosjes, the flowers... and who can forget the tomatoes and the Diamond!

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  1. Wow lots of red for you too. Thanks for sharing. See you next week on blue Friday. Charmaine

  2. Great post in red. I'm enjoying looking at all your red stuff - Hugs Nat

  3. Love the Lightening Mc Queen. Who's hand?
    Nice red klosjes.

  4. What a wonderful color to "celebrate"....I'm a red lover myself and I enjoyed looking at all of your lovelies! Good way to start the day...thank you!

  5. Hi Valentina, I love your reds. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Beautiful, Valentina! And funny, but I just happen to have a solid red blouse on today, a color I hardly ever wear! Have a great weekend!

  7. The colour red is growing on me more and more and in particular if it has dots on it. Love the red dotty case. May even have to do a red quilt one day.
    Love Shirley.

  8. Mmmmm, red it's everywhere once you look.

  9. V!! What a wonderful post!!
    Thankyou for playing :-) ((hugggg))
    I love your red photos... I always love any photos you take.
    I'd love to reach through and 'touch/pat' those red ribbons and maybe run away with some too :p
    I'm so glad you're playing in our colour game xx

  10. Hi Valentina,
    I love that you have so many red reels of cotton! and all the red around your house. Red really brightens things up.
    I'm not a quilter but I love looking at all the quilty things on your blog!

  11. I love red too!
    oh that red dot case is perfect for a take a long sewing kit!
    beautiful ribbons too...
    great post so many things just made me smile
    have a great weekend

  12. Hi Valentina, wow, just wow! I adore your photos, they are so beautifully red and wonderful! toni xxx

  13. Hello Valentina, lost of lovely red and I even found some in a previous post,the one with the quilt shop you visited. I love the red polka dot photos, Have a great weekend.
    Happy days.

  14. I love red the best and there are some lovely things in the collage. I'm glad you put some polka dotty goodness in there.

  15. Your photos are always a joy to see, and in this riot of red, there's an extra special punch. I see a loving little hand gently guiding Lightening McQueen. Someone you know?
    Your posts make me smile!

  16. What would the world look like, if there was no color?? love the red!

  17. my dear valentina, i am always so busy that sometimes i tend to forget there are so many wonderful blogs and sweet ladies to visit. i was thinking of you the other day and sheepishly thought i had not visited you for so long. so i come today to give you a hug and say, Oooo, red is beautiful, love your cheery pictures. And this is Clara i see ? so sweet.
    sending you many hugs,

  18. Hi there just stopped in to say Hello from Canada too! I found you on another blog I was visiting. I love the hexies and I am hoping to learn how to make them! I also love the stitchery on the right about being "in my own world" I have that as a magnet on my fridge! I joined up to follow, your blog looks lovely!

  19. Echt een hele leuke foto. Ik ben ook helemaal weg van rood. Ik wordt er altijd heel blij van.


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