Friday, October 8, 2010

true blue

Today is Blue Friday, and I have been enjoying the incredible exercise in Colour that Robyn has come up with with her Colourful Fridays assignments. I have been focusing on Blues for the past few days and I am amazed what feelings have arisen. And if you look around in my blog, you already have a hint as to what blue means to me:

 living in the Mediterranean

Coming from Aruba

in the deep Caribbean Blue...

Respect and Awe


Growing up

My kids and 3am feedings...

My favourite use of Blue in a movie

My little city veranda


My first ever quilt 1994

My current hand-quilting project

My umbrella

my threads...

How fast are they growing?!

my break from quilting

more threads...

our blue bathroom

Royal Blue stenciled border in our hallway

Nicosia in the Blue Hour



our Blue Egg lamp

My Blue Dragonfly lamp

My blue glass

My Mother's Blue painting:
My mom commissioned this painting before marrying my dad from her former  art-teacher.
As a child I remember her turning the lights low and telling us stories about Ukraine. She would tell us that if we looked intently at the windows we could see the candle light flickering...
Growing up in the tropics, these snowy moments were truly magical.

And I think you know by now that I am a true blue friend.

Can't wait to see what Robyn and the rest of the Colourful Friday girls have in store for us today!



  1. Wonderful pictures & memories. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gorgeous. I want to reach out and touch the fabric, visit the beach and sit and stare into your mum's painting and hear her stories. Thank you for sharing. Charmaine

  3. Ahhh, thank you for your lovely, insightful Blues! I haven't even logged onto work yet and you made day my start just right!

  4. I just love all your blues........ ;))
    And what a gorgeous painting! I really can see the lights flickering in the windows...... So cosy!
    Love to you,xoxoxox, Ria.

  5. Gorgeous, Valentina! I love every single one, and the last one made me feel all warm and cozy! thanks!

  6. I love your photos so much I linked to it here

    Great first and last quilt.

    Scarlett Burroughs
    Quilting Editor, Craft Gossip

  7. Wow Valentina, lot of stories are going into the blue post. I'm really enjoying the blue theme. I learned so much about each other blogs. I wish I could join you, but there is plenty of time for that later - Have a lovely blue weekend - Hugs Nat

  8. Totally awesome pictorial on blue!

  9. I guess blue does for you what pink does for me.
    Lovely pictures and sentiments.
    Love Shirley.

  10. My dear friend!!! ((hug))
    Wow!! I can honestly say I am breath taken by your beautiful blue post!!
    It has evoked emotions because it's you and your choice of words and the way you invite us into your home!!
    Such fun V!!!
    Who knew this was going to be such an incredibly fun exercise.... Woooohooo!!!
    Thankyou once again for playing in our colour game!!! Love love love!!!!
    Robyn xx

  11. What a wonderful blue post. I love every picture. It tells so much about you! Have a lovely week end Valentina.

  12. V- what a neat post. Especially liked the painting/story. You are so creative :).

  13. Gorgeous blues! Love all your photos. Blue has always been my favorite color too, and the stash I have the most of, is blue, even if I love other colors too.

  14. Swoon! Pure delight!
    THANKS, sweetie for these gorgeous pictures ;>)
    (Oh, THAT quilt!)
    Now it's settled : BLUE is definitely my favourite color... until next week, HeeHee...

  15. Valentina! Thank you for sharing the blues in your life. All delightful! Your quilt and quilting is wonderful - love it! That is an interesting hoop (on a stand?) Congratulations also on 401 spools:) That is some accomplishment!! Take care Φίλι mou:)

  16. Somehow I can't leave a comment on your latest post, so I'm leaving one here! Congratulations on reaching 400 klosjes! I admire your perseverance! I also loved your "blue post" and especially your mother's snow picture. Is there anything more beautiful than a snowy landscape at night?

  17. GEWELDIG je klosjes!!!!
    Ik was hier al eerder maar kon geen reactie plaatsen, en dacht vanmorgen eens kijken of het wel bij een eerder logje lukt,... jippie,...gelukt!


  18. I couldn't either like Vreni ,I love you klojes we have the same hard wood floor I love your toes,and I also love your blues , so pretty all of the items the threads the quilts the painting especially is so nice to look at reminds me the winter I experienced in Oregon, growing up ,I hope you get the problem sorted out.

  19. Love your blue things! Blue is my favourite colour! I also love your klosjes. You said that you were having trouble with blogger. Well, me too. In fact I couldn't even open your comments in order to leave one. That's why I am leaving it on this post.

  20. Beautiful, beautiful blues. These colorful Friday posts give us a glimpse into your homes and your lives--seeing so many things around you and places you've been. And the addition of your thoughts and feelings -- Lovely!

  21. Oh Valentina! This is a beautiful post of colour and memories.

  22. Ik wilde je feliciteren met je 401 klosjes maar reageren op dat logje lukt me niet :-(
    Dus maar even hier wat plaatsen!
    Mooie blauwe foto's!

  23. Hi Valentina, I just tried to leave a comment on your Klosjes post and it wouldn't bring up the posting page. Congratulations on 400 Klosjes!!!!!!

    Also, I just saw your dragonfly lamp, it is stunning and I want one! I hope that wasn't the lamp that got broken????


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