Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Klosjes update

Not much going on around here apart from Klosjes being marked, cut, stitched--- at breakfast, in the morning, in the afternoon while the boys play, evenings... Ok you get the picture!
It's hard sometimes, as I am getting a bit bored and miss my sewing machine, intensely. And yet, I am convinced that I am making them faster than before. And seeing them piling up is kinda fun, :).
So for the last week I have added 61 new ones, a new record for sure. :)
Anyway, I suspect I will not be stitching much tonight. Today 19 years ago, on the 22 of the 2 of '92, when I was 22 and my love 24, we went out on our first date... and the rest has been a beautiful history. I hope he feels better from the stomach bug that has been pestering him and we can go out.
Keeping my fingers crossed.
...ok maybe I can squeeze in stitching another Klosje before he gets home...

and sending my love and prayers to our blogging sisters in New Zealand.


  1. Oh een bijzondere dag voor jullie!!
    Geniet ervan samen....

    dat zijn wel erg veel klosjes op een dag!!

  2. First Valentina...I also send my prayers to our blogging sisters in New Zealand. Wow..how hard they have been hit!

    I encourage you to continue enjoying your hand sewing! I go between hand sewing and machine sewing. I enjoy both, like you, for different reasons. It is a wonderful contribute to you that you can squeeze your sewing between such a busy life! I admire that~

  3. Mooie stapel klosjes laat je zien. En alsnog een fijne dag samen.

  4. Well Valentina, you are a human dynamo. I think this quilt is going to be a stunner so keep going as the end is in sight. There is plenty of time to get back to the sewing machine after. Have a wonderful celebration for your anniversary.
    Love Shirley.xx

  5. Your hexie quilt is going to be amazing!! I hope your husband feels better. I also remember my first date with my DH, Oct. 16,1971 :). We've been married almost 38 years - yea!! Have a great day. And prayers for those in harm's way.

  6. een hele fijne dag en wat veel klosjes dat schiet lekker op zo

  7. That is quite a large stack of blocks!! Woo-hoo!

  8. Happy stitching ...and hope you DH continues to improve.

  9. Your klosjes are coming along fine. I have about 350 done, and have started handpiecing them together in rows. Slow by sure. I need to jump back on working on them.

  10. Hey there....nice so many are thinking of those affected here in New Zealand.....I'm sure the good warm thoughts and prayers are a help!

    Keep stitchin'............:-)

  11. I think you've got a lot done on the klosjes. What anice date to celebrate, I hope you can go out and have a lovely romantic dinner.

  12. 61 ... isn't it time for a little distraction? LOL. See u tomorrow, can't wait!

  13. I hope you could go on your anniversary date:)
    The pile is beautiful, I'm in awe of your determination and patience. xo, Una

  14. Did you had a good anniversary date? hope so! And good job on the klosjes. I have to squeeze in some work with needle and thread. The last couple of day's it was so busy at work, I fell on the couch and couldn't do that much in the evening. Yesterday I did work on my flowers.
    Hopefully I can up-date my blog soon.
    I hope you have a good play date tomorrow with Tineke!

  15. Wondering how you were and you turned up. Glad to see your time away was stitching The quilt will be great.

    Hope DH is better and you had your night out.
    We are all praying for thoes in Christchurch. Our part of the world has had enough natural happenings for a while now.
    Happy Week

  16. I love your klosjes...they are the best! Hope hubbies tummy bug passes and you both can find some special time to celebrate! Happy stitching! Are you feeling better these days?

  17. Wat goed dat je er nog steeds mee bezig bent Valentina, en dan nog wel 61 nieuwe klosjes, wauw! wat een fantastische update.

    groetjes, Jeanet

  18. Goede viering gehad? En, is je naaimachine alweer terug? Je maakt die klosjes wel in een moordend tempo: 61 in 2 dagen tijd?! Respect!


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