Sunday, February 13, 2011

silver lining

Despite the misery of a lingering cough, I have been really enjoying the unexpected silver lining: Klosjes!

I don't know if this happens to you, but when I am sick, my horizon shrinks and my focus tends to shift inward. The blessing of this is that I have been very aware where I am choosing my limited energy to go: into getting better, into keeping my kids nurtured and happy and into stitching a bit.
Well, bit by bit I ended up with 52 new Klosjes, a flower border, and a clear idea as to how my Klosjes Quilt will look at the end.
These were the only two that were stitched in Aruba,
 but became the first of the new 52 that have been added since.

I had been struggling for months with many lay-out ideas for my Klosjes and finally decided to go with simple. I like simple. And I like that it will show the Klosjes in all their glory without distraction. It just means that I need a lot more Klosjes: 198 more... and that will bring my grand total to 720.

The first of the completed corners! :)
120 Klosjes per corner = 480 plus the 240 already in the centre makes 720! What?!

Had I known this last February, when I first started this love affair with my Klosjes, I might have had some trepidation. :)

Now, I do not regret it, and feel extremely happy that now I know where we are going. However, I know that my time with Klosjes is coming to an end and have decided to put all other projects on hold until I bring this quilt to fruition.

For me this was always a quilt worth making, and seeing it coming together now,  is really exciting...

So don't you agree this is a nice silver lining? 

taken from the plane on our way back home to Cyprus

Missing you, and hoping you are well, enjoying your stitching, and finding your own silver linings,

And yes, Happy Valentine's Tomorrow!


view of the Mediterranean yesterday morning,
just for you!


  1. WOW! This is going to be an amazing quilt! Be well and take care of that cough!

  2. My goodness, this is going to be a heirloom quilt. It's looking absolutely beautiful already. I real labor of love. Happy Valentine's Day to you too. Vreni xx

  3. OO prachtig Cyprus daar denk ik aan terug met een hart vol liefde en ook ben ik verliefd op je klosjes quilt zoo mooi
    een hele fijne dag

  4. I'll say you had a silver lining. The quilt is going to be stunning! It all looks so terrific!

  5. I'm grinning at my monitor right now! What a fabulous, gorgeous plan! Sometimes when we're forced to slow down we relax enough to let inspiration hit us; looks like you are on your way to a truly stunning outcome!

  6. Wow, such progress. Such a wonderful outlook...the silver lining!! Thanks for sharing the sunset, flowers and the beautiful view of the gorgeous water too!!

  7. Good for you, to be aware, and caring about the 'thing's' that are important in life! It's the same with me, go slow, and enjoy the simple things. (so not much time for blogging,and reading/commenting at other blogs..)
    About simple, there's noting simple about the klosjes... I just LOVE the klosjes quilt, it's growing into a wonderful piece!

  8. Your klosjes top is looking beautiful. Love the way you are putting the klosjes together. Happy Valentines Day. Hope you get better soon. Hugs,

  9. Sorry to hear you are still getting over your cough but look at all those wonderful little Klosjes! Your quilt is going to be stunning when it is finished.

    I am envious of your ocean view!!!!

  10. STUNNING QUILT!!!!! OH MY LORD!!!! love it!

  11. It's going to be one wonderful quilt! Hugs

  12. Wow!!! That is going to be one quilt you will love, it is looking great.....always look on the bright side.

  13. So glad your o.k. The family always comes first.

    Klosjes are beautiful and the corners a wonderful setting.

    Happy Valentines Day. Thanks for the views.

  14. Good to hear that you re OK again. Your klosjeslap will be spectaculair - it is a good decision to focus on this project now that you have determined how the final look will be. I can imagine how wonderful it will look in you livingroom, or will it come to the cottage?

    The picture you took from the plain gave me shivvers.... I remember flying that same night/morning out of Larnaca and we had the same beautiful way of starting a new day here in Frankfurt. But NO I do not see a silver lining.... to me it is a golden frame...

    Can' t wait to see you next week and stitch along...

  15. This is going to be a fantastic quilt!!! And what a beautiful view you have.
    Hope, you will be feeling better very soon. Family and health is muich more important than blogging. Blogging comes, when we have a little extra to give.

  16. How gorgeous your quilt is looking , the setting is fantastic. Happy Valentines day and take care, feel better soon.

  17. Your klosjes quilt is looking amazing! Hope you feel better soon, and thanks for dropping by. Best wishes to your family too :) Happy crafting, Jenny

  18. Klosjes Quilt is amazing !!!!!!!!
    Take care of you and happy Valentine day.

  19. I can't wait to see this quilt finished - it will be so fabulous! And Happy Valentine's Day Valentina!

  20. Wonderful Valentina - a silver lining indeed. Have a wopnderful Valentines day...your klosjes (spelling?) are fantastic!

  21. Wat een prachtige foto's wat een helder blauwe zee geweldig. En wat wordt je klosquilt prachtig. Een ontzettend mooi ontwerp heb je gemaakt ben er helemaal weg van.

  22. Seeing all your Klosjes makes me so sad. Let me explain. It's been almost a year ago when I first saw yours and you were so sweet to try and help me get started. I've never quite found the "groove" but this is still a project I want to do so maybe there's hope for me. Your quilt is going to be unbelievably stunning!!!!! Thanks for the inspiration :).

  23. Dear friend, good to hear you are getting better slowly...... It does shrink your horizon; at least I experience it the same way.
    Hope you completely recover soon!
    Your klosjes look great! What a lovely quilt this is going to be! Enjoy your family and your stitching!
    Love, Ria.

  24. Dear Valentina, I hope you are resting and recovering in the Lord ..... His Word will help lift your spirit. How beautiful and inspiring your quilt is :0) as you say if you had known before hand you may not have started on such a daunting project, but wow! look what you would have missed! If you have a moment to visit my little blog .... you will discover how you were part of my silver trail :0)
    with love,
    Valerie xx Oxfordshire UK

  25. Valentina , klosjes in total!!! It will be a nice and intense quilt. Congratulations already! Your work is wonderful!! Greetings from Bruges-Belguim Carine

  26. Hope you feel better! The quilt is gorgeous!

  27. I've so missed keeping up with your blog the last few months! Like you, during some "rough" times I've turned to my little klosjes for comfort and tried to keep up with the twins! Thank you for the lovely photo...what a blessing for this quilter who is currently snowbound and without an idea of when we'll be set free! Thank goodness for stashes! ;-) (and little klosjes to sew!) Hugs and prayers to you, hope you are feeling a bit better too!

  28. I love how you've decided to set your klosjes! The deep blue is just wonderful. 720 klosjes - WOW! I do hope you are over your cough.

  29. Hope you are feeling much better by now.
    Your quilt is going to be stunning and there is so much work involved ... I look forward to seeing a finished picture.


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