Saturday, February 26, 2011

Saturday night Klosjes

Spending some lovely quiet time with my Klosjes, tonight. I have 20 finished and a bowl full of 'partials', which I will get through by tomorrow night.
I am feeling like my old self again, and have been celebrating that by having a deliciously busy week, which included a 'play-date' with Tineke and a visit to the indoor park with the boys. Klosjes continue to be my constant companions and they really are moving along nicely. Tineke and I even managed to make some together amidst the catching up, planning and giggling.
I have also had some sleepless nights dreaming of new projects... :) Isn't it fun how we start dreaming of our next project just as we are finishing what we are working on? :)
I am missing my charm-hexies, but know I will be more inclined to work on them when the summer heat arrives. In the meantime, I had the joy of meeting Liz, and order a beautiful pattern from her achingly beautiful blog.
ooooh, life is good!
thinking of you, and trying to sneak in some visits a day, looking forward to catching up soon!

Sunday night update: yeay! after finishing the 'partials' in the bowl I now have added an extra 25, making my week's total 45. This added to the 585 I had makes it... 630! Happy dance!!!
Oh oh, even better: I only have 90 more to go!
wish me luck!


  1. Good to know you have bounced back, my lovely friend xx

  2. So happy to read that you are feeling well again :-). Wish you lots of fun with your klosjes. I will be making some mug rugs tomorrow. Fabrics are cut, just waiting for me to make the sewingmachine reading.
    Have a great saturday evening and sunday.
    Take care, dear blogfriend,

  3. Hello my lovely friend :-)
    I'm so glad you're feeling more like your self... and having some fun!!
    I've been thinking of you xox
    Robyn :-)

  4. Yes life IS good, great, even fantastic! Love the spools and the fact that they are good friends to you.
    I think most of us plan and dream about the next projects...that's all part of the fun.
    The sun is shinning and even though here in New Zealand we are as a nation having a tough time, we must keep going, paying our taxes, doing the washing, feeding our kids....and sewing.

  5. Glad you're feeling better. Oh my gosh I clicked on the links...gorgeous! Don't you love the rubbery thimble? I have a hot pink one.

  6. Perseverance is the key to finish those klosjes, and I know you're so good at it. The day coming when you're done and OH WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT ! Hold on, my sweet, you're reaching your goal ;>)
    And YESSSSSSSSS, THEN we can start together that gorgeous new project. FUN FUN FUN


  7. Klosjes for Saturday are happening happily.
    Your posts sound like your self All giggles. Enjoy the week.

  8. It was great seeing you again Val and I can't believe I actually managed to make 4 klosjes while you were here!!!
    BTW: I saw a clown yesterday, with two colourful he THE clown?

  9. Mooie klosjes heb je gemaakt en wat een leuke ontmoetingen heb je afgelopen week gehad. Het patroon is prachtig. O jee wat een verleidingen komen we overal toch tegen.

  10. Hello Valentina, so glad you are feeling better and sounding more like yourself. Have just done a naughty thing and sent off for the Camelot pattern. Keep at those klosjes, the end is in sight.
    Love Shirley.xx

  11. valentina, thank you for the link to 'broderie' and it has been so nice to meet you in these last few days, many miles between us, but instant friends! nadine has also been in touch and told me you are friends !

  12. i have just read your little verse 'my patchwork family' how beautiful! and thanks also for sending me the photos of the boys, very gorgeous boys!

  13. You're Klosjes must really be piling up! And yes, oh yes it really is fun to drift off into sleep (if you can call it sleep) thinking about the next project as you're wrapping on up. So many things to create, so many beautiful things...

  14. I have never tried the klosjes but I have been tempted everytime I see your lovely work .The quilt will be so beautiful .So glad you are feeling back to your old self , and getting back into your sewing . Take care and have a wonderful day . hugs Sheila

  15. That's the spirit! Je hebt al een hele berg klosjes gemaakt. Weet je al hoe groot de quilt gaat worden?
    Fijne en creatieve week!

  16. Steady wins the race! I can't wait to see your klosjes quilt when it is all done. It will be an heirloom with all the hours you put into it!

  17. Hi sweet Valentina! I see your back to your normal routine with your beautiful klosjes, you must be hand sewing them it would be difficult by machine,I always dream of new project and it is really a problem,I wish you well and I also can't wait for warmer wheather to arrive ,wish you and your family well.xoxo theodora

  18. Glad you are feeling better. Your photos of Arubra as so amazing, Yes, their colors and designs must just be a part of you and they come out when you create. It was nice to get "caught up" on your comings and goings!


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