Friday, April 1, 2011

Spring has sprung!

the poppies taking their rightful place in the olive groves
Corner #3!!!

And there was cake!

Hoping your week was a happy as mine!


  1. Your klosje quilt is really coming together! Darling!

  2. Happy birthday to you my dear friend. Hope you have had a fabulous day. Glad to see the cake is pink. Does that mean all your klosjes are sewn together?
    Love Shirley.x

  3. Happy birthday I guess? Wat een lekkere cake en zo mooi! Je hebt echt een heleboel aan je klosjesquilt gedaan. Ik moest een beetje bijlezen en las dat je trip naar Holland echt een hele ervaring was met die workshop en zo.
    Fijn he, de lente? En bij jullie al zo ver lijkt me.

  4. Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag!!
    Wat worden je klosjes prachtig!!

    Ja wat genieten als alles weer gaat bloeien in de natuur..

  5. Happy Birthday Valentin! Spring Birthday chick (wink!)- Enjoy my fellow GDIL - Hugs Nat

  6. Oh Happy Birthday Valentina! :o)
    May I ask the date as I am a March birthday girl?
    Love your spring blossoms and I would most enjoy a cup of camomile tea with you.

  7. First of all: Happy Birthday dear Valentina! I hope your cake tasted as good as it looked. Your spring flowers are just gorgeous and what can I say about your klosjes corner??? Now you are truly on the homestretch.

  8. Happy Birthday! Such a beautiful time of year to have a birthday! Your photos are so crystal clear and the colours come right throgh to me, as if I am there. This quilt is going to be a prize winner! One for the history books! I know you an you are already thinking about how you will quilt it.... How you do all you do, just amazes, encourages and inspires me. I love coming to visit you. Xo

  9. I think I was so mesmerized by your quilt, that I did not notice your cake was a oi cushion! Oh what a sweeeeet personal gesture! Now you have me thinking.... Hmmmm..... Quilting with, no, no, too dangerous for me. Id better stick with fabrics. Happy Birthday my friend. :)

  10. Heel veel gezellige jaartjes gewenst Valentina.
    de zomergeurtjes dringen zich door het scherm heen, die bloemetjes zien wij hier alleen in de zomer. Voorjaarsgroetjes uit Hall, Bep

  11. Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag Valentina! Je taart ziet er heel lekker uit!
    Groetjes Berbel

  12. Three corners ....yippy! The end is in sight and what beautiful end!
    Today I start on our joint venture Val...and I will be back in Cyprus by the end of the week (yeah, I know it is crazy, but what's new? ) .

  13. Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag wat een mooie taart heerlijk. Ik hoop dat je lekker verwend bent. En natuurlijk nog heel veel jaren erbij gewenst. En de foto's die je laat zien ook geweldig mooi.

  14. As always, thanks for making my day brighter. The flowers are so good for the soul. Your cake is adorable and I just cannot wait to see your Klosjes quilt. It's coming along and it's going to be incredible!!

  15. Happy Birthday, sunshine xx

  16. happy birthday valentina and what a gorgeous cake! your quilt will be so beautiful all complete and i love the pink blossom, my mother carried that same blossom when she was married.

  17. Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag en nog vele jaren met leuke dingen (zoals quilten). Wat ziet die taart er lekker uit! Daar heb je vast van genoten.

  18. Spring has arrived-it is beautiful!!

    Happy Happy birthday!! I love your spool quilt!

  19. Happy Birthday, dear Valentina :-).
    What lovely springphotos. I hope, you had a wonderful day.
    Have a nice saturday evening and sunday.

  20. What a gorgeous cake!! How did you ever cut into it? Of course I love your klosjes. They are so small!

  21. Happy birthday. Spring (my favourite time of the year) is so pretty in your part of the world - our weather is becoming cooler these days.

  22. Oooooohhhhhhh!! I didn't know it was your Birthday! ;/
    But I'm so happy you had a great day!!! Enjoy, my dear friend!!!!!!!! Love your spring-pictures! Cyrus is ahead of us...... Here there are just some occasional blossems and the trees are just starting to turn green. Love to see those colours!
    Big hugs to you!!!!

  23. Dear Valentina!
    Happy Birthday!! The Cake look soo yamm!! The Klosjies Corner is great! Now only one Corner? I'm soo to await eagerly, how looks the finish Quilt!!
    So I wish you all the Best for the new Live-age and enjoy the spring!
    Sweet regards, Rita

  24. Happy birthday Valentina!!!!! Hope you were spoiled rotten. Your klosjes looks fantastic. Mine is still coming on s..l..o..w..l..y. Hugs, Zelda

  25. A belated very happy birthday to you! That cute little cake looks just right for a creative lady such as yourself. Someone ordered (or made) a lovely BD treat.
    You just keep going and going with those klosjes. It's going to be an heirloom when it's done.
    Ahhhhhhh -- lovely spring is definitely coming!

  26. Happy Birthday even with the family by-law I'm late but love ya just the same The klosjes are coming together beautifuly.
    Brilliant Flowers

  27. A very happy birthday to you, Valentina! I have not had the time to read blogs in the last few days, hence this delayed reaction.
    I love your cake!


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