Saturday, April 16, 2011

Klosjes and Camelot 'in my Garden' with Dear Jane

What a week: 'Klosjes' got basted, more Camelot blocks got prepped, Charm hexies got dusted off the shelf, I received my long-awaited first BOM (ever!) from Dorry in Holland and my backgrounds for Dear Jane arrived... and we had 2 kiddy birthday parties to attend. ( and my quilt for Japan!)
I'm tired.

and happy!
and I think this is going to be a long post. (while 'they' take a nap...)

Ok, Klosjes. I am so happy with how it has turned out. And reading your comments was like pinching myself- realizing what it all means. Thank you again for being such a HUGE part of it!
This morning I finally set up my quilting station ( at the back of the arm-chair) and put it the first few stitches in. Oh- it feels sooo great to be quilting again! So this is where I will be in the evenings. :)

I decided on Natural colour quilting thread, lightweight cotton batting, and a lovely Delft Blue backing. It will be quilted 'in the ditch' outlining the Klosjes. I will let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, there has been Camelot. Oh, swooooon...

I got the this Trish Harper pattern from Liz. Visit her to see some exquisite pictures of this quilt.
I am still not sure about my background, but love what Shirley is doing with hers...
Una has been drafting her own blocks from the George III quilt that stole our hearts last year at the V&A exhibition.
picture of the original King George III quilt found here
Please visit Una for a much better explanation and to admire her blocks.
I also found out this week that Marta has been drafting the blocks in their original tiny size.
I have resisted jumping into this delicious temptation... so far... :)

I am enjoying my Camelot so very much. I have been struggling with the curvy parts, but I have been learning- while enjoying myself tremendously. I am making mine using my little stack of rainbow Liberties.
(My first ever purchase from Purl Soho, which was a dreamy experience in and of itself!)
So, block 1 got carefully hand-stitched using the first Liberty in the stack, ect. I am enjoying the challenge of picking the colours and well...

Meet block 1

It has been quite hazy today and so I promise better pictures when the blocks are nicely pressed and stitched into their background. I can't wait, :).

On wednesday afternoon I spent some quality time with my hexies. I will report on them next wednesday.
On thursday I got a package in the mail from Holland. My Anni Downs 'In my Garden' BOM that Danielle has been stitching for Dorry. I am so happy to be doing this with Daan and Ria. One of my quilting resolutions this year is to get over my irrational fear of applique. I believe that the relaxed design of this quilt is going to help me to focus and get comfortable with the stitching. I have been enjoying the early morning light to do this... :)

Oh my dear, Jane...
Years ago I started a Jane Stickle Quilt. But I had no real plan or vision, and dropped it after only a few blocks.
Now the time seems right to try again. But I have been struggling with Dear Jane. Settling on one particular style or colour scheme is proving to be very hard. And yet, knowing that this time around I would like to get past the first row, I am savouring this challenge as part of my Dear Jane Journey. I have  joined Jovita and a group of her friends to make a Contemporary Jane, and am really looking forward to all the things that Jane is going to be teaching me. Any suggestions from those of you that have gone through this Journey already, are very welcome!

Sorry for the long post. But it was now or never. The boys are on Easter holidays for 2 weeks, and so I don't know how much I might be able to post in the weeks to come between church services next week and a possible stay in the mountains after Easter. But I will do my best to be back as often as I can.

I have to let you know that I am finally getting this post done as my kids are entranced watching Fantasia for the first time! I had to share that bit of magic with you! :)

Hoping you are enjoying your stitching as much as I am,


  1. Oh wat een heerlijke post!!! Ik heb alle linkjes aangklikt en zal eens alles bekijken...
    Volgens mij kom ik stuiterend weer terug...

  2. I'm so excited about everything you are doing!! How cool to be QUILTING your klosjes :-) I must get on and finish mine. I've admired Shirley's Camelot blocks too but am strictly sitting on my hands there!! I look forward to see your version of Dear Jane - contemporary sounds fun!! Have a great Easter break with your boys.

  3. Your garden is crowded with all the projects going on and yet to come. A contemporary DJane sounds like a wonderful project. I'll be watching that one with as much interest as all your lovely current projects.
    Hopefully you're getting your things done as Fantasia is entertaining the little ones.

  4. You are quilting your spool quilt already!? Fantastic!! You have so many delightful projects- I love seeing and hearing about each one.

  5. What a lovely post Valentina, I wish you all the very best with your BOM, I think Danielle has made the most beautiful blocks! Ilove the red and white quilt in the background, can't take my eyes off it! Wishing you all the very best, Ann ~ Australia xx ps. my blog address is a little different now...xx

  6. Happy Easter you.
    I feel you will love your Klosjes quilt when all finished and hand quilted, it will be fabulous!
    There is some special about hand quilting.Thanks again for sharing all your news.

  7. Oh such wonderful projects! So detailed and delicate. I love the Klosjes quilt, that is going to be just gorgeous!

  8. What a post!! You've got a lot going on - my head hurts!! Not sure what Camelot is, I'll have to check it out. Your little circle blocks are amazing. Have a great break with the boys.

  9. Hallo Valentina!
    I say onli "Happy Quilting"!!!;))
    The Quilt will be sooo beautiful! And we say, "Good thing will have time!"
    I see today the first time the "George" patterns!! There are sooo beautiful!
    Now, I must go to work!
    I wish you beautiful holydays and have a good time!
    Hugs, Rita

  10. A wonderful post. Thank you I've spent a whole nap visiting all your links. Some are very tempting Contemporary Dear Jane. ah (but I am 7ish blocks behind in the Civil War Quilt)
    Wisdom dictates some completions are needed.
    Klosjes are beautiful and also Camelot are you foundation or hand piecing?

    Happy stitching and enjoy spring and upcoming Easter.

  11. That's so exciting that you're quilting your Klosjes! And usually I'm not so fond of circles but your Camelot blocks are tempting me to change my mind!!

  12. Interesting post, buzy Valentina. Beautiful klosjes, wonderful start with Camelot and contemporary Jane, hum....I can't resist ! XO

  13. Wow, everything looks so pretty. I just love those Camelot blocks. As King Arthur is said to be buried here in Glastonbury, I ought to make a few don't you think? :-D

  14. Wat is dit mooi allemaal en wat ben je met veel bezig heerlijk om te lezen. Heel veel plezier bij het quilten van de klosjes en de Camelot, wat een prachtig patroon en een uitdaging om deze te maken. Je blokken zijn geweldig mooi. Ook veel plezier bij de BOM van Anni Downs en ja als je het samen met Daan en Ria gaat doen komt het helemaal goed. Wat geweldig om te lezen dat je de Dear Jane weer verder gaat maken. Als je op mijn blog kijkt aan de linkerkant, ik weet niet of je dit als weet, en de blog That Quilt opzoekt krijg je heel veel informatie over elk blok, punt en hoekpunt. Er wordt daar met plaatjes voorgedaan hoe je ze kunt maken misschien heb je daar iets aan? Er is zelfs een kleuren voorbeeld. Kijk zelf maar.
    Heel veel plezier en succes met alles ik blijf je volgen. Een hele fijne dag.

  15. Hi, sweetie ;>)
    We talked so much about your projects, and now I'm SO proud seeing them on your blog!
    SO HAPPY, as well, that you finally decided to make that "Jane Cruise" with me...
    The sky is the limit !

  16. Exquisite Camelot blocks. It also much be so rewarding to have your spools into a quilt and be able to sit and stitch. Enjoy your sewing days.

  17. Oh, your klosjes quilt is gorgeous and I'm glad to have another person join me in hand quilting! Doesn't it feel wonderful to get those first few stitches in?

    Your other projects .... exciting work and I look forward to seeing more!

  18. Oh, Valentina, your work is sooo lovely! I would love to have those circles hanging on my wall just as you show them. They are works of art!

  19. Your Camelot blocks look incredibly difficult and very beautiful!! You have so many done already too. Enjoy your Easter break with your boys!

  20. Be still my beating heart. The poor thing is being so overworked. Your blocks are so good and such a lovely show and tell. You are a human dynamo, I cannot keep up with you.
    Love Shirley.x

  21. Goed om weer eens bij je te kunnen lezen. Soms heb je van die drukke weken. Heerlijk blogje heb je weer! Ik heb zitten genieten. En dan beginnen mijn vingers ook gelijk weer te kriebelen. Moet maar snel weer met een quiltwerkje in mijn handen zitten. Maar ja, dan is er nog mijn haaksprei, mijn borduurproject en mijn raamhorren. Ach, straks lekker 5 dagen vrij, en dan ga ik genieten.

  22. "Swoon" - such a good word and so right for those Camelot blocks - beautiful (as is everything you're working on).

  23. What a yummy post! I am desperate to start a new paper piecing project and have a box of saved Liberty's just waiting for the right size templates (but after looking at your lovely stack I know I need more!). Your camelot blocks look amazing, but I am thinking nice simple diamonds...

  24. Nou heb ik even niet opgelet en zag ik even terug je klosjestop, in een woord: Geweldig! Heel bijzonder en zo groot. De kleuren zijn helemaal goed maar dat had ik vast al eens gezegd. Je camelot cirkels zijn erg mooi. Ik heb er dan ook van alles over gelezen en het boek van Kaffe Fasset besteld waar V&A quilts in staan. Genoeg te doen dus!
    Succes met al het moois!

  25. I just love to see how your klosjesquilt comes , along!!!! So great!
    And the camelotblocks are so colourful! Enjoy your cruise with Jane; it will be just awesome to see her quilt in such lovely colours!
    Dear friend, missed you so much!
    Enjoy your family and your stitching!


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