Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Summer days

Despite the bumpy start, this summer is turning out to be one to remember. The boys do not start school for another 3 weeks and with the soaring temperatures here in Cyprus, there is still a lot of summer to be had.
I am well, and very happy- Thanks again for all the lovely emails and comments. Your love, concern, friendship (and countless jokes!) mean the world to me. :)
So, where have I been and what have I been up to? Plenty!

Thanks to some friends that always seem to get me into trouble-- yes, YOU! :), and me being in a fragile convalescent state (ahum! ok, maybe I am exaggerating a wee bit... :) I have fallen into temptation.

Despite my better judgement and steadfast resolve, I have found myself working obsessively on a new project-  blush blush...
The problem is that I have been having way to much fun to be repentant, and have been having a great time working on my sewing machine again. It's been like being on Quilting Holiday! LOL

I think, I better show you:

These are some of the 36-patch blocks I have been making through Amanda Jean's Quilt-Along. I made the mistake of reading through her very interesting assembly tips, and it became a case of : humm, I need to try this... Famous last words!
She encouraged us to go through our stash ruthlessly, at least that is how I interpreted it. And so my naughty streak took over and before you know it, I was slashing irreverently through my Den Haan & Wagenmaker Dutch Chintzes. Yes, that I have been keeping in the Holy of Holies section of my stash, you know that place... LOL

Oh, but it was so liberating and so much fun. I had been collecting these fabrics for ages, and I am so happy that I allowed myself to see them in a new light; like combined with stripes, polka dots and funky prints.

I soon realized that I could cut an extra strip of fabric and make a second, smaller 16-patch identical quilt. The perfect gift for Nadine, who will be celebrating a very special birthday in december. :)
The funny thing is that many of these fabrics we either bought together last year in Provence or swooned over. So having her be part of the process has been a gift that keeps on giving. :) And she's happy!

There is also a certain Farmer's wife that has been making an appearance around here. My friend Elena brought it up, I refused and gave her a lecture... sorry! :) Michelle caught me off guard with her blocks. I swooned. Amanda and Angela have been having the QuiltAlong.  I had been doing my best to ignore it. Then the Flickr Group, which I have been avoiding... So leave it to Nadine to start sending me pictures! Soon Book Depository delivered the book for free, I fall in love with the cute size of it: it's square and about 1 1/2 the size of a CD... ooohh! Then Kathinca sweetly invites me to join her and Marga to report of fridays... and I can't stop dreaming of what flavour I would like this quilt to have...

What is a girl to do? If you can't fight them, join them, I say!

Which means that from straying I now need even more resolve not to abandon 'Jane', 'Camelot', and 'In my Garden'... oh yes, and my kids! :)

speaking of kids, last week I spend quite some time with my perpetual summer project: my charm hexies. The centre star is done, but not completely stitched together yet. This has made it easier to take along. And these Hexies have gotten around! :)
Now I am stitching 'white' hexies around the outer diamonds, like this.

Once I am done with this part, I hope to stitch them all up into a giant hexagon. I have plenty of charm hexies left, which will fill the background and give me a square quilt. Hopefully by next summer. :)

Sending you my love, and loooots of hot summer sun for those of you that feel you might have not gotten your fill,

By the way: have I ever shown you this? The Ultimate Patchworker's floor! Can you imagine? :)

floor in a greek souvlaki and gyro place in the food court at the Mall!


  1. Hey...your hexagons are back ... still yummy! Will you keep me posted on Tristan?

    I like the new photocollage a lot.
    Finally some sun here too ... i had a temperature shock last week!

  2. Love your hexies! And hurray for cutting into the Den Haan & Wagenmakers fabrics. They are for using, not for keeping LOL. I really love the 36-patches you made with them!

  3. oh Valentina you do like to tempt and tease don't you. i have dreaming about that 36-patch quilt. i have so many favorite fabrics that would be fun to use. don't lose sight of your jane though, i took another week off - because i was addicted to hexies but this week i must post another block. and that floor, oh my, just amazing!

  4. Now, dear V, you know I care for you a lot - but this is simply not fair!! You are tempting a feeble soul... This spring/summer I have been thinking of squares and how I love them so. So this is perhaps too tempting? How gorgeous the ones you have made are! xo, U

  5. Hoi Valentina, zo'n blokjesquilt lijkt mij ook wel iets,ik ben echt van de simpele quiltjes en restjes zijn hier genoeg, groetjes Bep

  6. I hope to see your version of that quilted floor very soon?!!! Wow what a busy summer you have been having. I don't know what has happened to our English one but it is certainly a damp squib. I feel now that after seeing all your new projects that I can start another one and know that it is ok and not feel too guilty. Enjoy all that sun, I am envious.

  7. OMG I want that floor!!!

    Your hexies are looking great, such joyous colours.

    Thankyou for sending me some sun, I NEED it here in cool, cloudy England.


  8. Back from The Book Depository.... couldn't resist, HeeHee ;>) Hope I'll get it before leaving.

  9. Dutch Chintz Hexagons and a must see floor.

    Sounds like 3 weeks from now will be a busy and exciting one.

  10. I don't know how you manage it all!! Love the shop floor :) Happy crafting, Jenny


  12. Cyprus...sun...warmth! It all sounds glorious, especially as I am rugged up in bed listening to sleet hit the roof and wondering if the predictions of more snow tomorrow might be true! Your blog made me smile, and then laugh, so thank you. Your projects are lovely, I spent the day 'trapped' inside happily ironing and then cutting out two new projects so I really can't complain about the weather. I do hope you'll make a fabric version of those gorgeous floor tiles someday soon. It would be a crime not to!

  13. Good for you for using those treasured fabrics. I have learned to do that too; not wait and wait until I don't like them anymore ;). Love the quilt you've made for Nadine - what a lucky lady. Enjoy the rest of your summer and keep cool.

  14. I'm soooooo grateful to you for that wonderful quilt you're making for me, mwah! I just can't dtop coming back and looking at it, again and again. This is really too good to be true. Yessss, indeed, I'm so lucky ;>)


  15. Good to see you posting, Valentina. And I love that floor. Hmmm... maybe you should consider reproducing it as your next quilting challenge?!?

  16. I also jumped straight into the 36-patch blocks and find them great fun to make. Now, if I could just follow your lead and CUT, CUT, CUT my beloved fabrics and actually use them, then I'd be a wiser woman, rather than a hoarder.
    How clever of you to use that 2nd strip and made a 16-patch quilt. Two quilts from the effort needed for one. Smart gal!

    That floor is unbelievable. I'll echo Shirley's astute question -- how soon will you be making your own fabric version? Now THAT would be fun!

  17. 2 new projects - how very exciting! The 16 and 36 patches look great all laid out together. Good for you to cut into those special fabrics and use them. Your hexies, as always, look so beautiful! I love the tile floor - I also love Greek Souvlaki. I would want to eat there all the time :0)

  18. Great projects! You have been busy with those 36 patch blocks, it's going to be a great quilt! Love the floor, thanks for sharing that with us!

  19. Your quilts are fantastic! How fun to find a perfect project for your special fabric.

    That tile floor is wonderful!

  20. Hi sweet friend, can I come convalesce with you????? You've been busy! This is some beautiful eye candy (especially the floor LOL). Stay cool, and I look forward to seeing you progress on your many projects.

  21. Oh what a fun post! I love that floor by the way. :) I was terribly tempted to make those 36 patch blocks. I think it's on my list of to-create's but I'm a bit overloaded to start. I just know I can't so stop with this beauty and fun business, okay? Oh my… you're really tempting.

  22. I've been admiring your 36 patch quilt here for some time - thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comments!

  23. Wow, you have so much on the go, you are amazing! Don't worry - we will keep reminding you that we want to see your finished Camelot! And you can remind me that I have still only completed 5 Farmer's Wife blocks!! Can't wait to see more Valentina!

  24. One of my favorite quilts I've ever made, and I can see it from where I"m sitting, was made with 2" jellyroll strips. I just sewed a light n dark and made blocks with 3o" squares in each. Just randomly did it and it was such fun to not think too much, just enjoy the project! I am in need of doing this again and thank you for inspiring me!!! I have so much fabric and what am I saving it for?!?! So happy to hear your perky voice, you sound wonderful! I am glad to hear this! :) I love all of your project!!!! and that floor! wowzer!


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