Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer fun

escaping the heat of Nicosia
and going to the forests of Troodos

There's been splashing in cool pools and hiking up and down mountains. And it has been a lot of fun and adventure. But Mama and Dad are tired! ...and need a quiet break, only for a few days, in Prague...
Yes, we'll bring you lots of presents, and yes, you'll have lots of fun at Yayia's (grandma)...

Enjoying the beautiful nature trails in the Troodos Mountains. 

Oh I cannot tell you how I am looking forward to this 4 day get-away: My camera is packed, I have my walking shoes on, and a good book in my bag... and Hubby all to myself!

It was a great incentive to get my 36-patch blocks done.

If you are interested, you can see all of them on my Flickr set. Okay, I still have 2 to go from the 72, but I always like to leave some blocks till after I lay them all out. Being a king size quilt, there might be some colours that want a bit more support, and having some unfinished blocks gives me that option.
I also had a brainwave for the centre of the quilt. I took an orphan block from a project I decided long ago no longer to pursue, and I think that after some tweaking it might just work.

what do you think?

I send you my love, as always, and look forward to sharing Prague with you.
    Now, I'm off!


Late summers in the mountain villages
enjoying the grapes, figs and cold watermelons...


  1. Wonderful walking places you have been and busy sewing!

  2. Enjoy Enjoy and take lots of pictures to share.
    I like the photos of the mountain villages.
    The quilt looks good. I think the center with squares on point adds interest.
    Enjoy both of you.

  3. Have a lovely trip. You sure deserve it. …and I love the idea for something different in the center of the 36-patch.

  4. Such beautiful and peaceful landscapes ! Oh yessss, I can imagine the boys just having SO MUCH fun ;>)
    As to your center block I can only find 3 words : Oh My God !!! LOOOOVE it!
    (I also commented your gorgeous last blocks, on Flickr)
    ENJOY your trip to Prague, have FUN, walk a lot, and make LOTS of pictures, too (+ drink one special chocolate milk for me ;>)


  5. Looks like you got a haircut from your previous profile pic - I like it! The block you put in the center is perfect! Thanks for the Prague pics - looking forward to more!

  6. Enjoy your time away, it sounds like a terrific get away. As for the center block, LOVE it! That will just make this quilt so original and add a special design touch.

  7. un petit coucou de la France

    très très jolie ton patchwork!

    bisou du Monde de Baïka

  8. Have a fabulous time Valentina; I'm sure your boys will have a great time at their grandparents too, and neat for you to have time with your hubby. Your big blocks are looking great- a good idea to find an orphan block for the centre.

  9. Have a great time in Prague! Take lots of pictures to share - I look forward to seeing them. Your orphan block looks lovely! I think it will be a great addition to your 36 patch quilt.

  10. Heel veel plezier in Praag en wat een mooie blokken heb je weer gemaakt.

  11. Like your nature photo's! I survived the working summer... 1,5 weeks to go, and then I can enjoy two weeks of rest, relaxing, and finding all my blogging friends again. Have fun and lots of "me" and "just the two of you" time in Prague!

  12. Aaaa - have a lovely time! As for the center - it will be beautiful. Reading the story of an 'orphan' block coming home, and in such a great way made me smile:) See you when you come back - hopefully relaxed and pampered;)

  13. I hope you're having a lovely trip and I bet the boys are having a lovely time. Your idea for the 36 patch looks a good idea.


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