Friday, August 26, 2011

Just a quick hello from Prague to post my Farmer's wife progress for this week.
Block 4 and 6 were easy enough for me to be able to stitch them before leaving on holiday.
I am so pleased with the nautical weathered look so far. 

It has been fun doing progress report with Kathinca and Marga, and I look forward to catching up to them when I get back.

Hoping you are all having a great time and have a fun weekend planned ahead!

Kisses from Prague,
Valentina and her handsome beloved.


  1. Whishing you both a lovely time in Praque!! xxx!

  2. What a fresh look for your blocks!So different to others I have seen.

  3. Oh I do like that red white and blue- very jaunty!
    It's going to be very fresh looking. I have been promising myself a red white and blue quilt for a long time :-D
    Have a wonderful time with your sweetie xx

  4. Valentina, ken je zo goed Nederlands of doe je het vertalen? Dan is het misschien beter voor mij om het in het Engels te doen.
    Vind je blokjes te gek en hoop dat jullie een hele leuke vakantie hebben.


  5. Mooie blokjes weer geproduceerd! En wat lees ik nu! Praag???!!!

  6. Love that Nautical look too!!

  7. Your blocks are coming along quite nicely. I really like the nautical weathered look too.

  8. GORGEOUS blocks Valentina! I have the book and have not made any blocks as of yet. I love your fabrics. I hope you are having a wonderful time in Prague! I KNOW YOU ARE!!! :)


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