Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Jacarandas of Nicosia

Nicosia boasts of many flowering trees gracing its streets and avenues, but in my humble opinion no tree does more to bring a smile on one's face as the periwinkle blue of the majestic Jacaranda. And this year they are more breathtaking than usual, maybe because of a cooler May.

I decided to take my camera along this afternoon on my way to pick up the kids from school, and I am so glad I did, as I really wanted to share their beauty with you, :)


And on the stitching front I am sad to say that I have finished piecing my Camelot blocks.

Seriously, I have been savouring each stitch- and have a strong suspicion I might just have to start another one in the future!
The piecing to the backgrounds is going well and I hope to have a few more done before I show you, :)
Hoping you are having a great week,

ps a special 'xox' for someone in South Africa

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Teddy is sick, Mama...

...and he needs a quilt.
What to say to such a request. Afterall that's what Mama does.
..and teddy he deserves a quilt. what quilt can you make for someone who brings such comfort and companionship! Teddy takes the night-watch so mama can sleep. And mama needs her sleep. Besides who else understands what the last 5 years have been... he started looking like this, and after being taken all over the place,

which does have some perks...

 ...he now looks like this... 

I can relate.
Okay, this means Bunny needs a quilt too. We can't have that!
So I Gotta get to work, people!

So this morning, this has become my priority. Taking a distance from decisions that have been consuming me this week... what background for Camelot?!
I had chosen the first, but then allowed doubt to creep in, and so after weeks of indecision and almost too much inspiration, it came down to these three:

After much internal debate and resorting to seek advice from dear friends, I can argue the case for all three, but at the end it came down to this: I don't have enough of 2 or 3, and would always be left wondering how it would be with the grey. I was dreaming of the grey when I was making my blocks... I needed to follow my first instinct... however the dilemma did teach me a lot. Which actually has a lot to do with 'playing'. I had such fun playing on my little quilts, and realized I have been doing too much 'serious' quilting of late... Need more play, and being at the sewing machine again was such fun:
You think?

And look what I found as backing!

And Bunny-boy was so happy with his! He has been carting Bunny and Quilt all afternoon- Bunny finally got a bit of a break while boy was watching some Scooby-doo, :)

Being a nice day, I was also able to do a bit of a wash:

our lattice quilt

and snowball (really, one of our winter-quilts that likes to hang around longer than our flannel ones!)

I really enjoyed my stitching day today, as you can probably tell ---


Music provided by Sade: my fav's today; great use of colour in the video's if you are into that sort of thing, by the way... :)
By your side, King of Sorrow, and Babyfather--

Enjoy, what ever you need to do today... Maybe Teddy being sick was what we all needed! :)

Sending smiles your way, as always!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

a week in May...

...that included cupcakes and Birthday cake: Our eldest turned 5!

 ...severe dust storms that had me catching up on my indoor gardening: what else is there to do when you are not allowed out?! :)

It was slow, due to the flaring up of my spring allergies, but who cares, really?

Two more Camelots, with a very special patch received from a fellow island-girl...
Sandra, it's the beach scene in pinks and yellows, and the patch is bottom centre towards the right! :)
Thank you soooo much, dear friend!
Also great to know is that Liz and a friend set up a Flickr group for Camelot. This will be a great place to discuss fabric selection and be inspired ( and encouraged as some of the block will take you to the limits of your sanity... breathe in- breathe out... I'm ok--- besides I only have 2 more to go... and I will resist the urge to start a new one until this one is done... Breathe...)

 And today, the skies were clear again and we headed off to a family wedding...

It was beautiful, the boys were handsome and Mama was happy in her new summer dress...

What else would a girl want? ...perhaps some more time to squeeze in as many visits to the Bloggers' Quilt Festival as I can? There is just so much inspiration, and I still have quite a few to cover: 631 entries this Spring!

Hoping you are all having a great weekend, 


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bloggers' Quilt Festival Spring 2011

Thank You, Amy for once again inviting us to participate in this amazing event.
I am so excited to visit fellow bloggers from all over the world, in the course of the next week and to learn more about their quilts, their stories and their blogs. This festival of Quilts always makes me so happy to be a quilter and to be able to share our passion for quilting in this amazing way!

This spring I want to share an 'oldie but goodie' with you. I made this quilt in 2003, to mark my parents 35th wedding anniversary. My mom and dad are so proud of this quilt and only put it on their King sized bed from time to time to mark special occasions. (...or when special visitors come around and the quilt gets taken out of the cedar chest and ceremoniously displayed in conjunction with the latest pictures of their grandchildren.
I have to admit, this is still one of the best feelings in the world and it is right up there with those 10's ( A+ 's) and wonky ashtrays that were so proudly brought home as a child.

 This is one of the first quilts that I ever completed. And those of you that have seen my Klosjes quilt will see a lot of similarities in design, colour and even the same border-fabric used. The centre medallion is paper pieced (I had not done this before and had no idea what I was in for!), and it was was on this quilt that I really learned to hand-Quilt.

Thank You, Mami y Papi, for always believing I could do anything I put my mind and effort to. And thank you for always encouraging and cheering me on, ( ...and giving me a stiff push, when I needed it!)

Your Daughter that misses you and loves you,

All these pictures where taken last January in Aruba, when we were visiting home for the Holidays.

And if you are interested in last year's entry, Baba's quilt, I need to confess that it is still being Quilted...

Enjoy the Festival!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Wishing you joy

and some play time!


with Love, Valentina
(who's being spoiled rotten!)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Charmed by Camelot

Yes, I am. And I am really enjoying each and every block... 

We had a lovely stay in the mountains after Easter, and while the boys played, biked, ran, and had fun splashing, uhhm, sorry, washing the car, I had some time to piece, which has become my favourite Camelot block to date.

 We also made it to the sea-side and it was so much fun seeing the boys being boys, hurling endless pebbles into the ocean, while mom and dad were able to catch their breath from all this unbridled energy 4 year old boys are oh-so notorious for... ex*haus*ting... (*they*were*driving*me* krayzee!!!) Love them. oh yes, I do! :)

 This block had some challenging curves, but thanks to my now intimate relationship with my seam-ripper, it all came together beautifully at the end. Phew!

Thanks to my favourite british friend, I was able to enjoy the Royal Wedding in style. Of course there was tea! And cucumber sandwiches- and Victoria sponge cake with strawberries and cream...

And I was delighted to finish this block while waiting for the wedding to start... a fun way to mark the day. And what did you think of my little flag? Will become my commemorative pincushion!  ok, but did you see that dress! and he looked so handsome, and please can I have some more Victoria sponge? :) Thanks Elena! Unforgettable.

 This week was so nice to have the boys back at school in the mornings. Catching my breath and trying to get back to some kind of routine. Ok- I could have done without the burning/itchy eyes from allergies... but what to do... Stitch! :)
It has been much worst in years past, so I am counting my blessings this year. okay- I stabbed myself once to many... LOL but how could I resist, when there are such blocks...

 This one even has a bit of Den Haan & Wagenmaker Dutch Chintz among all this Liberty of London. Love them...

 I have been enjoying a bit of Jane, Jane Austen, Persuasion this time- while I prepare myself to start Dear Jane... :) I found a great Audio version, which is a lovely companion as I cut and prepared the final Camelot blocks. But I can't resist to stop working at times, and reading along... :) Something so soothing to be read to, isn't it?

And V, your little block is in the mail! Hope you like it--Thanks for thinking of me!

xx V.

My Patchwork Family Through Adoption

A Bit of Africa and China
Came knocking on our door
And in a home where there was longing
Now empty rooms no more

Like a Quilt of Many Colours
Our Family stitched together into One
God's Love and Grace for us Abundant
In the Miracle of our Sons

Written by Valentina