Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lobelias and Klosjes

... are two of my favourite things!

With Spring in the air, Holy week starting and the kids already on their 2 week Easter break I am having to spend more time stitching 'on the go'...

I did manage 22 more Klosjes this week and I am very happy to have a chance to prepare some more today.

I hope You have Happy Stitching plans for the coming weeks and will have a very Blessed Easter celebrating with the ones you love.

We will be going to the mountains and I will miss visiting all of you. But I also hope to have plenty to share with you upon returning. ( maybe even some Applique? Thanks Sue-Anne and Michele!)

Happy Easter and Happy Stitching,



  1. Happy Easter and Happy Stitching Valentina! Your new batch of Klosjes look great.

  2. Happy Easter Valentina...have a wonderful time in the mountains that's my favorite place to go on you're Klosjes and lobelia very vibrant♥

  3. Lovely lobelias, and lovely growing pile of klosjes, together on your sunny terrace! I can almost smell the sweet perfumed breeze ;>)
    Don't worry, dear, I'll be with you in thoughts, there up in the mountains. I still remember the way... I'm missing soo much the awesome landscape, and I remember the kids playing and enjoying the beautiful nature to their hearts content ...

  4. Enjoy the mountain break Valentina, hope you manage some sewing. Something tells me you will have aomething beautiful to show us when you get back.
    Love Shirley.x

  5. Beautiful klosjes, Valentina, Happy Easter & happy stitching ! XOXO

  6. Prachtige klosjes, wederom. Ze zien er fantastisch uit. De blauwe bovenin de foto zijn mijn favoriet, maar ik hou dan ook echt van blauw. En daarom ook van de lobelia. Is het vandaag je verjaardag? Zoja: van harte. Veel plezier in de bergen en tot de volgende keer!

  7. I love the colors you are using for your klosjes, Valentina! And the Lobelias remind me of home, my mother always has them on her porch.
    Enjoy your break!

  8. Mooie klosjes heb je er weer bij en 22 das heel wat op en week tijd.
    Hou ook wel van lobelia's,gaan ook lang mee hé.
    Hier start het passverlof pas volgende week.

  9. Het is de eerste keer dat ik hier ben en ik zie dat ik mijn reactie in het Nederlands kan schrijven. Je blog is erg leuk en je hebt prachtige, vrolijke klosjes gemaakt en zo veel!
    Mooie lobelia's, ik houd erg van deze blauwe kleur.
    Fijne tijd in de bergen en ik kom nog eens langs hier.


  10. Happy Easter and have a nice timne in the mountains. You did made a lot of klosjes or spools this week in wonderfull colors. Keep up the beautifull work.

  11. Adore that vibrant blue of your lobelias! Have a Happy Easter & lovely holiday up in the mountains Valentina.Klosjes are looking great too!

  12. I have to confess I am curious - which mountains are you heading to? I do hope you have a wonderful time! Your Klosjes are very pretty - what a great portable project!

  13. Mooie klosjes heb je deze week gemaakt 22 je gaat als een speer.
    Geniet van je vakantie, fijne paasdagen.
    Groetjes Hennie.

  14. Leuke blog heb je en leuk dat je meedoet met de Nederlandse klosjes up-date of moet ik zeggen manie?!! Ik wens je een heel fijne en gezellige paasvakantie en geniet maar lekker van je warme zon, hier gaat nu ook alles ontwaken en kleuren de eerste bomen weer groen! Groetjes

  15. Happy Easter to you and your family Valentina, enjoy your trip to the mountains.

  16. I love the deep blue of lobelias...have a great time on holiday and Happy Easter!

  17. Happy Easter to you! I just love your klosjes! Yours are a little happier colors than some of the others I've seen.

  18. Your Lobelias are beautiful, such rich colour. You must have a beautful garden Valentina. Lots of spools this week, they look fantastic. Enjoy your holiday to the mountains and have a very Happy Easter.

  19. Have a Blessed Easter!!!

    Love the lobelias and klosjes....I only made 5 this week.

  20. Enjoy the mountains Valentina. This weeks Klosjes look great! Happy stitching while you're gone. :)

  21. Happy Easter and Happy Stitching Valentina! Your new Klosjes look great...and I love Lobelias too!
    Julia ♥

  22. Hi Valentina, Once again fantastic Klosjes. Have a great Easter Holiday. Hugs Sharron

  23. Happy Easter! Have a wonderful trip! Your klosjes are coming along beautifully and I just love little lobelias also! :0)

  24. Gorgeous klosjes!! Hope you have a great Easter and find some stitching time.

  25. Will you be doing a klosjes mountain view photo? Have a grand time and you have another terrific batch of klosjes all nicely stitched up.

  26. Happy Easter to you too!
    I love your klosjes,
    enjoy your trip

  27. Lovely klosjes!! And whishing you a Happy Easter too! Enjoy your trip!!

  28. Blessed Easter to you and yours too!! Enjoy the mountains and have a lovely time with your family! Wie weet heb je nog tijd voor een klosje hihi! Mooie dag verder, knuffel, Daniëlle XXXD

  29. Hi Valentina,
    I hope your Easter was blessed. I have been to your blog several times and it is wonderful. I am just starting to make Klosjes and I really like the shape of yours. Would you mind sharing the dimensions and the directions for piecing them? I'm having a hard time getting started. They are just so cute, I'm wanting to join in the fun :). Thanks for sharing.

  30. How big are your klosje blocks and how many are you making? Is that lobelia? It's so blue it's almost shocking.


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