Wednesday, June 9, 2010

5 Flowers for Wednesday 's Garden Party

Hello my friends, and fellow gardeners, I am so happy to have taken a little time today to go and visit with you and see how your gardens grow...
How inspiring!

These are my little ones for this week...
I really like how they will look like when I stitch them together. I really get a happy nautical feel seeing them: my sea-side garden! I think they'll make a perfect addition for my boys' quilts.

I have been a bit overwhelmed this week: waiting for my sister's baby is a bit more stressful than I expected: I jump every time the phone rings, I keep preparing things and making lists for hubby for when I am gone, and I keep telling my boys how much I will miss them ( to the point I think I have started to scare them! OOOOPS!)

Thank you for all the lovely Comments on last week's post. I know it was sappy, but I felt that I needed to express what is in my heart. And many of your comments reflected back to me that I am not the only one that feels this way. Thanks, it is nice to be able to say what needs to be said at least once in a while, :)

But now enough of 'touchy feelies' and let's get on with choosing a winner, shall we?

Drumroll please...

And with the help with our handy random number generator:
( who is now refusing to show the numbers... 1-73, random number 9!)

Enter a lower limit:
Enter an upper limit:

Random Number:

And that makes... Karen, our lovely winner!

And for those wondering how the rose-water was distilled... First you collect bucket-fulls of roses... preferably in the early morning...

You empty the buckets into the lower part of the distiller, and add spring-water...

You heat the bottom, and keep the top cool by replacing the top with fresh water, until you collect precious rose-water on the left...

and the perfume lingers and lingers...

Congratulations to Karen!

and for everyone else, please rush over to Michele who is having a lovely give-away of her own,
Thanks Michele!

Happy stitching!


  1. Your flowers always give me a happy smile : they make me think of HOLIDAYS ! ;>)
    Hmmmmmm rose-water ! I can smell the sweet perfume up to here. THANKS for showing how you proceed, sweetie, sooo interesting...
    Heartfulcongratulations to KAREN, also !

  2. Hi Valentina! Your flowers are beautiful! Bold and scrappy, they will be a wonderful addition to your boys quilt! Thank you for sharing how Rosewater is created. Roses are my favorite flower. Congrats on the impending arrival of your niece or nephew!

    Take care,

  3. Wat zijn je bloemetjes leuk.

  4. Valentina, Thank you so much for showing us how you made your lovely rose water! Congratulations Karen~:) I love your flowers today. They have to remind you of your lovely home island... :) They surely are seaside flowers and yes, your boys will love them in their quilts. Thanks for always being YOU! XO

  5. Je hexjes doen ook een beetje Nederlands aan door het rood-wit-blauw. Ik vind ze erg leuk.
    Wel spannend, dat wachten op de baby van je zus.
    Rozenwater.....als ik zie hoeveel rozenblaadjes je gebruikt, daar kunnen wij in ons natte landje alleen maar van dromen. De rozen in mijn tuin worden gekoesterd en vertroeteld, haha.

    Bedankt voor je commentaar op mijn blog. Er komen steeds meer mensen die de POTC leuk vinden, dus wie weet....een nieuwe verslaving na de klosjes en de hexjes????

  6. Ik vind je bloemetjes zo heerlijk fris. Sterkte met wachten op het verlossende telefoontje.

  7. Great flowers - I like the nautical touch

    Mouthwatering rosewater...o...I love it on top of my favorite dessert: mahalep :-)

  8. that is amazing... never seen anyone make rose water before! very cool... love you hex's!

  9. I am too excited for words!!! Winning something from you will make it extra special. Love your nautical flowers. Thanks again for sharing.

  10. Cute hexies -- love those R/W/B flowers.
    I posted my first ones today, but not as an official Wednesday one-flower gal. I'll never keep up, so I'll just post them unofficially, when I get some done--over the years.

    The excitement of an addition to the family can't be beat! Congrat's to the family when the special time arrives.

  11. Lovely flowers!! And the smell.... Yammie!!

  12. Love the scrappy flowers , lovely nautical theme !

  13. love your hexies as I am sure the boys will. take care happy quilting.

  14. Your flowers are gorgeous.
    Interesting how you make the rosewater. I can almost smell its lovely scent.
    Hope your sister's baby will arrive soon!

  15. I think I can smell the rose water! Beautiful! Love the sea-side flowers. Hope the baby comes soon.

  16. oh wow! I'm feeling behind with my hexagons when I see yours! well done :)


  17. Thanks for your kind comments about the zig zag mind is full of ideas for other fabric combinations to try!!! This was really fun and I'd love to see yours. I'm happy to have a new blogger friend!! Kay

  18. Your flowers will make a wonderful boy quilt! And best luck to your sister and the baby and to you while you wait!

  19. Valentina, you are a woman of many talents. Distill your own rosewater! I'm impressed and interested because we have quite a few rose bushes, but they don't all have smell. Your flower blocks will make nice seaside quilt. I'm envy you living by the sea (my dream!) Hugs Nat

  20. O, pretty, pretty flowers. I like the idea of a sea side garden. and I wish I could smell your rose-water. Karen is a lucky lady!

  21. I love your flowers - they are indeed very nautical. Hope your sister's baby arrives safely very soon.

  22. Your flowers are just gorgeous -- both the hexagon variety and the real ones. I can almost imagine how beautiful that rosewater must smell!

  23. My goodness you were busy. They are beautiful!!! Hope the baby comes soon and that all goes smoothly for your sister.

  24. Wat een mooie bloemen en wat leuk dat je laat zien hoe je rozenwater maakt en natuurlijk de winares gefeliciteerd.

  25. Oh gosh but I love these fabrics you've used for your flowers! You're so cute the way you talk about waiting for your sister and "oops" starting to scare the boys. Oops. I'm not a mom but parenting is the spice of life, isn't it?

  26. OOh I am missing my hexies (hand quilting the courthouse steps at present). I have been so busy, that I invited my freind Silve to post a Blog and show some of her quilts.XX

  27. Your flowers are lovely and will definately go well in a quilt for your boys. I love red, white and blue together. Congratulations to Karen and I hope you do not get too stressed waiting for that special phone call.

  28. Jij bent dus de Valentina die wel eens iets bij me besteld! Wat woon je leuk, en rozenwater mmmmmm.


  29. Valintina
    Hope your sister is well. House and family busy so not much stitching. Enjoy
    Huggs Terry

  30. I'm a sucker for all things nautical, so I just love love love your flowers! Great job. That is really neat about the rose water! I've never seen it 'made' before. Congrats to Karen.

    Best of luck for an easy delivery and healthy baby--can't wait to hear about your new niece or nephew!

  31. Lovely Valentina - Sorry to be late :)

  32. Happy Saturday, Valentina!
    Your rose-water process looks extremely intriguing! I'm a gadget-gal!!! ;o)
    Many congrats to Karen on winning your give-away!!
    I love your red, white and blue hexies...mine are coming along slowly...I keep changing my mind regarding colours!
    All the best!

  33. Beautiful summer flowers Valentina, real as well as hexie ones! Ummm....I can smell that wonderful rosewater from here. Wishing you & your sister all the best for her new imminent delivery. Take care xox

  34. Super de blauw/ rode hexagons! Spanende tijd voor je zus en voor jou natuurlijk. Hoop dat alles goed gaat. Je rozen zien er geweldig uit, moet op de mijne nog even wachten... Er bloeien wel pioenrozen daar ben ik erg blij mee.

  35. ADORABLE! Love your little flowers. So cute! Hope you're an Aunt by the time you get my comment! :)


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