Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June's Strawberry Field, Hexi-flower, Charms and Mundial!

I am still home, but not for long as I am leaving for Holland tomorrow morning.
Baby girl still has not made her grand entrance, and even though my sister is anxious for her arrival she had to deal with other challenges. On friday she got a call that her 2 year old broke her leg at school. My stomach was turning all weekend thinking about it, and trying to come up with new adventures to share with her. To top it all off, Baby girl decided to flip and is now breech.

so what do I do? I pray, I keep busy, play with my boys( hugging them every chance I get), and stitch up rainbows of colour as we all enjoy the Mundial..

I know I don't need to ask you for your prayers, or that you keep us all in your heart.
I am sad to leave the boys behind as I will miss them, and that includes Mr Beloved. But I am also so grateful to be in a position to go and help.
I will attempt to keep you all 'in the know' as far as it is possible, and promise to take LOADS of pictures.
Thanks for caring,

Update: I spoke to my sis this afternoon and the doctor managed to manually flip Baby Girl! Glory be to God!
And they are hoping to induce her on Friday morning, if Baby doesn't decide to beat them to it. In any case, this gives me time to arrive.
Thank you all so very very much!

This is my Strawberry Fields quilt which I started hand-quilting. Unfortunately it doesn't look like I will be finish it before leaving, but I am so very pleased with how it turned out. Thank you Lori, I really enjoyed the whole process of quilting along with you!
If you want to see some beauties go here...

...and in case you are wondering, I am determined to stitch through this!!!
I have my Klosjes prepared, packed and ready... Can't wait to have a 'Klosjes Zaterdag' in The Netherlands!!!
...and this is just one more hexi-flower I had to sneak in for One Flower Wednesday while doing last minute packing...


  1. I know it is hard waiting, but it will lturn out fine. Looks like you are prepared for downtime hand stitching. Good to be prepared. My prayers are with you.

  2. Those hexies certainly look yummy, Valentina! You are the first quilter I find so far that is following the World Cup. And for us it is a huge family affair, too. I prepared to hand quilt a large piece at this time! :)

    My best wishes for your sister and a safe delivery. I'm sure it's a relief to have you there. And all my good energy to you that you will have the strength and stamina to help them through this period.

  3. I will be thinking of you and hope all goes well for your sister. Love that box of hexies, a beautiful quilt (great name) and a pretty flower! Enjoy your time in Holland.

  4. Wow ! wonderful box of hexies ! Love your stawberry fields too.

  5. Safe travels to you!! I hope baby decides to flip the right way!!

    I love your Strawberry Fields quilt and the border is perfect!!!

  6. My prayers will also follow and be with you/sis/family! Safe travels, happy hand-stitching and looking forward to your happy reports when you return.

  7. Have a wonderful time with your sister, I hope all goes well with the birth and I think you will have your work cut out for you with the broken leg! Your Strawberry Fields looks great, I love that border fabric.

  8. Have fun with your new baby niece and your sister. Sounds like a great excuse to take some sewing with you and that box of hexies looks so fantastic. Love your little quilt, like the border pattern on it. Well done Valentina, Safe journey. The only thing to do when the world cup is on is to stitch your way through it.
    Love Shirley.x

  9. Oh Valentina, your poor sister! Lots to deal with... but in the end, please God, a beautiful baby girl. :) Safe travels! I love your hexies, and the quilt is fantastic!

  10. Wow, wat heb jij een geweldige rand gekozen om je fields! Ben benieuwd hoe je quiltwerk wordt!

  11. Have a wonderful trip, Valentina! And ofcourse you and your family are in my prayers!
    Hope everything goes very well; including your boys and DH at home! Have fun!
    Een lieve groet uit Nederland!

  12. Een goede reis en een goede en fijne tijd bij je zus. Ik hoop dat alles voorspoedig gaat met de geboorte en met met het kleine meisje. Ik zal aan jullie denken. Trouwens je Strawberry Fields is een beautie.

  13. Waiting for babies... they take their sweet time :0) and they're always worth the wait! Have a safe and wonderful trip! Your Strawberry fields quilt is so lovely. I can't wait to see it when you've finished quilting it!

  14. Dear Valentina, have a safe trip and my thoughts will be with you and your family.
    Many hugs and warm wishes XOX

  15. he
    didn't now you had family here.
    good luck.


    ps waar ben je precies?

  16. Safe journey Valentina and good luck with the delivery, it will be so special for your sister you being there.
    Loving those colourful hexies.....yum, so tempting to jump in too! LOL & your Strawberry fields quilt is just gorgeous!
    Gisele xox

  17. Dear Vali,
    although I know how hard it is to leave your beloved ones, it's for a good cause and I'm sure your sis will sooo much appreciate. (Moreover, knowing you're in Holland will make me feel you "closer" LOL) OF COURSE I'll keep you all in my prayers and heartful thoughts, and I'm wishing you a perfect trip...
    I'm sure you're stacks of klosjes will keep growing, while there (at least when everyne's asleep ;>)

    Such a lovely rainbow of hexies + cuuute flower! And your quilt top is just awesome.
    Congratulations, sweetie, you did a GREAT job!
    I'm missing you already, and I'm sending a BIG (((HUG))).
    In thoughts with you,

  18. Gosh, Valentina! If your hexies look that pretty all lined up, imagine how they will look when quilted together!

    Good luck to your sis!

  19. Soon will the waiting be over, and will there be a beautiful baby girl.
    Have a save trip! And I love all your projects. are you creating a babyquilt for the new world citizen?

  20. Goede reis Valentine en hopen dat de bevalling iets moois word,groetjes Bep

  21. i adore the fabrics that you've used for your strawberry fields quilt~!~especially that border~!!~

    i have a flower garden quilt that i've been working on for years and i'm seriously considering joining in the One Flower Wednesday challenge . . . it would get me moving once again on a long-time unfinished project.

    i hope that all goes well with the new baby coming. it certainly looks like you have some portable handwork that you can take along for stress relief~!


  22. Take care Valentina , and I hope all goes well with the delivery and also for your little niece .Safe travels .

  23. So glad the baby is now in the correct position! And so sorry about your niece's broken leg. Now your sis needs your help more than ever.

    The Strawberry Fields quilt is simply lovely. And the box of hexies, so enticing. They look like little jewels in their box.

    Have a safe trip.

  24. You covered so many things before your trip. I love the finished flower, your lineup of hexies has me drooling, and your little Strawberry Fields quilt has the sweetest border!
    Enjoy your trip and your time away, and we'll all be thinking about the safe delivery your sister will have.

  25. Travel safely Valentina.

    Love your rainbow of fabrics! So cheerful and bright.
    Your Strawberry Fields has made me decide I want to make one too.

    All the best for your sister and her new baby girl.

  26. Have a safe and happy journey.
    Your hexagons look absolutely gorgeous -- beautiful colours!!

  27. Good wishes for your sister and the baby's health during delivery. Glad the doc was able to turn her! Stressful, stressful. I'm sure having your help there will be wonderful.

    Your Strawberry Fields quilt looks great! I like the mitered border very much.

  28. What a beautiful post! Lot's of eye candy!! Good luck with everything dear friend, you will be sorely missed!

  29. I love your Strawberry Fields colour combo - very clever mixing of old and new style.

    And the hexies are yummy.

    Last, but by no means least - glory be to doctors that can perform miracles on naughty salto-practicing little baby girls ;-) Good luck to your sister and have a safe journey!

  30. All the stitching is inspiring. Must put my head down.

    Blessings to you all. Thoes you leave at home to guard the castle and thoes you go to celebrate with.
    Enjoy all of it. Home will stay safe I'm sure.
    Huggs and prayers Terry

  31. Veel succes in Nl: die baby's blijven toch doen wat ze zelf willen. En de grote zus: been in het gips! Nou, veel succes dus maar. En wat een boel hexjes heb je al voorbereid!

  32. Wauwwww wat ziet dat er goed uit!!!!! prachtig.

  33. Your strawberry fields is gorgeous and I love the border you used. I hope all is well wherever you are and that we hear about a baby soon. I'm amazed at your hexagons, you've done so many and they look delicious.

  34. How wonderful to be able to be with your sister and her family at this happy time.

    I adore your Strawberry Fields Quilt -- it really stands out among the other with it's pretty block colors and that wonderful border.

  35. Wat heb je veel hexjes gemaakt. Begrijp ik nu goed dat je naar Nederland gaat en dat er iets niet goed is met je zus. Heel veel sterkte maar ook hopenlijk wat plezier met je familie.

  36. Your Strawberry Fields turned out lovely! May have to give it a try! Hope everything is well with your sister and new baby.

  37. V- that's good news about turning the baby. I will pray for safe delivey and for safe journey for you. Your hexies are glorious! Have a wonderful trip.

  38. Mooie bloemen heb je gemaakt. En een voorspoedig reis naar Nederland en gezond weer terugkeren naar je geliefden!!

  39. Hi Valentina! Your SF is just beautiful!!! I love how the border fabric effects the whole look of the quilt. It has become something quite elegant. I hope your little niece arrives safely and soon. And I hear you might contact us for a visit while you are in Holland. I will look forward to it!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  40. So happy babygirl decided to head south! :) YEAH!!!!! Won't be long now! I imagine it's all downhill from here now... (I just can't stand myself sometimes!!!!) Honey, I'm so happy that you will be able to be with your sister. I get goosebumps now typing this as I think about witnessing new life coming into this world.
    Your quilt is beautiful and your petals are a rainbow! I say you just leave them like that and use them as a still life! gorgeous! Prayers still going your way... Your boys and hubby will be fine, maybe a little spoiled from grandma, but all will be fine. Just enjoy! XO

  41. All wonderful projects progress dear friend,

    Thinking of you and praying and wondering etc.
    Love to you all through this period.
    Robyn xx

  42. So many gorgeous hexagons...and everything is absolutely lovely! Best wishes for your family!

  43. So much happening! You're off to a racing start, too. Thanks for taking the time to share all the updates with us. I am enjoying all the beauty here and it will be a pleasure to return to peruse whilst you're away at your sisters side.

    Strawberry Fields is WOW! Lovely, Valentina. Where you get the time I'll never know. It's a mystery. ;)

  44. Sending good wishes for your sister and her family Valentina. I love your Strawberry Fields quilt, what a beauty. Lovely flower this week - your box of hexies is a pretty picture all by itself :)


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