Friday, June 25, 2010

The Bump, books and views from Groningen

Enjoying a sunny friday morning in Northern Holland

This Bump gets around! And how she loves being the centre of all this attention...
Thanks you, all your wishes and prayers mean so much.
Today we were about town again, enjoying the sunny weather, and trying to forget the heaviness and anxiety for a little while. Not easy being 10 days overdue...

I love good Bookstores and yesterday I had a chance to get lost in one, even if it was only half an hour... And I found a wonderful read.
"Talking about Jane Austen in Baghdad"-- can't put it down...

The Martini-tower of Groningen
The flower market~ bicycles~
the canals~ finding nice little presents for the boys~ Tasty breaks ~ waiting for you, little one... We can't wait to meet you!


  1. Waiting is no doubt hard, but this is a nice way to pass the time, enjoying eachothers company, the fine weather as a present! Not much longer now though. Little prayer for the little one and a bit larger one ahummm for mum and aunty! Hugs for all, Daniëlle

  2. A beautiful town is Groningen! My mother came from that region originally and her family still lives there). I love the wide surroundings!
    Hope you all are feeling a bit better today (especially the bump and its owner..). And I hope the visit to the hospital went well.
    It can't be long now........

  3. Dear Valentina, Gorgeous photos, stubborn little baby!!! I know your sister is waaay past READY. Tell her we are all cheering her on, and just can't wait to see the "star" of this production. Michele

  4. Hoi Valentina die plekjes ken ik allemaal heel goed,ik heb 2 zusjes in Groningen wonen en wat heb ik daar vaak gewinkeld en gemarkt.wat een prachtige volle buik,het is dat het gauw moet gebeuren maar het staat wel mooi,groetjes Bep

  5. Interesting photos , it looks like a wonderful place to visit . The bump seems to be lower which may indicate the baby has dropped and is ready to deliver , that would be a very good thing and my thoughts are with you both ,best wishes .

  6. Hoi Valentina ,wat een prachtige buik ,de bevalling moet echt gebeuren,maar het kindje zit er mooi bij.
    Bekende plaatjes ik heb wel 2 zusjes in Groningen wonen,ik heb er flink vaak gemarkt en gewinkeld,sterkte met de laatste loodjes, Bep

  7. She is still way too cosy in there, hopefully she will get the message and soon be on her way. Looks like you are having some good girly days though.

  8. Oh what a beautiul place~Lovely photos!~oh what an intriguing title... must go find out more! Keep moving!!! :)

  9. When I was waiting to give birth to my son, the consultant told me to go and see an exciting film. I think we chose one of the Indiana Jones movies, but I'm afraid he stayed put for another 3 days!

  10. Oh I'm moved to tears, looking at those pictures (my mom was from Groningen)...
    Lovely places in the sunshine, pretty bicycles, yummy coffee (in such lovely cups!)...and that book is certainly something special to read !
    THANKS, my sweet friend !

  11. Hi Valentina,

    Die buik ziet er zooo lief uit!

    I am sure that if it is a boy he will come out before the next Dutch football match on monday :-)

    I am very anxious about that book ... sounds interesting

    Take care, all of you!

  12. Oh, you are making me so homesick for the Netherlands - the canals, the bikes, the architecture!! I've spent two 5 month periods there, both in the fall, and now I see I need to go there in the spring. Best of luck to your sister and the upcoming baby. Kathie L in Allentown

  13. Oh gosh, what a DELIGHTFUL post. I was wondering if it was time to read the bumping baby was here and I couldn't move my fingers fast enough to get over here. Oh I'm a silly girlie.

    These photos of Northern Holland. So CLEAN, Valentina. So very lovely. Wow. This is a real treat. I feel like I'm there.

  14. The photos are lovely and it's so nice to see the other side of the world. I bet your poor sister is getting lots of advice.

  15. Wisdom from my MinL You may want to put the baby (translate BUMP) in the dresser drawer so you can sleep BUT in a few weeks you will wish a return to the womb for a good nights sleep. Hope it's soon for all concerned.

    The photos are great. I have not been to Holland but it looks similar to the streets in Chur Switzerland.

    Enjoy the read and the family Terry

  16. Lovely photos to share around. Great find in book store and a cup of delicious frossie coffee! Little one, little one shell me meet you soon?

    All the prayer coming your way - Hugs Nat

  17. Jullie krijgen de tijd goed om zo te zien. Maar ik kan me ook voorstellen dat jullie er uitzien naar de bevalling. Gaat het thuis gebeuren of in het ziekenhuis? Thuisbevallen schijnt typisch iets voor Nederland te zijn.
    Hopelijk kunnen we binnenkort goed nieuws lezen. Veel sterkte voor jullie allemaal daarboven in het noorden van mij uit het diepe zuiden, haha.

  18. What beautiful pics, Valentina, thanks for sharing them. I only know Groningen as the area from which the black samplers of Groningen are from! ;) Love your klojses, too!


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