Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Clams and Mermaids

I am so grateful that I have been able to spend these beautiful days with my sister and her family. We have been enjoying ourselves so much. My sister and her new baby came home a few hours after delivery and we have been recovering, re-discovering, resting, reminiscing and adjusting. Mom, Dad and baby are doing very very well, and are extremely touched by all your prayers and wishes. As of course, am I.

I have enjoyed many more walks with my niece Ariel, so Mama, Papa and Baby-sister can sleep in a bit.

And I have also enjoyed plenty of cuddly/burpy time with baby Orianthi. It seems that Tia Valita has a special Burpy-touch! ('Ori~Anthi' means beautiful flowers or mountian flowers in greek, which makes her proud Greek uncle very happy!)


Yesterday I received a beautiful gift:
Our wonderful Ria from Treasure Quilts came to see me and take me away!
It was a wonderful break and I got to see her quilts in person...

Ria's 1/2" Hexi-flower garden...

We were giggling like crazy girls, in her car, parked under some lovely trees: gasping, ooh-ing and aah-ing, talking and sharing like we have known one another all our lives!

Ria's Leeanne's House... unbelievably rich colours!

Ria's Dear Jane...
and yes we did get passerby's
to stop to admire her work!

Later we hit the high-way in a wonderful mad dash to reach to this wonderful quilt-shop called De Naaidoos, the sewing box, a transformed centuries-old farmhouse in the midst of vast Dutch Country-side.

...and yes, we did leave our hard-earned euro's behind in exchange for textile delights...

Een Dag met een Gouden Randje!
A Happy Day!

Today our first Clam-shell Club report day...
Thank you, Jossie, for the inspiration and for getting us organized.
I am so excited to be sharing this project with so many Blog-sisters.

Considering the month is has been, I did not expect to have much to report today, but with the help of my lovely assistant I was able to cut out, baste (a few), and admire my Niece Ariel's, lay-outs. I truly cherished the beautiful start to this little project and
know it will be a very special quilt :
"Clams and Mermaids"

I finger-press my clam-shell's seam-allowance over my template, and baste them. Then I mark the centres of the clams with a pin, match-up and applique. I will let you know how this works out. I really don't mind if it goes a bit wonky because I intend this one to be a dolly-quilt.

I am so happy to have had all of you come with me on this Dutch adventure. Tomorrow is my last day, and I am very excited to see my boys again on friday.

pssss....Next monday, my Beloved has planned a week-long family get-away.
I get a feeling we are up for an adventure! keep those virtual suitcases packed, girls!

Love, Always,


  1. I am really enjoying the virtual travel and quilting tour. Lovely countryside and quilts!

  2. You can quess I really love to read your post!!!
    Great pictures! :)))
    Whishing you a beautiful last day with your sister and her family! (I'm so glad we could spend time together!!) Have a safe trip home and I have my virtual suitcase packed already........!
    Enjoy, a very big-big hug, Ria.

  3. What a wonderful post! Some girl time, a road trip AND a quilt shop!!! Life is good! Home and off to another adventure...sounds perfect! Have toothbrush...will travel! Hugs and can hardly wait for details!

  4. How lucky your sister is to have you there, and special for you to be a part of their new-baby life. Your day out looks like fun, have a safe trip home.

  5. O Valentina een heerlijke dag heb je beleefd en wat heb je het mooi beschreven,ik wens je een goede reis en je zal dubbel genieten van je jongens,groetjes Bep

  6. Time flies! And even faster when your with all the ones you love so dear. Talked to Heidi today, she will email you about friday. Have a wonderful last day tomorrow with your family!

  7. I so enjoyed today reading about your wonderful adventures. I was holding my breath from paragraph to photo to more lovely information... I can only imagine how your niece has been captivated as you tell her stories on your walks. I was smiling as I saw Ria's lovely quilts in the car and imagined your day together! Such a special time to share and so nice of her to come see you! Well, my sister, until we take our next trip, I'll be thinking of you.... XO

  8. P.S.
    Oh, goodness! See? I am so mesmerized, that I forgot to tell you how lovely your clamshells are! and your assistant is very talented. Now she can always remember helping you design this quilt when your baby sister was born! :)

  9. It is so lovely to read you enjoyed your stay in the Netherlands so much. And it must have been so good catching up with your sister and her family, keeping your darling niece busy and cuddle with the new baby. They are all going to miss you!
    From the photos I can see you had a great time with Ria. A pity I live in the opposite part of the Netherlands for I would really have loved to meet you.
    As for the clamshells I really am surprised you had time to start at all. You probably have had the busiest time of your life! Have a safe flight home and give your boys an extra hug!

  10. Now there looks like the next generation of quilters. Well done on the clamshells, have cut a few out myself today to try. Retail therapy and a quilt show, looks like you had a great day. Enjoy the rest of your day.

  11. Gouden randje indeed!! That was a super visit!! Love your clams but love your assistant more hihi!! Family getaway, oh boy!! Or should I say boys hihi!! Dear Valentina, you are almost there! Tot later hihi!! XXXD

  12. Have a safe trip home Valita; you made amazing progress with your clamshells and your helper is adorable.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing your time with your lovely family in Holland with us. I've enjoyed reading about your experiences and seeing your pictures.

  14. V!!!!! :-)
    2 of my favourite blog people in one place!
    Oh you must have had the best time together... Such fun and yes isn't it awesome how we meet and feel that 'kindred' thing that we have.

    Wonderful progress, photos and news.
    Good to hear from you .
    Wishing you a safe trip home and a fun time with all your boys next week.
    What a fun interesting and newsy post... feel like I've been there with you :-)

    Love to all in Holland
    Rob xx

  15. what a glorious day!!! have even more fun then you already are!!

  16. Such a lovely day spent with Ria, her quilts are beautiful and I love your little clamshell helper. :)

  17. Your clamshells look great Valentina and what wonderful memories you will have when you finish your quilt.

    Your friend's quilts are stunning and I am pleased you had a little quilty trip on the side.

    Have a wonderful week away with your family and I hope it is a big wonderful adventure for you all.

  18. What special memories for you, your sister and your niece, to treasure forever. Praying for your safe arrival. xx

  19. Love all the photos.....and your clam shells look fantastic.....

  20. Never seen a quilt show in a car before! Thanks for sharing your trip, lovely photos!

  21. You've been missed at home by the men, they'll be spoiling you.
    Loved the photos of your adventure and the fun you had and so happy to hear that the family are all doing so well.

  22. Safe travelling and thank you for sharing your time with us.
    love all your stitching.

  23. Ik hoop dat u uw familie genoten en de nieuwe baby, en stil de tijd gevonden om te werken aan je clamshell , begreep ik met een beetje hulp van je mooie Ariel . Ir belooft veel.
    Excuseer mijn slechte Engels ,
    Groeten Willie
    oet Grunn .

  24. Congratulations ... wonderful news!
    You have many beautiful memories to bring back home with you, thankyou for sharing some.

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your trip with all of us -- beautiful photos of the countryside!! Your clamshells are looking great!

  26. Another beautiful post V, have enjoyed visiting your homeland with you. Have a lovely weekend :)

  27. A wonderful post Valentina!
    By now you must be back in Lefkosia and I can just imagine the happy reunion!
    I wish you a great trip and look forward to hear aaaaaalllllll about it.
    Hug, Tineke


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