Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hard to believe...

That it only has been a month, 
since we were by the Rhone... 

Walking the quaint streets of Arles

Being soothed by the scent of lavender in the breeze

and the rustling leaves
Les Arlesiennes

Enjoying the shade, the beauty and history

finding a quilt shop tucked away in the heart of old Arles

spending time admiring quilting fabrics with friends, old and new,

 having a unique opportunity of visiting a provencal fabrics factory

and be able to share all this with you.

I wish that I could have brought each and every one of you with me,
or at least that I could have brought each and every one of you a little something.

Maybe next time!

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  1. Thanks Valentina for a lovely tour of France. Great photos too. Congrats Lori for a great win!

  2. Congrats to Lori and thank you Valentina for another lovely stroll in France!

  3. How lovely. Beautiful photos and those fabrics are mouthwatering! You really get the feel of sunshine and relaxed days.
    I love those pale pink buildings, I would like my house that colour.

  4. More beautiful photos! Congratulations, Lori!

  5. Oooooh.... and how I whish I could have been there with you........
    Enjoy those lovely memories!! ;))
    I so love your pictures!
    Love to you, Ria.
    And congratulations to Lori!!

  6. I know the feeling. You come back after a lovely holiday and it seems just like a dream. Good to have all your beautiful photos to keep reminding you of that wonderful time you had.

  7. Beautiful photos - thanks for sharing! I would have loved to go there with you, especially to the quilt shop and to see the yummy provencal fabrics!
    And congrats to Lori on the great win!

  8. Wooohoo, congrats to Lori!!
    Hey wow, has it been 1 month already??

  9. Hi Valentina,
    You take the most wonderful photos. It does make me want to be there.

  10. Prachtige foto,s.
    Frankrijk is een prachtig land.
    gr yvonne

  11. Love the photos, Valentina :) It doesn't seem like a month! Congrats to Lori, too. Happy crafting, Jenny

  12. Congratulations to Lori, she'll be thrilled to bits. Thank you for the stroll and sharing the sights, I could almost smell the lavendar.

  13. I love going on holidays with you, you go to the most amazing places! Congratulations Lori!!!

  14. Thanks for ALL the photos. Especially the fresco.
    And huge basket of lavander. I can almost smell it.
    Congrats to Loie

  15. Now wouldn't that be a great holiday?
    Love Shirley.x

  16. One month, already ?! Nooooo.... I can still feel like it was yesterday, even here under the rain and chilly weather. But oh, with such sweet memories to warm our hearts ! ;>)

    Congrats to Lori !


  17. Ik zit hier te genieten van je mooie foto's en krijg zin in vakantie. Tijd gaat zo verschrikkelijk snel.
    Oh, wat zien die stofjes er uitnodigend uit..........!

  18. I know the feeling Valentina...having just come back from Bali :)

  19. Gosh, is it a month already? Thoroughly enjoyed my little stroll with you in Provence!

  20. Hi,

    how exciting to be here! okay i am going to check it out, you have your blog!!!


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