Thursday, September 30, 2010

the eleventh hour clams

'Better late than never' seems to be my motto these days. Not one I like. And one I will continue fighting against. But I am not giving up. And I nearly did, this afternoon, when one of my four year olds slammed into my quilting lamp, bringing it to the floor in a huge crash, smashing its base...
I am happy to report no one got hurt--- and later spotted hubby checking out OTTlights online... hummm, maybe not such a bad thing after all! :)

And so at 11 o'clock tonight I am posting, squeezing in my Clam-shell report for September: showing my 2 added rows of clams! Yeay!
( he thinks I am crazy, but he loves me...  and took this picture!)

and here they are: and I must say: I really like how it's coming along!

...and maybe it will not be put away this month until I panic and need to report at a quarter to midnight on Oct. 31st! That would just be creepy! LOL

your fellow clammer,
also known as Cinderella.


  1. Hello Cinderella! my what lovely fabrics you are using for your clam shells. Look forward to you next post and hope you can find a new lamp!!! Ann x

  2. Well, late is still better than missing and I'm glad your update is here to see!
    I like all those warm brown tones...they remind me all things delicious like cinnamon, caramel & chocolate ;)
    I hope hubby buys you that Ott lamp! They are so enjoyable to stitch under.


  3. I just KNEW you'd make it ! ;>)
    and they're just GORGEOUS. Keep going, sweetie!

  4. Lovely clams! Hubby sounds like a nice guy, too.

  5. Lovely, I love the subtle autumn hue of your clamshells. Hope you get a brand new OTT light soon! And for now good night, sleep tight. You have just over a month to add to your collection.
    Celine in UK

  6. It still is the 30th Valentina! Your shells are beautiful and you made great progress.
    Sorry to read about your lamp but if no one got hurt it might be for the better ;-)

  7. Just lovely clams.We are lucky our men still love us in our mad quilting world, the things we do!

  8. You make me laugh Cinderella :p lol
    Love your clams and the beiges / browns are so wonderful!!

  9. Oh Valentina
    I fully appreciate the sentiments in this post. Love the 4yr olds but and the feeling of best laid plans being being interupted.

    Do not dispair we all have the same feeling and since you always seem to rise above it all will be o.k. After all there are no quilting police.

    Your clamshells are very warm looking like late afternoon sun.
    i think posting on Haloween would be cool. Might need some orange though.

    Happy First of the month "Pinch and a punch for first of the month" respone "Hit and a kick for being so quick"
    huggs for you DH and the effervenscent 4's.

  10. Your clamshells are beautiful and inspiring - I might even start some too. Thanks for sharing

  11. I'm enjoying watching the clamshells grow - good on you for finding time to do some more :-). Good luck with replacing your lamp - good light makes SUCH a difference. now I realised I've given you 3 'goods' - that must be a good oops I mean great sign!! take care xox

  12. Oh how beautiful Valentina! You make me want to jump in and join you (I mustn't). I love your colour choice of antique creams and browns - lovely! Hugs Nat

  13. Hey V! did you get my email the other day? I 'm thinking my emails are not going through... Your clam shells look amazing!!

  14. Those clamshells are so lovely ...the colour is really interesting...I love it

  15. clamshells look beautiful are you choosing fabrics for this quilt?
    how large are you planning on making it?

  16. Hi Val,

    Looks gorgeous in these mellow colours! Thank God no-one got hurt when the lamp crashed.
    Take care & take it easy, hug

  17. They look great....almost as though the are standing Happy crafting, Jenny

  18. Oh I just love autumn colours and it is very autumnal here in England today! I am working on elongated hexies with a centre square, my sanity saver in the caravan!

  19. Oh aren't these fabrics lovely! Ohhh V, they are exquisite.

  20. Hi Valentine, what a beautifull warm autum colors you used. It's great that you find the time to do any patchwork at all with your young ones, smashing things around. Just try to keep on doing your great job.

  21. Hi V, it's looking awesome!! Slow but sure....

  22. Valentina your clamshells are looking wonderful! They are so soft and gentle, I love your fabrics :) I also love that you showed a picture of you sewing them.
    Every cloud has a silver lining eh? I'm sure you will love an Ott light I know I could not do without mine :)) I'm glad no one got hurt.
    Also, your hexagons are just amazing!! WOW!!
    You get through some sewing for sure!! And yes what did happen to September? LOL... it disappeared in a flash.
    You have a beautiful blog by the way ;) Ellyx

  23. Your fabrics for the clamshells are fabulous -- so warm!! You've made great progress!

  24. Your clams are looking fantastic Valentina and I am pleased your little angel didn't get hurt. Hope you get that Otte Light - they are fantastic!


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