Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hexies on the go!

View from the bridge of Fontvieille.
Can you spot the hexies?

Nadine and I had some stitching fun while in Provence. Mostly in the late afternoons and evenings or while our husbands took their naps. 

"Shall we have a snack while we stitch?"
Never in my life did I know there was such a thing as a Raspberry Grape,
or a Pineapple heirloom tomato!
and the taste? HEAVENLY!

But Oh-- how I loved the melons!
Delicious, fragrant, sweet Melon de Cavaillon

It might not be surprising that these fresh slices inspired a Charm Hexi-diamond.
 Nadine had found this lady who was willing to sell us her provence fabric scraps, 
and I was so happy to be able to include some here:
Can you spot the olives on the far left and the little crickets
 "Les Cigales de Provence" third down from the Right?
By the way, I will be sharing these scraps with you in our little souvenir giveaway! I thought you might enjoy that... :)

And, in case you are wondering what inspired this diamond...

I don't think you'd be surprised it was these: agh, I am so predictable!

don't they make a lovely pair?

I have to admit that I am counting the days for the boys to be back in school. I can tell that the level of crankiness is reaching critical levels. But we had a wonderful summer. And at the end of it all,  as I look back and see that despite of it all, it was indeed pretty Fantastic!

a moment of bliss over the eastern Mediterranean
July 2010
and  somehow, I did manage to squeeze in a hexi-flower this afternoon...

so please excuse me as I go and collapse for a bit...

Looking forward to replying to your lovely comments and catching up with you and your blogs!

Thinking of you, as always,


  1. Your hexie diamonds are beautiful!! No wonder that melon inspired you -- I can almost imagine how delicious it was just from the picture!

  2. My dear your hexi blocks are wonderful! I love that you share your inspiration as well. Your photos are always so crisp and clean!

  3. Hé ,maak jij die diamanten van hexjes ?
    Ik maak er ook met mijn hexjes,jammer deze week geen klaar wegens vakantie .

  4. Oh my, Valentina, what a lovely post today! Thanks for all the photos.
    I adore your food inspiration plus the resulting EPP beauties. You've been busy, busy, busy. Definitely time for a rest.

  5. Oh my- I just love your diamonds and this hexiflower. So beautiful and all those lovely pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. I really enjoy to read your posts!
    Be blessed

  6. Lovely bloom Valentina and oh my goodness I absolutely love your diamonds - makes me want to rush out and buy a whole heap of bright fabrics and start some of my own, lol! We have just gone back to school here today - children were very excited about it and have had a super day

  7. Valentina , I am now very hungry after seeing all those yummy grapes and melons , just delicious .The hexies are absolutely beautiful , love them both , such pretty colors and I like this shape of the diamond .

  8. Love your photos, Valentina. Interestingly, one of my friends dropped off a bag of organic tomatoes for me yesterday. And the colors are so unusual: deep purple and yellow like the one in your photo. And delicious!

    After two wonderful summer months, my "kids" (grandkids) went back home two weeks ago. I sure miss them. And I also enjoy getting back to my own routines and getting back to some semblance of organization. I do seem to be able to get more done in my own quiet paradise! Saludos!

  9. Oh this will start a competition to see where people can stitch hexies! Up mountains, on planes over the Atlantic, the Eiffel tower...who knows where the Hexy ladies will sew? :D

  10. Prachtige diamanten en ik krijg trek als ik jou foto's zie ;-))


  11. Gorgeous post! I'm both hungry and inspired!

  12. Mouthwatering!!!! But, very "sensible" veggies and fruits!! Love your diamonds, the orange one pffff, it just sparkles away!!! Thanks again for the gorgeous photo's, hmmm holiday sick:))
    Just a few days more! XXXD

  13. O Valentina, what inspiring photos and a lovely time you had. I love your big hexie diamonds - what memories they will bring back whenever you look at them. And you newest little flower is a cutie.

  14. Simply beautiful. I like your inspirations this week, such wonderful colours. What luck to find your fabric scraps. I have some from Hawaii I will have to use for my hexagons, thanks for the idea and your comments.

  15. Hexies everywhere! As usual your photos are a delight - thank you for sharing them! I love your new diamonds, they're so rich. I like the little crickets! Hang in there, school starts soon (My kids started today, the house is quiet, quiet, ahhhh)!

  16. Je hexies zijn zo mooi, net als het fruit zou ik ze zo willen oppakken, voelen en ruiken.
    En lest best, een pittig hexietje.

  17. Wat zijn die diamanten prachtig. Geweldige stofjes. En dan ook nog een mooie bloem!

  18. Oh I spotted them...on the stone wall, you surely have Hexies on the brain!
    I'm not huge fan of orange but your set of orange hexies made me feel like I'd just eaten a juicy orange, really nice.

    p.s thanks for the neato comments on my blog, I'm becoming a big fan of scrappy backs.

  19. Dear Valentina,

    thank you for commenting on my blog :-)

    You made such lovely pics in the Provence and not to mention your diamonds....yummy yummy yummy!

    The flower is beautiful too.

    Oh dear I can imagine that you are longing to 'normal' life again. i do remember the summers at our place, with the three kids around who at the end of summer were so ready to go back to school! It is absolutlely normal.
    What about a frappe at my place coming week? Would sure like to see you again!

  20. Historical hexi's how amazing... love it.... and yours look divine too.
    hugs Dawn x x

  21. Welcome home, Valentina - so nice to read your blog again - your pictures are so inspirational!

  22. Look at all the yummy food!! Love the hexagon diamonds, great, fun fabric and I always love to see a hexagon flower!

  23. Oh Valentina, your diamonds are delicious!
    Can't wait to see them together.

  24. Lovely lovely post as always. I can smell and taste the juicy melon and mouthwatering tomatos. I think the best of all is your photography skills. You made everything comes alive. Valentina the Angel of sea - Hugs Nat

  25. I love your red and orange hexigon sections. They will remind you of your lovely trip :0) My kids start school tomorrow - my 6 year old son is SO ready or maybe it's me...

  26. Hi Valentina...your photo's are amazing..thank you so much for sharing them.Beautiful colours and fabrics,,,Wow,,, Kate x

  27. Wat een heerlijke foto's...en hexjes zijn overal hé diamonds vind ik schitterend!!
    fijne dag

  28. What gorgeous photos again, it all looks and sounds so idyllic. The hexagons are gorgeous, I love the colours in them. It's so nice to have you back.

  29. Mooie hexagonnen en wat een prachtige kleurencombinatie zo, en wat een prachtige foto's als ik die bekijk is het net of ik ook op vakantie ben.

  30. You are just so funny!! I hope you recovered from your collapse...... ;0)) and find time to invest in another day...... ;0)))))
    Love your hexies and diamonds!!
    Enjoy your day!

  31. Yum, everything looks delicious, including the hexagons

  32. Good Evening
    What wonderful memories of your trip and unexpected fabric when traveling is always so nice.
    If "diamonds are a girl's best friend" you have beautiful friends. Nice produce and crockery.
    School is soon

  33. I'm visiting from the Great Hexagon Quilt Along, I love those fabrics and colours. Absolutely 'charming' hexie diamonds.

  34. Beautiful photographs!!!

    I love your hexie diamonds. Really joyful colours!

  35. It is very interesting how you are showing the inspiration for color combos.

  36. Oh, Valentina, I think you have gone hexie mad! LOL! I love your diamonds and as usual, your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

  37. What a lovely bright diamonds you made, Valentina. Ànd i'm getting a little bit hungry seeing your photo's!
    Greetings, Cisca

  38. I enjoyed the tour! love a the healthy fruits and veggies! And that a sweet little hexie flower.

  39. stunning photos, its amazing where hexies pop up isn't it.

  40. Oh my goodness what a stunning post. I love those diamonds. I feel my heart beating really fast which usually means inspiration is here. Superb over coffee, *karendianne.

  41. V! the whole thing looks lovely! I am with you on time to be back in school. B was ready two weeks ago and we have another week before they start...
    time for routine, we all crave it...
    I am still thinking about our little project!

  42. Wow oh wow, "Du melon et une salade de tomates" with hexagon diamonds to match......just stunning & yummy!


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